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Paediatric heart surgery: Restore the cardiac health of your child

Paediatric heart surgery is inevitable for repairing congenital heart defects (cardiac problems with which your child was born) and post-natal defects (cardiac problems that surface after birth) in children. Defects can be of various severity types. The larger blood vessels that lie external to the heart can also be prone to problems. Best pediatrician in Abu Dhabi will decide the most appropriate and safest surgical course to adopt for minutely inspecting the heart problem in your child. In some cases, a single surgery would set right the defect afflicting the child; whereas in other complicated cases, a sequence of procedures may be needed.

Different effective paediatric surgery procedures

Your child paediatric doctor in Abu Dhabi would investigate the case history of child and establish the origin of the problem. Based on the outcomes of the diagnosis, the best medical procedure would be advised. Commonly, the experienced doctors at child paediatric clinic Abu Dhabi resort to one of the three procedures, as discussed below.

Open-heart surgery

The child is subjected to general anesthesia to make the treatment painless. The paediatrician then concentrates on the breastbone for making an incision. Sterile tubes connected to the pump of heart lung bypass device are used for rerouting the blood. While the heart is being worked upon, the bypass machine keeps supplying blood oxygen and circulating the warm blood through the rest of child’s body.  As the heart is temporarily stopped, doctors concentrate on repairing the heart muscles, valves and connecting blood vessels. Post-surgery, heart’s normal functionality is restored by removing the bypass device and closing the incision in sternum.

Closed-heart surgery

Depending on the cardiac conditions, doctors at paediatric clinic Abu Dhabi may consider making the incision on the chest’s side intersecting the ribs. This procedure known as thoracotomy is conducted using specialized instruments that are guided by a camera.

Small surgery

If the complexity of the cardiac problem is not severe, paediatrician may drive small tubes through the leg artery to the heart and then perform needful corrective procedures.

Symptoms that call for surgery

If your child is exhibiting any of the below-discussed symptoms, you need to immediately get in touch with best pediatric doctor in abu dhabi to avoid future complexities. Hypoxia or lack of sufficient amount of oxygen in the blood, due to pumping deficiency of the heart, would manifest itself the form of greying or blued skin, nail bottoms, and lips. Heart problem would also cause the lungs to be fluid filled which would make it difficult to breathe. Heart beat rate would not be normal. The child may not sleep or eat properly and growth rate would decrease. Heart is a sensitive organ that controls the vital actions of all body organs and hence the opinion of the doctors at the best pediatric clinic in abu dhabi should only be sought.

Why rely on best paediatrician in Abu Dhabi

If your child’s heart surgery is conducted by an inexperienced doctor, a number of complications may show up. The bleeding in child may continue even after surgical procedure and infections can happen. Blood clotting, trapping of air bubbles in the blood, pneumonia, breathing problems, irregular heartbeats, cardiac arrest and other problems may surface.  Only a seasoned paediatrician with extensively trained support staff should be trusted with the medical safety of your beloved child.

Doctors at the pediatric clinic in abu dhabi conduct various tests to understand the nature of complication. Comprehensive blood test to ascertain the red blood cell count, electrolytes, lipid and other elements is carried out. Chest X-ray, electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, and cardiac catheterization may be done. The paediatrician would suggest stoppage of the consumption of Coumadin or other blood thinners at an opportune time prior to the surgery. You child, if subjected to open heart surgery, would have to be kept under the close observation of hospital staff within Intensive Care Unit for a maximum of seven days after the procedure.

Best paediatrician in Abu Dhabi
would also suggest the activities that the child must engage in regularly after surgery to regain vitality and normalcy. Only in the best hospital equipped with state of the art apparatus, your child can avail of cutting edge surgical procedures for optimum health.

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Asthma Treatment Hospital In UAE | Best Pediatrician For Asthma In Abu Dhabi


Asthma is the chronic disease that affects the airway chambers which carry air to your lungs by inhaling and exhaling. If you suffer from Asthma, the airways probably have turned sensitive which made it sore and swollen and eventually it will react fiercely towards the things to you are allergic that airways turn narrow due to heavy irritation which results in insufficient air passage. If you find any symptoms of Asthma in you,visit the best clinic near Abu Dhabi to confirm it. Some of the symptoms of Asthma are:

  • Heavy coughing especially in the night or early morning
  • Wheezing
  • Struggling to inhale air
  • Chest tightness

But even if you suffer these symptoms, it can’t be confirmed that you have Asthma. These all are the signs of probabilities that you may have it. Not everyone who suffers from Asthma shows these symptoms too. Thus you need medical examination so as to confirm it. Examination of lung functioning tests, physical examination, previous medical records etc are mandatory to analyze your condition. Sometimes, it would be sheer allergy. So you can conduct allergy test also. A best clinic in Abu Dhabi helps you to take accurate, sufficient tests.

