Thyroid Disorders

Find out what are thyroid disorders and how these can be cured!

Most of us keep complaining about symptoms that otherwise have become part of our lives! Have you ever noticed as why fatigue has become a permanent condition of life! We just blame it on our hectic life schedules at workplaces and ignoring the problem, keep moving week after week. There are many such conditions and symptoms that we are living with and assume that these are due to the seasonal changes or which are temporary enough to be taken for granted! These trends are now common around the world where most people have learned to live their life as is and they visit a doctor’s clinic only when their condition aggravates or any symptom gets pronounced. Experts at the leading medical clinics in Abu Dhabi explain that while these conditions of day to day life are fairly common the underlying causes of them are not as simple as might appear to most people.

They further explain that thyroid dysfunctions sit at the core of such issues that may seem simple or temporary. The best clinic in Abu Dhabi effectively treats every year, thousands of patients of thyroid problems so that their healthy life and living is ensured!

Why seek treatment for thyroid disorder?

Thyroid is an endocrine gland present in the neck and attached to trachea. It releases the thyroid hormones that are really important for the entire functioning of the human body and especially the development of the children. Thyroid hormones (T3 & T4) regulate the metabolism in day to day life of the individual and thus directly impact the complete set of digestive and assimilative functions in the human body. Any change in thyroid hormonal balance thus affects the state of these functions and the person may accordingly suffer through different symptoms and conditions, say the top experts at the medical clinics in Abu Dhabi.

However, thyroid disorders and the associated symptoms are such common that we are not bothered about them. This is the troublesome fact due to which the real problem remains unnoticed for long in life. Majority of people in this world suffer either from hyperthyroidism (over active thyroid gland) or hypothyroidism (under active thyroid gland) and continue to live their life. Many cases of thyroid malfunctioning are actually diagnosed during composite health profile testing or when the problem gets aggravated, assert specialists at the best clinic in Abu Dhabi.

Thyroid disorders are part of larger hormonal problem!

Thyroid dysfunction is related to a long inter-connected hormonal chain in the human body that extends to other important endocrine glands like pituitary and hypothalamus! The hormones released from these glands alter the rate of release of thyroid hormones and thus the entire functioning of the body is impacted! Thyroid testing is therefore a complex procedure and warrants detailed analysis by the expert endocrinologists, if the best & suitable treatment is to be had. Only fewer of the leading medical clinics in Abu Dhabi specialize in thyroid treatments and AESMC is one such center of repute. It offers effective treatments against different thyroid conditions and symptoms that affect the people generally.

Common symptoms of thyroid disorders –

Thyroid disorders are generally categorized into four types. These include hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroid enlargement (goiter) and tumors (benign or malignant). Goiter is a fairly simple condition and in most cases, is resolved by itself without any treatment. However, if it persists, one should consult the expert physician for a detailed examination and an effective iodine supplementation prescription.

Hypothyroidism as a condition manifests in the form of symptoms like general sluggishness and lethargy, dry skin, constipation, excess menstrual bleeding and fluid retention. Lack of concentration and depression is also observed in many cases. Like as said, many of these symptoms are accepted as part of life, people generally never know of their hypo thyroid profiles, asserts expert at the best clinic in Abu Dhabi.

Hyperthyroidism cases show up symptoms such as feeling of tremors, nervousness, increased heart rate, unexplained weight loss, increased sweating, fatigue, intolerance to heat and concentration problems and increased bowel movement!

Tumors in thyroid could be benign in the form of nodules or cancerous also. Both these conditions warrant specialist’s consultation so that early treatment can be delivered.

According to experts, most thyroid disorders can be treated effectively through the administration of the medicines alone. However, only the correct diagnosis at the right time is required. AESMC is counted among the top medical clinics in Abu Dhabi and offers the best thyroid treatments and cures.

Are You Looking for Ways to Treat the Problem of Sleep Apnea? Reach Out to an ENT for a Quick Solution!

