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What are the Benefits of Cochlear Implants for Hearing Loss?
What are the Benefits of Cochlear Implants for Hearing Loss?
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What are the causes of hearing loss ?

This can happen as a result of the normal aging process, with excessive noise being one of the reasons. Traffic noise, loud music, nightclub noise are all sources of noise. This can also happen due to the following reasons:

  • Heredity (high risk factors)
  • Infection
  • Some syndromes
  • Medications and certain antibiotics, taking antimalarial drugs
  • Damage to the ears
  • Head injury
  • Ear malformation or blockage
  • Brain tumors
  • Alcohol and tobacco
  • Solvents
  • Cholesterol

How is hearing loss treated?

Hearing loss can be treated but it is difficult to fully restore hearing.

  • Wax removal by suction device

  • Hearing aids – If the cause of the hearing loss is an injury to the inner ear, then this device can treat the hearing loss. You should consult an audiologist who can recommend you the appropriate device. Open fit devices are the most common these days.

  • Surgical procedures – If the hearing loss is caused by abnormally formed ear bones or recurrent middle ear infections, minor surgical procedures may be used to treat them. Small tubes are inserted at the site of infection for infection drainage.

  • Cochlear Implants – This method of treatment is applicable if the hearing loss is severe that cannot be corrected by a hearing aid. A cochlear implant works along the auditory nerve. It amplifies the sound waves read by the auditory nerve and transmits them to the brain.

What cochlear implants with no risk attached to it?

It is an extremely harmless surgery with minor risks.

  • Residual hearing loss through the ear
  • Meningitis (vaccinations are available)
  • Facial paralysis
  • Infection
  • Remaining issues

How do cochlear implants work?

These are electronic devices that use a sound processor, which is placed outside the back of the ear. This processor captures the sound signals and transmits them to the ends of the receiver implanted under the skin. The signal from the receiver goes to electrodes implanted in the inner ear. The signal then travels through the auditory nerve to the brain.

The brain needs time to fully understand these signals. The maximum benefit of the implant is achieved in one year of use.

Is the treatment painful?

The procedure usually takes place under general anesthesia, a small cut behind the ear is made for the internal instrument and a small hole is made in the cochlea to thread the electrodes. The surgery takes a maximum of 2-4 hours. You are discharged on the same day.

When will the results be noticeable?

The device usually takes 3-6 weeks for the wound to heal. The device is then turned on by an audiologist, checked and adjusted for the best possible result. You are then given a set of instructions to follow. There are rehabilitation sessions that you must participate in for good benefit. It may take a while for your brain to resettle, but soon you are able to hear and differentiate.

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