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Tips for a Faster Dental Implant Recovery
Tips for a Faster Dental Implant Recovery
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Tips for a Faster Dental Implant Recovery

A dental implant is one of the most effective tooth replacement treatments that you can have to fill in your missing tooth. During a dental implant procedure, the dentist inserts a screw-shaped dental implant into the jawbone underneath the missing tooth to enable osseointegration. This process will allow the implants to fuse with the jawbone to act like a natural root and the zirconia crown will act as the natural tooth. After the treatment, your gums and the dental implant will take some time to heal. To speed up the recovery process, there are several steps that you need to take.

Use Cold Compresses

It is common that you experience swelling after undergoing dental implants treatment. So it is recommended to use cold compresses after the surgery and reduce the swelling, and the discomfort caused. Hold the compress to the swollen area for around 15 minutes and leave it off for the next 15 minutes and repeat the same to make you reach the comfort level.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking and usage of tobacco can affect your healing process. Smoking won’t allow enough oxygen into your body which is one of the main components that helps in healing process. If you don’t avoid smoking, you risk slowing your healing process and prolonging the process. Smoking can cause discoloration around the implants and affect the growing gum around the implants. Also, avoid alcohol after dental implant treatment since it can affect the healing tissue and delay the healing process.

Rinse Your Mouth Frequently

After the tooth implants, you need to rinse your mouth frequently with warm salt water. Rinsing with warm salt water helps to eliminate the growth of bacteria and germs in your mouth. The growth of bacteria or germs can irritate your surgical site and thus affect the healing time. So make sure to rinse your mouth with warm salt water often or at least after each meal to eliminate the growth of bacteria in your mouth.

Follow Healthy Diet

You need to take only soft or liquid foods for a few days after the surgery. Soft foods include ice cream, yogurt, mashed potatoes, etc. Also, you need to avoid hot foods for a few days to speed up the healing process. Make sure to take healthy foods that could build a strong immune system. The strong immune system can help to speed up the healing process.


Last but not least, it is very important to take ample amounts of rest to speed up your healing process. Pushing your body beyond its limits after surgery is not a good thing. Avoid vigorous exercise after the dental implant surgery to speed up the healing process.

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