Asthma is a chronic condition that narrows and inflames the bronchial tubes through which the air is inhaled and exhaled. If you experience shortness of breath quite frequently or hear a whistling sound from the chest each time you breathe, that could be counted as a symptom of Asthma. It will go further worse if the person who has these symptoms is exposed to the allergic things and situations that make it more sensitive.

Occupational Asthma: This occurs when you daily inhale certain gases, dust or other harmful substances on your work place

Childhood Asthma: Children are more prone to Asthma. Most of the children below five years suffer mild Asthma.

Since Asthma interrupts our normal life, it becomes the reason to cause absence from work or school. Asthma could be a result of hereditary. According to WHO, Asthma is due to environmental factors and genetic susceptibility. Sadly, there is no complete cure for Asthma. But you can keep it in control through effective treatments. Visit the best clinic in Abu Dhabi to manage this issue with the help of an allergist.

Usually, Asthma is treated according to the situation. There are quick-relief medicines for the immediate effect and long-term medicines to prevent the symptoms. If your doctor diagnose Asthma, then it’s high time to start the treatments as when the Asthma turns severe, it will result in a serious condition called Asthma attack that needs emergency care.

Asthma can be divided into two types: Allergic and Non-allergic. Allergic Asthma is due to the exposure to an allergen while the non-allergic might be because of stress, illness like cold, fever, weather, certain medicine intake, irritants present in the air etc.

 Management and Treatment

Prevention is the most effective method because, Asthma once occurred, cannot be cured completely. An Asthma patient should be aware of which situations can trigger an irritation, thus s/he can take necessary precautions to prevent it or to completely avoid it. Subjecting yourself to an allergist is a must. Consult the best allergist in UAE so as to get a constant relief. If the quick relief medicines seem insufficient, your doctor will issue long term medicines to eliminate or control the symptoms.

If Asthma is unmanaged or unexamined, it can be deadly. A severe Asthma is a fatal condition. About 3000 people die from Asthma. But if managed well, they can lead the normal life involving in the day-to-day activities without interruption. Many people live accordingly by managing Asthma following the instructions of allergists. So if you recognise the symptoms don’t hesitate to subject yourself to a good doctor in Abu Dhabi and intake the medicines and procedures as instructed by your allergist. In certain cases, mild Asthma could be managed with mere quick relief medicines. Thus attention to your health issues will save you from deadly situations.


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Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment In UAE | Dental Whitening Near Abu Dhabi


Best laser treatment available in Abu Dhabi

The shining crystal white teeth are one thing that everyone adores. Such teeth will enhance the beauty of one’s smile and is even compared to the ever shining beautiful pearl. But various exposures caused to teeth may leave it yellowish or stained despite how neatly you brush. Making use of laser teeth whitening technology, an apparent change could be visible as the product is used in the tooth enamel, not just on the outer surface. With the introduction of laser teeth whitening technology the traditional modes of teeth whitening were now least chosen as laser whitening technology reduces the pain, effort and risk. Besides, it is said to be the easiest and fastest way to acquire whiter teeth. But it’s up to your doctor to decide whether you can perform it or not as product safety and efficacy is indispensable for the better results with zero side effects. However, ensure that you receive the best laser treatment available in Abu Dhabi.

The people who have the habit of drinking too much tea and coffee, smoking habit, chewing pan etc are more likely to have constant yellowish teeth. The frequent use of pan and tobacco will leave filthy stain on your teeth forever that could only be cleaned by a dentist. A demerit to say about this technology is that it is quite expensive compared to the other whitening methods.

Why Laser Treatment?

 With laser teeth whitening technology, risk of developing sensitivity and other irritations are comparatively less. Bleach that has hydrogen peroxide content will be applied to each tooth and the laser generates the sufficient heat making it perfectly function. A strong bleaching gel is enhanced for quick visible result. Lips, gums or any other oral parts won’t be damaged as a result of this. Dentists will give certain precautions to preclude tooth sensitivity such as cheek retractors, application of desensitizing fluoride product or paste, placing soft dams to protect the gums etc. Consult the best dentist in Abu Dhabi for this treatment because precautions are always rightly done by the veterans.

