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Tips to Avoid Body Ache in Winter
Tips to Avoid Body Ache in Winter
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Tips to Avoid Body Ache in Winter

Stay Active and Pain-Free this winter with Orthopedic doctor in Abu Dhabi

Body Ache in Winter Season

Weak bones and joint pains can bother you all year, but we are more susceptible to body aches during the winter. An orthopedic doctor in Abu Dhabi says joints become highly rigid and painful when the temperature drops, and people with orthopedic problems suffer the most. This is because the blood does not circulate properly in the body parts, causing pain and stiffness in the bones and joints. People also move less during the winter, exacerbating the problem. The highly experienced Orthopedic doctor in Abu Dhabi provides helpful tips for maintaining healthy bones and joints.

  1. A Well-Balanced Diet: An orthopedic doctor in Abu Dhabi recommends a well-balanced diet for people suffering from joint pains. Vitamin D, C, and K-rich foods are beneficial for joint pain. Orange, cabbage, spinach, and tomatoes are superfoods that can help relieve knee pain. Those with deficient Vitamin D levels can also take supplements from the best orthopedic doctor in Abu Dhabi prescription. Also, Including sulfur-rich foods in your diet is beneficial, as per Orthopedic Clinic In Abu Dhabi.

  2. Keep yourself hydrated - It is critical to keep yourself hydrated. We tend to reduce our water consumption during the winter, but it is necessary because the cartilage between the joints must be smooth, and the body must be warm to maintain the proper friction.

  3. Wear Knee Guards or Knee Supports- Wearing knee guards or supports can help protect your knees in the winter and reduce pain. Numerous knee protectors on the market relieve knee pain while protecting the knee from serious injury.

  4. Physiotherapy- An orthopedic doctor in Abu Dhabi suggests that people with osteoarthritis should go to physiotherapy regularly to maintain joint flexibility and pain relief. The session includes the appropriate movement, warmth, and medication to alleviate knee pain.

  5. Exercise regularly- No matter what time of day, make sure you complete your exercise routine. Joints stiffen and begin to hurt even with minor movements due to a lack of movement and physical activity—exercise regularly to avoid this as directed by an Orthopedic doctor in Abu Dhabi.

  6. Warming up is essential- Before engaging in any strenuous activity, remember that warming up is necessary. This will keep you safe and make your body more flexible. Warming up also increases blood circulation, which increases the effect of exercise.

  7. Check what you're wearing- An orthopedic doctor in Abu Dhabi always recommends that the proper shoe size benefits your knees, ankles, and joints. Avoid wearing high heels for long periods, and ensure your toes have enough space to allow for comfort.

Winters are commonly associated with various body aches and require consolation with an Orthopedic doctor in Abu Dhabi. We've seen increased nerve-relate, joint, and vascular pain during winter. If you are experiencing increased pain and are unsure what to do next, check with your doctor and get a consultation with the best Orthopedic doctor in Abu Dhabi. Schedule an easy appointment with adam & Eve Specialized medical center and get guidance from the best Orthopedic doctor in Abu Dhabi. Also, you can refer to other popular blogs by our experts to know more about orthopedic health concerns and their treatments.Blog Detail goes here


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