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Symptoms of Hip Flexor Strains
Symptoms of Hip Flexor Strains
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Hip flexors and rotators can become tight in those who work for long periods of time. This weakens the gluteal muscles. It can affect your gait, posture, spinal stability and movement patterns.

The hip extension should be about 15 degrees for normal walking. When the hip flexors are tight, they do not open enough and there is pain in the hips or lower back during walking or any movement.

Like other joints, if we do not work regularly to reduce stiffness, stiffness, tightness or stiffness of the hips, then the pain starts in the hips at any time due to reduced mobility.

Hip stretches can be a good way to get relief from this problem. If we talk about today's work culture, then it is common to have stiffness in the neck, lower back shoulder etc.

Tightness can be reduced by doing lower back stretching and neck stretching . Similarly, by stretching the hips, their stiffness can also be reduced.

That's why today we will tell about some such exercises for hips / stretching exercises that will reduce stiffness and tightness. It will also help to keep your hip or hips flexible.

Muscles of the hip

The muscles of the hips provide support for the hips to move, rotate or do other work. The hip consists of the following muscles, which work in different ways.

  • Hip Flexors
  • Hip Extensors
  • Hip Adductors
  • Hip Abductors
  • Hip Rotators

Why do We do Hip Stretches

The hip is stable ball and socket type. This combined is the larger range of range of motion. In the hip, along with the largest muscles of the body, there are also small muscles.

Sitting for a long time causes stiffness in the hip flexors and hamstrings. This can lead to arthritis, postural problems, bursitis and mechanical back pain.

The position of the hips affects the posture and function of the pelvic and spinal cord. That's why stretching the hips is necessary.

1. Lunge With Spinal Twist

This stretch creates a stretch in the hip flexors, quads and back.

To do this, stand with your feet together. Now extend the left leg forward on the floor. Bend the left knee and allow the right foot to be placed on the ground with the toes directly on the ground so that the bottom/front of the right thigh feels a stretch.

Now keeping the right hand on the floor, raise the left hand up towards the ceiling. The upper body should also be bent slightly upwards, so that there can be more stretch on the hips. Hold it for 30 seconds to 2 minutes and repeat 2-3 times.

2. External hip rotation

To do the external hip rotation stretch, sit on the floor with both feet facing forward. Bend both the feet at the knees and touch their soles as per the photo.

Keeping hands on both the knees, slowly push them down towards the floor. Apply pressure to the knees until they are stretched, but do not bring the knees forward to relax.

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