A peaceful and sound sleep is all we need to ease out our tiring and exhausting muscles and mind at the end of a stressful and hectic day. But sleeping disorders like snoring and sleep apnea can make the life difficult! A long-term period and pattern of sleep disturbance and frequent sleep interruptions can be a cause of some serious health problems. Now, let’s have a look at what it is and how it can be treated?

What is sleep apnea and what causes this sleeping disorder?Sleep apnea treatment abu Dhabi | ENT clinic Abu Dhabi

Sleep apnea is something that causes trouble in breathing while the person is asleep. It is generally caused by a narrowing or collapsing in the nasal airway that may last for duration of 10 seconds at a time. It has been found that people with sleep apnea almost literally stopped breathing while they were asleep.  As a consequence to this, the constant pausing in the breathing can lead to the making of less oxygen in the cells and blood. This situation is met by making sure that the heart must work harder and pump more oxygen and blood to deliver in the much needed cells of the body. For best medical treatment, reach out to medical centre Abu Dhabi.

A person suffering from sleep apnea wakes up with a feeling of being tired and exhausted instead of feeling refreshed. This makes people with the sleep apnea disturbance to always feel tired and put them at a higher risk of heart diseases (heart attack) and accidents.  Although, it is said that sleep apnea lasts only for duration of approximately 10 seconds, but the frequency of the event could range from between 30 to 300 times during the night time. If you are looking for some expert medical guidance, consult the best and specialised doctors at medical clinic Abu Dhabi.

Ways to cure the problem of sleep apnea through ENT:

Since sleep apnea problem is related to breathing and nasal problem and hence can be treated and cured with proper ENT guidance and medical treatment. To check if you are suffering from the problem of sleep apnea, the ENT will examine you and may order few imaging tests to know and get a complete look at your airway passage. Also, you will be examined with your sinuses and all of your nasal passages that will include the turbinates’ and septum to know and make sure that any of these must not be causing any obstruction.

The person will also be examined if having adenoids and tonsils to know and examine if any of these is causing obstruction in the breathing pattern. One of the best clinic Abu Dhabi can let you know of the symptoms of this sleeping disorder and can guide you with the preventive steps.

Sleep Apnea Solution UAE | ENT Centre in Abu Dhabi

Also, the uvula and other structures of the person would be examined to know if there are any obstruction and symptom of sleep apnea. If any of the above reasons found to be causing the obstruction in the nasal airway, the ENT would remove all such obstructions, by making and restoring free and easy breathing. Doing this will not only help in breathing at the night time but there will also be an overall sense of comfort in the breathing cycle. If you wish to get yourself examined through an experienced and expert ENT faculty, contact the medicinal centre Abu Dhabi.

ENT Treatment for Sleep Apnea by Surgical Treatments:

Medical Centre Abu Dhabi | ENT Surgeries UAE

  • If you are detected with the three tissues of your nose being enlarged (the turbinates), then an expert ENT can reduce the enlargement and the size through a surgical procedure with the help of using radio frequency energy that is helpful in burning the bits of unwanted tissue pieces away.
  • Also, if you have been diagnosed with the problem of polyps and sinuses, it can be a cause for the problem of sleep apnea. The Ent can remove this by performing a functional endoscopic sinus surgery on the patient. Sometimes, this tiny grape like structures can be the main cause for the day and night breathing problems. Check if you have sinus or any other health problem by one of the best healthcare experts in Abu Dhabi, in the best clinic Abu Dhabi.
  • Sleep apnea can also be caused if the person is having the problem of enlarged tissues in the uvula or soft palette of the person. To get rid of the unwanted enlarged tissues, the ENT performs the surgery of somnoplasty that also uses the radio frequency energy to reduce the enlarged tissues.

For best and world class healthcare facilities, treatment, consultation and medical guidance with the world’s top and experienced medical experts, always reach out to the medical clinic Abu Dhabi.

