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Reasons Why You Should Stay Active During Pregnancy
Reasons Why You Should Stay Active During Pregnancy
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Pregnancy is very special for every woman. During this, many changes are seen in a woman. During this, physical changes are also seen along with hormonal changes in the body. During this, there is swelling in the legs, pain in the back, increases in body weight, hence there is difficulty in walking, flatulence starts and there is also the problem of constipation. These symptoms cannot be completely removed, but they can definitely be reduced with exercise. If you exercise regularly during the entire 9 months of pregnancy, then it can be beneficial for you as well as the baby in many ways. Let us know which exercise can be beneficial for you during pregnancy.


Doing yoga during pregnancy is also a complete workout, which gives you energy. Yoga consists of cardio exercises that maintain the flexibility of your body and it is also known to reduce the pain during delivery. The good thing is that you do not need a regular instructor to do yoga during pregnancy. Pregnant women must do yoga once a week for 10 minutes.


Squatting strengthens the lower part of your body. Doing squats helps in strengthening the groin area and helps in reducing the pain of delivery. Pregnant women can do 10-15 times a week for about 3 days.


Swimming helps to tone the entire body and is also true for a pregnant woman. In fact according to some traditions a pregnant woman is asked to float in the water as it reduces the stress of the body. Pregnant women can swim about 4 times a week.


Jogging is the best exercise for the first trimester of pregnancy. You can also walk faster instead of jogging as the pregnancy progresses. Pregnant women jog 3 times a week.

Exercising during pregnancy will give you relief from pain in the waist, boost your heart health, and reduce the chance of gaining too much weight while pregnant. Moreover, it makes delivery easier.

Exercises will also help in maintaining blood pressure during pregnancy, reduce the chances of diabetes, and cesarean operation. The intensity of exercises during pregnancy depends on your prior fitness. If you are starting physical activity for the first time, you can start with a 15-minute walk, gradually increasing it to 45 minutes. If your pregnancy is going well and you are one of the avid fitness enthusiasts, then you can continue them during pregnancy with some modifications.

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