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What are the Symptoms of Nasal Polyps
What are the Symptoms of Nasal Polyps
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When the flesh of the inner lining of the respiratory passages of the sinuses or the nose starts to grow, then this condition is called nasal congestion, in addition this condition is also known as nasal polyps. This enlarged flesh inside the nose is cancerous and painless. This enlarged flesh hangs inside the nose like a drop of water or a grape.

Many conditions result in the enlargement of the flesh inside the nose. Its root causes include asthmatic inflammation, frequent infections, allergies , sensitivities to drugs and drugs, and certain types of immune system disorders.

If the flesh inside the nose is slightly enlarged, then it does not develop any symptoms. But if the flesh inside the nose is overly enlarged, it clogs the airways, causing symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, loss of smell, and frequent nasal infections.

Nasal congestion can develop at any age in both men and women, but the condition is more common in adults. With the help of medicines, the enlarged flesh can be removed Of its size can be reduced. In some cases, surgery is also required to remove the flesh. However, even after successfully removing the flesh with the help of treatment, the flesh inside the nose can grow again.

Nasal Polyps Symptoms

What are the symptoms of nasal congestion?

Enlargement of the nasal passages leads to inflammation and redness of the nasal passages, which can last for more than 12 weeks. This condition is also called chronic rhino sinusitis and chronic sinusitis. However, there is a high chance of developing sinusitis without the nasal passages becoming enlarged.

The enlarged flesh of the nose is soft and there is less sensation in them, so the enlarged flesh in your nose is small than you may not even be aware of. Meat that has grown to a large size or has grown into individual dusters can cause blockages in your respiratory passages and sinuses. Some of the common symptoms and signs of sinusitis with increased nasal congestion include:

  • Running nose
  • Feeling stuffy (or stuffy) all the time
  • Post nasal drip (runny nose fluid down the throat)
  • Loss of smell
  • Loss of sense of taste (or not being able to perceive the taste of a food property
  • Headache
  • Upper teeth pain
  • A feeling of pressure on your forehead and face
  • Snoring

When should I see a doctor?

You should seek help from a doctor if you experience symptoms for 10 or more days. Nasal congestion and chronic sinusitis have some of the same symptoms as the common cold. If you are experiencing any of the following problems, seek help from a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Severe breathing difficulties
  • Sudden worsening of symptoms
  • Double vision
  • Poor vision or not being able to move the eyes completely
  • Getting around the eyes increases severely inflamed
  • High fever with persistently increasing severe pain or inability to tilt the head forward

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