How does Prolonged Earphone Use Damage Your Ears?

medical centre in Abu dhabi

Almost all of us like escaping to the world of music through our phones. We often plug our headphones and jump into a new world, away from this current treachery of our immediate surrounding. At other times, you do have to take the long hours of important client calls over your phone or systems, by plugging in your headphones. Basically, coming to the point, what we mean is that earphones have become an integral part of our lives. However, do you know that they harm you in more ways than you can think? Yes! Don’t be so shocked! You might soon notice that you would need to visit the best clinic Abu Dhabi because of your hearing problems! If you face any such problems, do not wonder where they are coming from. Thank your headphones!

It has been scientifically proven that you could face severe consequences due to prolonged exposure to the harmful mobile radiation and the extended use of headphones. The doctors have termed it as the Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). If you find any symptoms of the same, you must consult a renowned ENT specialist at the medical centre Abu Dhabi.

What exactly is this Noise Induced Hearing Loss?ENT specialist Abu Dhabi | Hearing Loss symptoms

Speaking in layman terms, NIHL is a common ear problem that affects almost the majority of the urban people these days. According to ENT specialists, the level of hearing slows down in this medical condition. It, however, depends on how early your problem gets diagnosed and how severely are your ears damaged.

Let us look at this condition in detail. Doctors say that when you are exposed to loud music or noise for a long time, tiny hair-like fine structures in your ear get significantly damaged. These are the structures that transmit noise to your brain. Due to their damage, they lose their outer covering, thus leading to hearing loss. What’s worse is that it is irreversible! If you face any such symptoms, you must visit a medical clinic Abu Dhabi soon!

Why does this happen?ENT Clinic | AESMC

Let us look at why exactly do you damage your ears when you hear loud music through your earphones. The pinna collects the sound from your outer environment and sends it down the ear canal which transfers the noise signal to the eardrum. The drum vibrates and converts sound to energy that gets transferred to your brain after a few more complex steps. Due to loud noises or direct impact, any of the nerves in this channel could get damaged. This leads to hearing loss. You must consult a good ENT at the best clinic Abu Dhabi if you come across any symptoms that we have mentioned below.

SymptomsENT Clinc in UAE | Ear problem Solutions

So, the basic symptoms include a hearing loss that is gradual, over a period of time. You could also face a slight pain in your ears. The pain could be sharp or shooting. Whenever you find that you are getting difficulty in catching high-pitched sounds, then we would say it’s time for a doctor visit!

What can cause maximum damage to your ears?

The maximum damage to your ears is caused by loud music or high-pitched noises. They can seriously injure your nerves and other important parts of the ear canal and lead to hearing loss. On the contrary, you can rely on peaceful and low pitched sounds to protect your ears. You can go for low volume instrumentals, guitar chords, or table tunes. However, you must never exceed listening to a minimum amount of music.

Protecting against the cell phone radiation

“Prevention is better than cure”.

When you can save yourself the pain of visiting a medical clinic, Abu Dhabi, why not try it out? Let us look at some basic tips that will actually help you get better with the use of headphones and saving your ears.

  1. Keep the volume low.
  2. Avoid using mobile phones or earphones for a prolonged time.
  3. Keep your ears clean regularly.
  4. Check yourself for any symptoms of sinusitis.
  5. Do not use phones while you are driving.
  6. Also, keep a regular check on your diabetes and blood pressure. These medical conditions can aggravate your hearing problems.
  7. Avoid listening to any music or sound above 85 decibels as they can damage your ears greatly. Remember, the louder the music you expose your ears to, greater would be the damage.

Thus, it is is very important for all of us to reduce our addiction to cell phones and instead, take steps to keep ourselves healthy. We are sure that you certainly do not want to lose your hearing ever! Then why not follow a simple procedure to keep yourself healthy. Listen lower, but listen longer! Consult your ENT in case you face any kind of trouble in your hearing capability.

