Do problems with the dental pulp affect you adversely? ‘Endodontics’- specialized dentistry is now available.

Our fast-paced life and changing lifestyle affects our daily routine habits too, under which one such practice is not taking care of dental health. Poor dental health or hygiene later results in very painful and bad situation, which sometime can’t be handled. But nowadays due to modern techniques and medical advancements in the dental health industry allows us to deal with such critical problems in a much easier way, but it doesn’t mean we should stop taking care of teeth. Remember your smile with beautiful teeth is always acted like an icing on a cake in your overall appearance.

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One of the dental problems is an infection in the pulp of the teeth. If you get this problem then it would be very difficult to bear that pain as it goes from your teeth nerve to jaw bones. And the infection can also affect or reach the Jaw bone.

Lets’ first understand the structure of the teeth. Our teeth are made of three parts, which are

The Enamel – It gives the glittering white luster and hardness to the teeth.
The Dentin – It resides in the enamel, soft and yellow in color. But hard as compared to enamel, with this, your teeth are able to stand.
The Tooth nerve or pulp – It resides in the upper part of the teeth but extended down to the root canals and joins the tissue to the jawbone.

For development of the teeth, a nerve plays a key and vital role. The nerve of the teeth is very vulnerable to infection by bacteria. And by any chance, if your teeth nerve is get infected by the bacteria then result will be a severe and unbearable pain. And bacteria can also distress the jaw bone and further skull.

What Causes the Damage to Inner teeth?

• Accumulation of plaque.
• Infection from the bacteria.
• Fracture in the jaw.
• Injury due to an accident.

It is advised that a tooth, which is infected, should be treated as soon as possible without any delay as it can lead to major issue later. Dental Clinics in Abu Dhabi offer advanced treatments for dental issues.

But now one of the modern techniques is available in dental care which can help to cater this issue, an Endodontic, available at Dental Clinics in Abu Dhabi.

What is the Endodontic procedure?

Dental Crown Treatment

In simple language, in Endodontic dental procedure nerve of the teeth is being removed along with bacteria and then nerve chamber of the teeth is filled and dental crown is placed to cover the teeth. Sometimes it is also called as Dental Bridge Repair.

The Endodontic is the term or name given for the treating the problem of nerves, arterioles, tissues, and pulp of the teeth. It is a specialized dental treatment which helps to restore the teeth as under this process internal structure of the teeth is restored. An endodontic procedure should be performed by a well-trained Dental expert or Endodontist only in Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi as it involves complex root canal practice or Dental Crown Treatment too.

How Do I Know That I Need an Endodontic Procedure?

• Inflammable and tender gums.
• Instant sensation while you drink the hot or cold liquid.
• Not able to chew properly and feel tenderness.
• Teeth’s discoloration
• Pain in the lymph nodes.

How Endodontic Dental Procedure is done?

This requires 2 to 3 visits to a dental clinic or an Endodontist. Initial assessment is done by the trained Endodontist of the infected tooth, post which he will do an X-ray of the teeth and jaw bone to check the intensity of the infection.

Once the initial examination is done, on the area of surgery a protective sheet is placed inside the mouth to ensure area remain saliva free and a local anesthesia is applied. Then, an infected tooth is opened to remove the pulp. Then opened fraction of the teeth is appropriately cleaned, shaped, and a rubber-like material i.e. a gutta-percha material is filled in it, it is compatible with the gums and teeth. Then an opening is closed by proper cementing to seal off the teeth completely with the crown.

Experts in the field of  Dental Bridge Repair or Endodontic or Dental Crown Treatment uses modern technology like digital imaging for x-ray, ultrasonic instruments, fiber optics, and microscopes for checking infection intensity. Endodontics helps you to restore your teeth to a level like original natural teeth’s are.

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