You just need a few visits to the dental clinic since the treatment won’t take more than an hour, you don’t have to spend more time for this treatment and it is least painful too. The cost of treatment may vary but usually higher than all other methods, but the money is reasonable since the benefit of laser treatment is faultless and perfect. But you should choose a best dental clinic in UAE for laser teeth whitening treatment as surety in effectiveness is inevitable in this costly procedure. Often, doctors may suggest a few more treatments along with this so as to accomplish the perfect desired results. After the treatment, it’s up to you to take care of your teeth from future staining and maintain the perfect whiteness that got right after the treatment. Dentists will help you with that by providing bleaching trays to use at home. You have to go through a dental examination before and after the treatment. The laser teeth whitening treatment in UAE is being so popular among the people.

Thus, so as to acquire a fast, visible, desired change with no side effects, laser treatment is the best option rather than using the teeth whitening products available in the market like whitening pens, strips etc if you could afford the treatment charge.

What to do against Sensitivity and Discoloration after Teeth Whitening?

If sensitivity persists after the treatment, you have options in front of you to reduce them. They are:-

  • Use of sensitivity toothpaste: As they are formulated with ingredients such as potassium nitrate which helps to relieve the pain caused by the tooth sensitivity.
  • Constant chewing: This will produce more saliva in the mouth. Saliva has got the ability to heal the oral pain. Try to chew something like chewing gum.
  • Avoid food and beverages that cause stain: Food materials that discolour your teeth should be abandoned or limit the use. Coffee, tea, wine, certain drinks, berries, sauce etc can cause discoloration in the teeth.
  • Quit Smoking and Chewing of pan: Tobacco stains your teeth, cause bad breath and other oral problems. Eliminate smoking in order to maintain the whiteness, hygiene and health of the teeth
  • Use a straw to drink: This will hinder drinking beverages which have stain-causing dyes in it from having contact with the teeth.


Follow these tips to keep your teeth white and healthy. The laser treatment doesn’t make your teeth fight against the discoloration, so it’s very important to maintain the effectiveness. The type of laser treatment will be decided by the dentist and s/he will discuss it with you. Choose the best dentist in UAE to reduce the risk. Most commonly, the argon laser is used for the whitening treatment. The heat and chemicals transmitted by the laser will speed up the chemical reaction which makes the whitening faultless. For the perfect laser teeth whitening treatment in UAE, visit the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi to get the enchanting smile that everyone adores.

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Child Vaccination In Abu Dhabi | Paediatric Clinic Near Abu Dhabi


We all have heard about vaccination. What is a vaccine?In simple words, it is the precaution to artificially produce or increase the immunity which is prepared by microorganisms against a particular disease or health condition.It is extremely important to take vaccination for your child at the suggested periods of their growth as these routinely taken vaccines will protect them from many serious diseases, like measles, tetanus, polio, diphtheria etc.

You need to pay a periodic visit to the suitable Paediatric clinic near Abu Dhabi to preclude the upcoming threats.As a result of the years of vaccination and immunization programs, most of these diseases are now under control which points to the extreme importance of getting vaccination to each child of every country. Before they attend schools, they should have got enough vaccines for their body. As per the famous proverb, prevention is better than cure; but when the cure is hardly possible, the prevention is a must.

Vaccines entered to your body will develop immunity power to fight against the mentioned diseases. There are certain points of time to take vaccination for children; they’ll get the first vaccination at the time of their birth. Next will be when the baby reaches one year old as their body won’t receive measles until one year. Thus vaccinations given before this time will go futile as they won’t work well. The concerned health authorities publish a schedule for childhood vaccines, so the parents could schedule the proper time for vaccination.

Situations which the child shouldn’t be vaccinated

Although the vaccination is pivotal in child’s growth, there are certain occasions where vaccination is hindered. The children who suffer from cancer or particular kind of diseases shouldn’t be vaccinated without doctor’s advice. Those babies will be already under medications which lower the body’s ability to resist infection. If the child’s body reacts worst to the vaccination you need to talk to your Paediatrician and he’ll decide the proper solution for this. Seek the advice from a best Paediatric clinic in Abu Dhabi.

Some vaccinations might cause temporary side effects which are mild and least serious issues like fever, lump under the skin etc that are not serious but you need to talk to your Paediatrician or family doctor to know about side effects of certain vaccines.

 Different types of Vaccinations

Several sorts of vaccines are available in the medical centres. Some of them are:

Flu vaccine, DTaP vaccine, Td vaccine, rotavirus vaccine, IPV vaccine, MMR vaccine, Hib vaccine, varicella vaccine, HBV vaccine, pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, meningococcal conjugate vaccine, HPV vaccine etc are intended to develop immunity against the diseases.