Throat and Voice Related Problems – Conditions That Can Affect Your Voice

Throat Related Diseases Treatment in UAE

Not many of us are aware of the various problems that we might face in our throat or voice book. Many times we tend to not notice them until throat problems or voice related throat problems are absolutely unavoidable. It is a surprise to know that there are multitudes of medical problems that might cause extended voice problems.

However, you do not need to worry about it. You must have a regular and periodic visit to a good medical clinic Abu Dhabi so that you will be updated about your health. In this blog, we will try to help you out by outlining some of the common causes of vocal difficulties and hoarseness. If your voice becomes hoarse frequently or you notice any changes in your voice for an extended period of time, you must consult at your nearest medical centre Abu Dhabi. 

Common causes of voice changes

Acute Laryngitisent clinic in Abu dhabi | Acute Laryngitis | AESMC

Acute laryngitis is one of the most common causes of hoarseness and voice loss. It can start just suddenly without any warnings! It is mainly caused by some viral infection that eventually leads to swelling of the vocal cords. This swelling results in the hoarseness of your voice.

In such situations, it is always advised that you drink lots of water and rest. You must also speak less as you could injure your cords due to excessive speaking. Acute Laryngitis could cause a serious injury to the vocal cords.

Chronic LaryngitisVoice Related Throat Pain | Medical Centre Abu Dhabi

This disease could be caused by acid reflux diseases or by getting exposed to irritating substances such as smoke. You can get chronic laryngitis because of low-grade infections. One common infection is the yeast infections of the vocal cords. This usually happens in people who use inhalers for asthma.

People who are undergoing chemotherapy can also face these infections as well because their immune system is a little weak at this time.

Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease (LPRD)Throat Problem Solution in Abu Dhabi

If you have a reflux of stomach juice into the throat, there are high chances that you face hoarseness or swallowing problems. The common symptoms include the lump in the throat, pain while swallowing etc.

Overuse and misuse of voice

Just like in other physical activities, your body gets tired when you speak! Speaking involves the movement of various muscle groups. Therefore, if you overuse or exhaust yourself due to excessive speaking, you might face problems of hoarseness of your voice.

There are some common situations that lead to voice overuse and voice misuse. They include speaking in a high pitch for a longer time, using mobile phones for a longer period of time or speaking continuously in noisy situations.

Benign vocal cord lesions

Voice misuse or overuse can lead to benign non-cancerous growths on the vocal cords. These lesions can lead to hoarseness and pain in your vocal cords. The types of lesions include cysts, nodules and polyps. These problems need proper attention and therapy. They can be cured easily when treated properly.

Haemorrhage of the vocal cords

If you feel that you are suffering from a sudden loss of voice after a period of yelling or shouting, it is highly possible that you have incurred a vocal cord haemorrhage. It mainly happens when any of your vocal cord blood vessels rupture. It is advised to seek immediate medical attention in such cases and take rest until fully recovered.

Paralysis of the vocal cord

Sometimes, you could face hoarseness or voice loss due to some neurological problems. You might suffer from paralysis of your vocal cords due to poor neurological transmission. Paralysis could happen because of problems like infections, tumours or for any other unknown reasons. At times, it could take a few months to heal, while at other times, paralysis could be permanent. There are few chances for the paralyzed vocal cords to move again. However, with proper therapy and surgery, there are chances that your voice can be improved.

For the surgery, it is important that you consult a good specialist in the best clinic Abu Dhabi. A good doctor is definitely a must! There are a number of different surgical techniques that can help you. Your doctor might also encourage some forms of voice therapy as they are quite effective in solving the issues. At times, all you would actually need is just the therapy!

Besides these common problems, hoarseness or reduced voice quality could also be caused by cancer of the vocal cords. In such situations, visiting an oncologist is mandatory.

So, if you are facing any kind of issues with your voice or you are experiencing hoarseness or pain in your vocal cord, you must visit your nearby doctor immediately. While it may not be dangerous or risky all the time, prevention is always better than cure! If you face prolonged voice hoarseness and pain, you must seek immediate medical help as things could go beyond your control as well.

