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What happens in a full body checkup?
What happens in a full body checkup?
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Nowadays people ignore the small problem of the body which later becomes the cause of some big disease. Therefore, everyone should pay special attention to every problem related to their body. By contacting a good doctor, you can get your general test done ie full body checkup. This is a test in which normal organs are easily tested. Such as blood test, urine test, stool test, diabetes test, thyroid test etc. However, diseases can be detected earlier by conducting a full body examination. Apart from this, full body checkup must be done once in a year to keep the health of the body good. Perhaps the question is coming in the mind of many people that what is and which people should get it done? In today's article, we will talk about full body checkup in detail.

What happens in a full body checkup?

It is not mandatory for all the people to do full body checkup that you have to keep the information of the whole body. But if you are experiencing any kind of problem in the body, then you can get a full body checkup done to find out the exact disease. Although the doctor first advises you to get a blood test, urine test done. So that what disease is happening in the body can be known. Apart from this, there are some others which should be done only according to the advice of the doctor. In the next article, general investigation has been told.

What tests are done in a general test?

Let us tell you, the general tests, diabetes test, thyroid test, liver test, kidney test, hemoglobin test, etc. are advised by the doctor.

Diabetes Screening – Diabetes screening is normal for people suffering from diabetes. To find out the level of diabetes, the doctor recommends getting tested. So that the person can know his sugar level accurately.

Thyroid test – People who have thyroid problems are advised to get tested every month. Apart from this, those who do not have thyroid problem, they can get tested to know whether there is thyroid or not.

Liver test – The liver function test is done to confirm whether the liver is doing its job properly or not.

Kidney test – A kidney test is done to know about kidney function. So that it can be known whether the kidney is doing its work properly or not.

Hemoglobin Test – Hemoglobin test is done to know the level of hemoglobin in the body. In order to know whether the hemoglobin level is high or low, the doctor tells about it.

What tests are done in full body checkup?

Doctors often advise people to have general tests. But if any kind of problem is happening in the person's body, then to find out those problems, we recommend full body checkup. There is no danger with full body checkup. Let's talk about full body check up next.

Full body check up includes the following tests.

For example, in the blood test , the level of hemoglobin and polymorphs, lymphocytes, monocytes, platelets etc. are measured. Apart from this, blood sugar and cholesterol are checked by blood tests.

Urine test - urine sample to the amount of glucose and protein ( urine test is done). ECG – ECG test is done to detect heart-related diseases and measure the heart rate. Ear Examination – Ear examination is done to find out the health of the ear and the ability to hear. Eye examination – whether the eyes are visible or not and the eyes are able to do their work properly. Apart from this, eye examination can be done to detect myopia, hypermetropia and color blindness etc. X-rays and scans – The doctor can do X-rays and scans depending on the condition of the patient. Liver function test – Some tests can be done to check any kind of irregularity in the liver. These tests include protein, SGOT, SGPT, albumin, globulin, bilirubin, etc.

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