Flu vaccine

Most likely, children are more prone to the complications of flu. This flu vaccine, which is also known as influenza vaccine, could be given as either by shot or nasal spray. However, nowadays the effectiveness of nasal spray during the strong flu seasons is being questioned as it found relatively lesser effective than the shot. The injected vaccine contains elements that look like virus whereas nasal-spray vaccine contains live but weakened viruses. Usually, this vaccine is given at the beginning time of flu season and it is certified that injection is safe for children of 6 months age and older while nasal spray is given to children of 2 years and older. This will be determined by the experts and authorities but don’t fail to give your child the vaccination at the proper period. Visit the best Paediatric clinic in Abu Dhabi so as to get a proper guidance regarding the vaccination.

DTaP vaccine

This vaccine is a special one as this will insert 3 vaccines in one shot and thus protects from serious diseases like diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Diphtheria affects the throat and heart that eventually leads to heart failure and death. Tetanus, also known as lockjaw, causes severe muscle spasms and even death. The Pertussis, known as whooping cough can even cause pneumonia and make it difficult to eat and breathe. Normally, the vaccine against this is a series of five shots. First one is taken when the child is 2 months old and it’ll last until they reach 6 years old.

Hope it is clear, how important role the vaccination has in one’s life. Ignorance in this precaution would spoil a life. Thus keep remembering about your child’s immunization and always seek the advice of the best Paediatrician in UAE to avoid all the ill-health issues. After all, prevention is must when cure is hard.

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Treatment For Childhood Obesity In UAE | Obesity Treatments In Abu Dubai

Follow these Steps to Beat the ObesityObesity is not a good-to-hear topic especially when people are struggling hard to get over it or wish hardly to overcome it. People hate being talked about their obesity. This even leads to the demolishment of confidence as even facing people become harder, especially in a society which has least tolerance towards obesity. There is no contention about the matter that obesity is quite tiresome, not only from the aspect of society but for the proper functioning of the body too it’ll create many predicaments. Though it’s not a good-to-hear topic, it is necessary to know the causes and reasons of obesity as this may help you to defeat that ogre and bring back the healthy body. The best doctor in UAE will help you with necessary tips to follow.

Obesity in Children 

It’s common for both men and women to put on weight after crossing their 30’s. But nowadays, more often, children are seen to come across this issue.  In most cases, this is because of the mere carelessness, disorders in eating habits, excess junk food intake and lack of proper exercise. Obesity in children should be cared with immediate effect as this will end up in many future problems that can even shatter their life-span. Obesity can also cause due to gene, hereditary or other kind of diseases. Thus it’s very important to determine what cause your child’s obesity. Consult a best Paediatrician in Abu Dhabi so as to evaluate the cause and cures for child obesity.

What to do?

  1. Keep them active.
  2. Reduce the use of junk foods to the minimum.
  3. Decorate the healthy food that children prone to reject in an attractive way. For ex: You can create the shapes of cartoon characters and funny faces or heart shapes.
  4. Include leafs, vegetables, fruits, dry fruits etc in your child’s tiffin.

If, despite all these techniques, the child continues to put on weight, subject him/her to the medical attention to make sure the obesity is not the result of any inner body defects.

Obesity in Grown-ups

Obesity is the negative result of the fat composited on certain body parts. If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is between the ranges of 25-30, you are at the stage of overweight. At this stage, through a controlled diet and proper exercise, you can reduce your weight. But if BMI exceeds 30, this is the stage of obesity which requires strict procedures to burn the calories. Here are the most common reasons for obesity. Eliminate it so as to reduce the overweight. Studies show that the more our body acquires fat, the more it becomes difficult to reduce it since the body tends to produce more protein that hinders its natural ability to burn the fat.

1.Excess Calorie intake

Today’s generation is exposed to the food full of calories, carbohydrates and fat. When the nature of food change, those changes became apparent in the body also, since this excess fat couldn’t find an outlet, began to compose in the body parts. The usage of soft drinks, mionice, cheese, potato, red meat etc is excess compared to the previous generation. This will surely reflect in the body

2. A sedentary lifestyle

After the arrival of visual media, people lose interest in outdoor games and activities; besides, the explosion of technological era reduces the human effort with the introduction of machines like washing machine. Calories burn as a result of the physical activities and when it is not done, calories will develop as fat.

3.Lack of Sleep

The lack of proper sleep will affect the health badly and this results in shattering of the entire lifestyle. This cause obesity both in adult and children

4.Intake of Certain Medications

Certain medications cause weight gain. After the course of these prescribed medications, you can bring back the old form as per the advice of your doctor. Consult the best dietician in Abu Dhabi to recover your fitness. Many sorts of therapy are also suggested by doctors so as to fight obesity.