Understanding and caring for your hearing

Medical Centre in UAE | ENT specialist in UAE


The sensation of hearing is a vital part of one’s life which connects one to the world of sounds and music. There is a lot of need to take care of the hearing faculties in a person in today’s day and age. With the growth of noise pollution and the increasing stress levels, your hearing can easily deteriorate if you do not exercise care and caution for it. At our medical clinic Abu Dhabi, we help you cope with the lifestyle changes that can affect your hearing while offering medical advice for both prevention and cure for damaged hearing. We believe that a few simple steps in discipline can reduce the risk of hearing ailments. Should you still face issues with your hearing, you must always reach out to us at our medical clinic Abu Dhabi.

Steps to take care of your hearing

1) Minimize the noise intakeENT Clinic in Abu Dhabi | Ear care

A completely noise-free life just isn’t possible today. But you must take the effort to reduce the noise levels around. Try shifting to a quieter neighborhood if possible. Try avoiding the noisier route to the office even if it saves you time. Try avoiding commuting at the noisiest time in the day. If the noise is impossible to get rid of, then you must think of using ear plugs to cut down on the noise levels. They can take some getting used to, but they will improve the longevity of your ears and your hearing.

2) Minimize the volume levels for audio devices

The challenges to hearing also come from a much closer quarter- your audio devices. You must listen to music at lower volumes (experts say that 60% of the volume should be the maximum) and not listen to music for extended hours every day (an hour a day is the accepted and recommended time). If you go to a concert, make sure you have your earplugs or you might get a case of the ringing ears (called tinnitus). If it persists, don’t hesitate to reach out to us which is the best clinic Abu Dhabi.

3) Know about earwax and its goodnessMedical Clinic near Abu Dhabi | ENT care UAE

Earwax may seem itchy (it isn’t) and worrisome. But it is always good for you. Earwax catches dirt and other unwanted things in your ear and prevents them from doing any damage. If you think that you have too much earwax, then an earwax softening solution can soften it up and can help it come out more easily. We would still say that the best thing to do if you think you are having too much earwax, is to get a qualified medical opinion.

4) Know how to clean your ears

There are cotton swabs that are easily available in the market today. However, they are harmful to your ears and hearing. Cotton swabs are not the best tools to clean your ears. They can possibly harm your ear—rum and cause permanent loss of hearing. A better option is to use a slightly wet towel and rub it around your ear canal to clean any excess wax outside. A still better option is to seek professional help. A doctor can clean your ears in a much safer manner. It is always a good idea to book periodic appointments with your doctor for ear-cleaning sessions.

5) Know some simple remediesMedical centre in Abu Dhabi

It is possible that when you go for swimming or for some kind of water sports, that some water gets into your ears. In those circumstances, it is good to know of some simple steps to follow that can give you comfort. The first thing to do is to, of course, shake your head and open and close your jaw which generally works. If the water still persists inside, it is a good idea to put a solution to rubbing alcohol and vinegar (half portions each) inside your ears and to let that solution stay for half a minute before throwing it out. This can reduce the risk of infections. You should always follow these steps up with a consultation and we are always willing to help, being the best clinic Abu Dhabi.

6) Exercise daily

The oldest trick in the book works for auditory health as well. Exercise pumps out blood to every organ and your ears get the required blood supply too, which keeps its self-cleaning mechanism efficient and effective. Exercise, coupled with a healthy lifestyle will indirectly but surely impact your hearing faculties in a positive manner.


With these steps, we at our medical center Abu Dhabi, are sure that you will be at a reduced risk of any damage to your hearing. The key here is consistency and discipline that you need to abide by while following these simple and effective steps. If you face repeated issues of pain with your ear or don’t recover your hearing after days of rest, we are always available to help at our medical center Abu Dhabi. Your ears are your asset to the auditory world and you must do your best to protect them for an enjoyable life!

