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Why You Should Ice Your Injury
Why You Should Ice Your Injury
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Treating injuries with ice therapy can relieve tissue damage caused by sprains, muscle strains, scrapes or cuts. This can lead to swelling and pain in and around the injury site. By applying ice, bleeding from the tissues stops and swelling does not come. There is also a reduction in muscle pain and cramps. The effect of all this is that the fluid coming out of the tissues due to injury or inflammation does not spread far and there is no stiffness in the area around the injury.

People often want to do the first treatment of any injury or pain in their own home. In such a situation, the first thing they do is that they compress their injury or swelling with warm water or ice. While both of them are made for the treatment of pain in different ways.

We all fall prey to pain and injuries from time to time. Sometimes, due to sitting at the desk for hours, you get troubled by pain in the back, knees and other joints. In such a situation, most people use balm or painkillers to get relief from pain. So some people use heat and cold therapy. In both these therapies, people apply ice or warm water on swelling or joint pain. But have you ever thought about when we should use heat therapy and when we should use cold therapy? Let us tell you about these two therapies and also which therapy you should do when and how.

Ice therapy is mainly used for acute pain, swelling and any new injuries. For example, if you get hurt or injured while playing football or running, you should try cold ice therapy. Because in such injuries, when ice is applied to the inflamed area, it helps in reducing the swelling. It is also a better option for the treatment of swelling after going to the gym or due to heavy exercise. Heat therapy should never be used in these types of injuries because applying heat to this condition can backfire, that is, it can increase inflammation, which can increase the pain of your muscles.

When not to use cold therapy?

  • It should be avoided when you have muscle spasm pain as ice can make it worse.
  • Do not apply ice to skin with open wounds or blisters.
  • Ice is not recommended for people suffering from arthritis.

How to do cold therapy

  • There are two ways of doing this. First compress the injury by putting ice cubes in the sealed bag.
  • Put a wet towel in the freezer for another 15 minutes and then compress the injury with it.
  • During ice therapy, keep in mind that when you do ice therapy, do not compress for more than 20 minutes at a time. Keep a gap of one hour between two sessions and do not apply ice directly on your skin.

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