Obesity could be exchanged from generation to generation. The people with hereditary obesity tend to eat a very mediocre amount of food but they get fat for no reason. This is because of the gene they have in them. However, this sort of obesity can also be cured with the best medical help.

Hormonal Imbalances

Instability in hormonal balances will cause sure obesity. Make sure the hormone changes in your body are normal and avoid the edible products available in the markets which contain hormones.

Try these Tips to Reduce Obesity

  •  Calculate your BMI count and make a record of it. Put a near BMI mark to your current mark as a target and continue to do it until the BMI reaches the normal count.
  • Follow healthy eating habits and drink enormous water as this will also help to have the feeling of being full. Always leave gap in your stomach because the fully filled stomach cannot digest properly and gas will develop as a result of this.
  • Stop skipping meals, especially breakfast. Eat regularly, with proper intervals. If you want to have a heavy meal, you can have it in 2, 3 intervals so that it will help the stomach to digest fast.
  • Exercise is an indispensable factor for a healthy and fit body.
  • Avoid the carbohydrate, sugar contained food along with frozen food.
  • Use the natural products to maximum rather than artificial edible food.
  • Intake of vinegar or honey mixed in a glass of water will help to lose the weight. Keep your body hydrated during the diet.
  • Pay a regular medical check-up so as to ensure that things are going in right way.

Moreover, your health is defined by your attitude and lifestyle. Thus keep the stress out of the box and lead a positive life. Visit the best clinic in Abu Dhabi to help you for that.

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Treatment For Common Tooth Injuries | Dental Clinic In Abu Dhabi,UAE

First Aid Tips for Common Tooth Injuries

The tooth is the only part of the body which can’t repair itself. If you break a bone, it’ll heal within months because of its natural ability to rejoin. But teeth lack this special ability, thus you need to consult an endodontist so as to repair ailments regarding the teeth. Injury complaints are so often in children and sportspersons. Normally, sportspersons wear a mouth guard in order to avoid dental injuries. Don’t worry if you accidentally lose your teeth, or other injuries occurred, the dental experts can fix your teeth to the previous form. Consult the best dentist in Abu Dhabi to avail the treatment for injuries and breakages.

Dental Injuries in Sports

Injuries in sports are never rare. Sports is always associated with injuries, thus sports persons are supposed to wear mouth guards to protect themselves from dental injuries. The dentistry concerned with sports injuries covers all the related issues such as the erosive nature of sports drinks, the substance abuse in athletes, lose a part of tooth, injuries happened in the gum etc. It is reported that, of all sports, basketball and baseball playing caused more dental injuries. You should have an idea about the best dental clinics in UAE in case an immediate treatment is indispensable at the moment.

 Avulsed Tooth

The avulsed tooth can be replanted within a few minutes and the body will recognize and start functioning of the tooth as in the previous form, along with, the roots of the same could be reattached. The patient’s age is important in doing this. Push the teeth firmly to the socket but care to give mild pressure as harsh pressing would result in more bleeding. Care to soak the teeth in the saliva but be very cautious about swallowing the teeth accidentally. This replant cannot be successful as the socket may decline the tooth to get attached again. See a dentist as early as possible after taking these measures. Approach the reliable and best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi without further delay. This is about accidental avulsion of tooth and not about baby/primary tooth as doing this to a naturally avulsed primary tooth will affect the permanent tooth which is about to sprout. Also, don’t do this if the tooth is displaced especially when it has moved deeper towards the gum or jaw. Don’t attempt to touch or reposition it instead consult a specialized medical centre in Abu Dhabi as soon as possible. The procedures of treatment should be determined as per the movement of the tooth.

Broken Tooth

Take a good care of the broken teeth. Don’t try to touch it frequently as it may result in the nerve damage. The broken part could be fixed by a dentist using the tooth-coloured bonding materials which won’t augment or look clingy. Collect the lost tooth fragment if possible. This may help the dentist to make use of the same piece for bounding your tooth.

 Tooth Crack

This is more serious than a chip/break as intensive damage might have occurred in the gum. Avoid biting with this tooth and don’t wiggle with it. The cracked tooth is extremely sensitive and cannot stand extra pressure, heat, cold etc. If the crack is too deep that it even extends below the gum or it almost exposes the tooth pulp, the chances are less to retain the tooth. You should rely on your doctor completely to fix this issue.