How to Pick an ENT?

ENT Specialist near Abu Dhabi region | Ear Care in Abu Dhabi

The first challenge that you may face as a patient is finding the right doctor for treatment. Once you are at the service of a good doctor, you wouldn’t have to worry any further about your health. Usually, it so happens that you are impatient when you are ill and want to be seen by just any doctor for immediate medical assistance. However, it is not a good thing to do. Being in an absolute haste can prove problematic for your medical condition. You shouldn’t be in search of a doctor who will just diagnose your medical condition and prescribe you with a suitable treatment. Nobody wants to get into the hassles and troubles of meeting wrong doctors. You must know the best medical clinic Abu Dhabi that you can rush to in case of any emergency.

Here are a few tips to help you select the right ENT (Ear, nose, throat) doctor. We are sure they will help you in finding the best doctor at the medical centre Abu Dhabi.

Tips to help you find the right ENT for yourself

There are certain pre-requisites that you must check for in your ENT before you finalize upon a particular one. Let us look at brief on those major points to consider.

1. Certification from recognized medical boardENT specialist near Avbu Dahbi

The first thing that you must check before going for an ENT doctor is that whether or not he is a certified otolaryngologist. By an otolaryngologist, we mean a physician who has finished their pre medical degree and also completed 5 years of training in the ENT department. They must have passed the national exam that is administered by a national board of doctors. Without a proper certification, we don’t think it is a good idea to select any doctor.

2 . Check for their specializationBest ENT care in Abu Dhabi | ENT clinic UAE

You must carefully check for the ENT’s specialization. Some of the ENTs are specialized with some or other form of additional training. In case you are looking for an ENT specialist for your infant or kid, you must consider someone who is specialized in paediatric ENT. Similarly, if your problem is related to some specific forms of allergies, you must consult an ENT doctor who is trained and specialized to treat various allergies.

3. Look for the Surgical Facilities available at the clinicENT surgeon in Abu Abu Dhbai

The special thing about ENTs is that they are trained as both physicians and surgeons, unlike most of the other medicine specialities. There are some treatments that would require a surgery by your ENT specialist. Therefore, prior to selecting any doctor or clinic, you must verify whether or not they have all the necessary facilities to carry out simple and common surgical procedures. You must go for a well-staffed and well-equipped Medical Centre near Abu Dhabi that will be capable of handling many routine OPD patients without having you to visit a hospital. Citing a small example, if you need to do the balloon sinuplasty, you can get it done under local anaesthesia at any well-equipped ENT clinic and do not have to visit a separate hospital for the same. In case you need to do some major or complex surgery, you can consult the ENT about an appropriate hospital that has all the facilities required for the same. You must ensure that the clinic or hospital should be accredited and with a good reputation.

4. You must ask for referrals

You can ask your regular physician for any references for an ENT. Your doctor can refer you to the best ENTs that they may know. You can take recommendation from your physician or other doctor friends. Also, never forget to ask why they are referring to a particular doctor. You can also ask for recommendations from your colleagues, friends or other family members. Get enough information from them and also emphasise on the reason why they are recommending a particular doctor. This is important because you need to know whether their reason serves your immediate needs. For example, if a friend tells you that a particular ENT is good because he is punctual, you may not need to visit him as your concerns are different.

5. Always check for Reviews And Satisfaction Surveys

One advantage that you can use today is the availability of information online. You can simply check the online portals for various reviews from other customers. This is a great way of getting basic information about any doctor or clinic. You can check the most popular sites on Google for getting customer reviews and satisfaction surveys. These will help you a lot. You also get an idea about how their appointment system works.

These are some common tips that you can follow to ensure that you get yourself or your kid checked at the right ENT specialist. We hope these points will help you in taking a more informed and wise decision.