As cracks in the tooth are more often in children, pay a visit to the Paediatric dental clinic in Abu Dhabi to cure your child’s teeth injury. If the tooth has a crack, the child feels difficulty in chewing or closes the teeth with the pursuing pain. It is important to use the cracked teeth very mildly as biting hard will make it even worse. Never stay long with the cracked teeth. Treat it immediately by approaching a good dentist in Abu Dhabi.

For further tips and suggestions, contact our dentist expert:

 Dr Prathiba Johnz

Adam&Eve Dental Clinic, UAE

Adam & Eve Specialized Medical Centre  General medicine department in UAE aims to be a centre of all medical specialties.

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Child Paediatrician In Abu Dhabi | Paediatric Clinic Near Abu Dhabi

Care for the new born infants

There is nothing in the earth tender than a newborn baby. Since their immune system is weak, that delicate body needs nurture care and extreme attention should be given as infants lack the ability to indicate their needs through gestures. The common issues found in new-born babies are regarding certain skin conditions, throw-ups, infections, constipation, eye infections etc. Breastfeeding is the solution for the normal problems as it’ll provide antibodies to cure the infection. Though in some babies there develop infection despite the breastfeeding. For them, doctors provide special antibiotic treatment which is very effective as infant body accept treatment quickly. Consult the best paediatrician in Abu Dhabi without further delay if u spot the symptoms.

Health Issues

Fever, diarrhoea, spitting up breast milk etc are the most common indications babies show. These can be harmless too, but you must not take the risk of ignoring it as normal or by experimenting self- medicine.  Most commonly, fever, changes in behaviour, constipation etc are the main symptoms of infection. The frequent vomiting could be a sign of infection in the stomach or gastrointestinal problem but diarrhoea could also be the reason.


One of the most famous baby instincts is sleeping in the whole morning and crying out loud amidst of the night.  Usually, parents remain bewildered without knowing what goes wrong. The reason of this wailing can be anything; it may be the sheer sign of whining or an indication that s/he is sick. You can assess the problem through the sound of baby’s cry.

  1. Hunger: Hunger is the usual reason for a baby to cry as it’s his way of indicating s/he is hungry. When the cry starts slowly in a mild volume and ends up in loud screaming, that should probably because of hunger. Normally the child will abruptly accept the food/breast milk if the cry was due to hunger.
  2. Sickness: If you feel the baby’s cry sound quite abnormal, don’t hesitate to bring him to the best child paediatrician in Abu Dhabi. The high pitched, constant abnormal crying is the sign of severe or chronic illness. The crying will stop if only the baby becomes tired and fell into sleep.
  3.  Pain: This is also a loud and high-pitch cry which eventually becomes normal when the pain is settled.
  4.  Attention: If the baby keeps on crying until you pick him up is the attempt for attracting attention towards him/her. This happens out of upset and a craving for cuddling. If not satisfied, the cry will become louder and sharp.
  5. Discomfort: A wet diaper, uncomfortable surface, bad weather, itching etc create discomfort to the babies which end up in frequent crying. Those things will hinder their sleep, thus they feel stressed and fussy.

You should figure out what causes the baby cry despite all the endeavours to soothe him. If abnormality found in crying he should be brought to medical attention. Reach the best Paediatric clinic near Abu Dhabi and ensure the baby’s good health.


There is no other medicine and food better than the breast milk for babies as it is the primary source of nutrition and antibodies. The first six months is the crucial development stage of babies, they should be fed with sufficient breast milk and other complimentary foods. The light yellow breast milk that comes right after the delivery is rich with nutrition, thus it should be given to the baby as this will enhance the resistance capacity of the body and reduce gastrointestinal diseases. Their body is highly in need of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins etc as while in the womb, it has been received through their mother’s food so far. This should be balanced with the breastfeeding.

The new born baby has already gone through various screenings and assessments while he was born in order to check the normality of heart beat rate, breathing, muscle strength, weight etc. You have to bring your baby for frequent check-ups and screenings as a baby’s body is delicate and prone to infections. Take the baby to a child Paediatrician in Abu Dhabi on a monthly basis or on recommended intervals.

Reach our acknowledged Paediatrician Dr. Shajahan Mohammed to know more.

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Dental Clinic In Abu Dhabi | Top 7 Reasons of Toothache -AESMC

Know the Top 7 Reasons of Toothache

Teeth checkup at dentist’s office

The search for the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi has never been so rare. Most of us have visited a dentist at least once in our life with an aching tooth. Apparently, you may not know what goes wrong with the teeth even if it aches severely. The reason could be anything that can be solved by an endodontist. Let’s have a look at what causes minor to severe toothaches.

1.  Cavities

We know cavities as the holes formed in the teeth. But how many of us know that, it is the result of tooth decay, a process that happens over time? Cavities treatments in UAE are capable to hit upon a permanent cure for this issue. Still, you can preclude it’s occurrences through immediate precautions. The frequent acidic element encounters and exposures to the teeth may end up in cavities. The excess intake of sugar and starch leads the enamel to lose minerals. In the primary stage, it is seen as a white spot which is the sign of an early decay. At this point, the decay could be spotted and precluded before getting worsened as the enamel has the capability of retrieving the minerals from saliva or from other sources. But if not hindered, the decay process continues to form cavities which are permanent and cause heavy pain. At the last stage, it needs to be repaired by a dentist who uses appropriate fillings to fix the cavities. Find the best treatment for cavities near UAE as the mere symptom itself should be considered cautious.

2.   Crack /Damage

The constant pressure caused to the teeth through the biting, chewing, grinding (bruxism) and jaw clenching would flag the teeth. A pursuing pain could be felt followed to it. In the initial stage, it seems as thin lines and later, it’ll turn to chips, cracks and even fractures that make the teeth nerves apparent on view.

3. Tooth/Gum Abscess

If you find an infection or something similar in or around the tooth, know that it is the tooth condition called tooth abscess which often can be very painful. When the soft tissue which is called as pulp of the teeth decays and become inflamed, it would result in tooth/gum abscess. You’ll start to feel difficulty in chewing as the bone around the tooth aches severely while the gum also begins to swell. The harsh brushing done around this area can also trigger gum recession. Never hesitate to consult the best dentist in Abu Dhabi if you suspect an abscess; delaying always worsen the condition. Usually, dentists recommend root canal treatment or endodontic surgery for tooth abscess.

4.   Enamel Erosion

Enamel erosion is the result of various reasons. The exposure to the excess quantity of phosphoric or citric acid through consuming a high level of soft drink products, reaction of certain medicines like aspirin, lack of saliva, intake of food containing excess sugar and starch level, gastrointestinal problems etc are some among them. As enamel has no living cells, it lacks the capability of healing itself. Thus it is essential to reach a clinic for dental treatment in Abu Dhabi so as to cure the ailments.

5. Loose, Old, or Lost Fillings

The peeling off of tooth fillings, performed a long time ago would trigger the past decay again.  The food particles will be composed in these pits; eventually, bacteria develop in it which causes irritation and pain. Reach for the best treatment near UAE to redeem the fillings to the previous form.

6. Recently Completed Dental Treatment.

The dental procedures that were just completed leave a short-term pain and temporary sensitivity may occur as a result of the inflamed pulp tissues. It requires mere time to heal.

7.  Other Periodontal Diseases

Other Periodontal diseases such as Gingivitis, aggressive periodontitis, chronic periodontitis etc also create toothaches. Consult the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi to figure out the main reason of your dental issue instead of arriving at self-made conclusions. The cause and cure should be determined with the professional help, so seek the help of best dentists in UAE and heal your pain!



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Best Paediatric Clinic In Abu Dhabi | Dr.Shajahan Mohammed – AESMC

How to Manage Feeding and Swallowing Disorders in Children?

Children are naturally reluctant in having nutritious food, it is already a herculean task to feed infants or children; besides, what if there develop eating disorders in child along with it? Feeding disorders are the problems while fetching food items to chew, taste or swallow it. If you see your child finding difficulty in holding the food inside mouth, or cannot properly close the lips when food tends to fall out or any other difficulties in chewing, sucking and swallowing, you’ll need to take him/her to the best paediatric clinic in Abu Dhabi as they are the primary symptoms of feeding/swallowing disorders.

What is Feeding/Swallowing Disorder?

Swallowing disorders, called as ‘Dysphagia’ can occur in any three stages of swallowing process. In the oral phase, the child would have apparent difficulties in chewing and moving food into the throat, whereas in Pharyngeal phase, the problem occurs while starting the swallowing and squeezing of food down to the throat. They might not be able to direct the food into the food tube which leads the food/liquid to enter in the aspiration air way, thus resulting in choking. While in the Esophageal phase, the tightening and relaxing of top and bottom of the food tube in the throat wouldn’t function properly and passing the squeezed food through this tube will be difficult for them. Reach the Paediatrician in UAE to know which stage of disorder the child suffers.