Symptoms & Treatment of Ear Infections

ENT medical centre in Abu Dhabi

Ear is a very delicate organ of the body that has various inner parts to it. There are several chambers inside the ear and there could be cases when you suffer from an infection in any of the chambers. Usually the ear is divided into three chambers: the inner ear, the middle ear and the outer ear. Infections occur mostly in the middle ear and the outer ear. Inner ear infections are usually rare and may indicate some other medical condition, if at all. You must consult at a medical centre Abu Dhabi in case you are suffering from any ear infections.

First, let us look at some of the basic types of ear infections in different ear chambers.

Middle ear infectionsEar Infection Treatment in Ab Dhabi

These kinds of infections are primarily caused by the trapping of bacteria or viruses from other areas of the body like nasal passages or mouth and eyes behind the eardrum. This could cause hearing loss or pain. If the eardrum ruptures because of the infection’s pressure, you could have more severe consequences.

Other instances that can lead to middle ear infections include flue, sinusitis or throat infections as the bacteria can easily move up to your Eustachian tubes. You must rush to a nearby Medical Clinic Abu Dhabi, if you feel that you are having too much pain that is intolerable.

Outer ear infections

These infections are generally caused to any foreign agents getting inside your ear or getting hit against your ear. It could also be caused by insertion of cotton swabs or dirty nails of your fingers. As a result, you end up having an ear canal that is red and tender and pains when touched. You can also get these kinds of infections when you tend to spend too much time in water. Swimmers usually get this kind of pain and infection as the chlorine water of the swimming pool keeps getting inside their ears.

Symptoms of ear infections

The symptoms of ear infections could vary depending upon your age, your degree of infection and the area infected by the bacteria or viruses. However, some common symptoms include:

  1. Acute inflammation and pain inside the ears
  2. Hearing changes or hearing loss
  3. High fever
  4. Tenderness in the ear
  5. Nausea
  6. Vomiting sensations
  7. Dizziness or head reeling
  8. Severe headache
  9. Swelling in the ear or earlobes

Various treatments for ear infectionsBeat Clinic in Abu Dhabi | Ear infection treatment UAE

Based on the cause of the infection, there are various ways in which you can treat your ear infection. Some types of infections can be cured even without any treatment, while some others may need extensive treatment.

Antibiotics and any other kinds of prescriptions

It is always best if you consult an ENT specialist in Abu Dhabi or other specialist before taking any medication. Some infections may not need an antibiotic for middle or outer ear cases. Basically, the treatment depends on the severity, place and cause of the infection. The treatment plan will also be affected by any other health issues that the person may have, like diabetes or drug allergies.

Also, you must keep in mind that antibiotics will not be helpful if your infection has been caused by viruses.

Some ear infections can be treated or be given relief from by the use of prescription eardrops. They also help in relieving the earaches and other acute pains in your ears.

Other over-the-counter medications

Your doctor may prescribe you some other drugs like acetaminophen and ibuprofen. The common drug names include Tylenol and Advil. These drugs are great in combating pain due to ear infections and can help to reduce the inflammation to a great extent.

Sometimes, you might need the help of decongestants or antihistamine. The common types include pseudoephedrine or diphenhydramine. These medicines could also help in relieving certain symptoms of ear infections. They are especially beneficial when your Eustachian tubes are blocked by excess mucus.

However, you must note that these drugs will only help in relieving the pain associated with the ear infection but will not cure the infection itself.

For complete treatment, you would have to visit an ENT specialist and get the infection cured from the roots.

Ear drops for swimmers earsMedical clinic in Abu Dhabi | Ear specialist

The best way to try to heal your swimmers ear is by putting appropriate ear drops. They help in relieving the temporary pain and help you concentrate on the work better. You mustn’t try to insert any foreign objects inside your ears.

These are some of the common information pieces that you would need regarding any ear infection. If you are suffering from severe ear aches or other kinds of symptoms due to ear infections, you must visit the Best Clinic Abu Dhabi and get rid of your ear infections at the earliest. A doctor’s advice and treatment will work the best for you under all circumstances!