Identify the symptoms

A wide range of body issues is identified as the symptoms of feeding disorders. Not all these signs are apparent in every baby. Some of those symptoms are: difficulty in coordinating breathing, chewing and swallowing of food, bending or making the body stiff while feeding, irritation and lack of attention in the eating process, gruffly voice of breathing, coughing and choking during eating, constant refusal of food, frequent tendencies to spit and throw up the food/liquid, improper weight/growth etc are some of the mentioned symptoms. The whole results of this issue are dehydration, lack of nutrition, chances for chronic lung disease and so on. Thus don’t hesitate to consult the best Paediatrician in Abu Dhabi if you find any of the mentioned symptoms in your baby.

Find out the causes

The nervous system disorders such as meningitis, cerebral palsy etc and gastrointestinal conditions like ‘short gut’ syndrome could cause the swallowing disorders. Besides various health conditions like heart disease, autism, respiratory difficulties, the airway tube ailments, muscle weakness etc are some of the main causes of this problem. This is why it is important to consult a paediatrician as they diagnose the issue on the basis of your child’s postures, medical status, nutritional sufficiency etc by assessing the specialised test conducted to evaluate swallowing. Primarily, they assess the muscle strength, eating behaviours and oral movements of the child during eating and conduct tests if needed. Through ‘Barium meal test’, the child will be directed to eat food with barium in it for examining the swallowing process on X-ray. In the Endoscopic assessment test, a lighted scope is extended through the nose of the child. Leave it to your doctor to decide the suitable treatment. However, this is a curable condition and apparent change could be seen in the food intake after the treatment as they ensure the swallowing process become normal by observing it on a screen.

How to Root out the Issue?

 This issue can be sorted out with the help of a Paediatrician near to you; follow the expert’s instructions and recommendations for sustaining the constant effect of the feeding therapy. In the feeding therapy, the endeavours to make the muscles of the mouth stronger, improve chewing, sucking and swallowing of food, increase tongue movement as well as drinking ability, enhance the intake of different foods and liquids, to ensure safety in swallowing by altering the food texture and thickness etc are some of the implemented techniques.

Consult our acknowledged Paediatrician:

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Dental Hospitals In Abu Dhabi | Cosmetic Dentistry Near Abu Dhabi


Everybody dream of a beautiful smile. You can make your dream come true with the help of cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry offers various procedures to improve your smile despite how intricate the problem is. People now a day are beyond Hollywood smile and the Hollywood smile is now easily attainable in Abu Dhabi. You don’t have to worry about side effects or negative effect if it is done by a veteran expert. It can make good drastic changes in your overall appearance. Know more about the dental clinics in Abu Dhabi which is best in the dental cosmetic treatment and enhancement. Here enlist the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures.


Crown, also known as caps, covers the tooth to attain normal shape and appearance of the tooth. Its effect is long-lasting though it is a bit time-consuming. Normally it is used when other procedures seem helpless.  Consult a good dentist in Abu Dhabi to know more about crowning.


Veneers are the small parts of plastic or porcelain, placed over the front teeth. It is an alternative of Crowning but more expensive than it. The misshaped, discoloured or unevenly spaced teeth will look normal with this procedure.


This method helps to eliminate yellowish teeth and other discolorations or stains thus resulting in an attractive and winsome smile. Bleaching has become a traditional method with the entry of Laser Teeth Whitening. Today dentist in Abu Dhabi suggests laser teeth whitening as because it is pain-free and less time consuming.


The bonding process is to fill a material to fill the gaps in the teeth which is exactly of teeth colour. Afterwards, it’ll look like a normal tooth by concealing the defects. The most favourable advantage of this process is that it requires only a single visit to your dentist but lasts its effect for a long time. Don’t worry if your tooth is slightly decayed or looks clingy. Through bonding, the teeth will appear normal.

Contouring and Reshaping

The contouring and reshaping procedure is also for similar problems mentioned before. In a single session, this procedure helps to correct the crooked teeth, teeth of irregular space (or overlapped teeth) and other similar defects. Usually, this method is used to enhance the length, position or shape of your teeth. A desired bewitching smile can be acquired in ‘one-go.’ It is practised after initial inspection about teeth health, size and location of the pulp etc by studying the X-ray report to make sure whether the teeth can support the changes.

To know which procedure you need to enhance the beauty of your smile, consult a good dentist in Abu Dhabi who can let you take the right choice of decision. The treatment will be based on the condition of your teeth and the budget you can afford.

In Abu Dhabi, Dental Jewellery also has become a popular trend along with cosmetic dentistry. Whether for cosmetic dentistry or jewellery, ensure to accomplish it with the help of a veteran dentist in Abu Dhabi so as to ensure the safety and to avoid risks. Visit Abu Dhabi Dental clinic for any sort of desired enhancement and beautification.

Let that winsome smile be yours…

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