Is It Safe To Fly With An Ear Infection?  

Ear Infection treatment - ENT clinic in Abu Dhabi

Most of the people experience some sort of discomfort in their ears while flying. This popping or mild pain in the ears is very common and a result of the change in air pressure during accent and descent of the plane. There is nothing to worry about the same, and if the pain becomes more, you can always take certain precautions like putting cotton in the ears before takeoff and landing, etc. There is absolutely nothing dangerous about the same, and hence nothing to worry about or get scared about. However, if you are having an ear infection, then flying can prove to be extremely dangerous.

It is imperative that you visit a medical clinic in Abu Dhabi, get your ear infection checked, and only if the doctor gives you the permission to fly, should you take the risk of flying with an ear infection.  Due to the ear infection, the Eustachian tubes get blocked and as a result of this, the normal pain that we experience during flying turns into an excruciating and unbearable pain. This pain can cause permanent damage to the ears.

Common Symptoms Experienced When Flying With An Ear InfectionEar infection treatment in Abu Dhabi

The usual pain that you experience while flying is present as it is, due to the change in the cabin pressure, and thanks to the ear infection, the level and degree of this pain is enhanced manifold. This increased pain can make you feel and experience the following symptoms:

  • You can start to experience a sense of vertigo.
  • The vertigo will cause vomiting and nausea.
  • The pressure on the ears will increase significantly and the pain will become unbearable.
  • This can also sometimes lead to Tinnitus.
  • You will experience a ringing in the ears.
  • In some cases the discomfort, pain and pressure on the ears can increase to such levels that you may end up with a permanent hearing loss.

Reasons For Blockage Of Eustachian TubesReason for Ear Infection

There are many different sorts of ear infections and reasons which can cause the Eustachian tube to get blocked and cause the pain in the ears. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • A simple cold can cause this tube to get blocked and prove to be dangerous for your ears when flying.
  • Sinus infections are another common reason for the blockage of these tubes.
  • Nasal allergies or blockages can affect the ears and its tubes as well.
  • Many different types of ear infections.
  • In the case of children, the structure of the Eustachian tube is small and straight. As a result of this, the drainage of the fluid through the tubes is a little difficult and hence, when flying with children, one needs to be extra cautious and careful.

Symptoms Of A Ruptured EardrumSymptoms of ear infection

While the eardrum does not get ruptured every time a person travels with an ear infection, however, it is important to understand here that the chances of the same happening increase significantly. Below is a list of symptoms which you will notice if your eardrum does indeed get ruptured during flying:

  • There will be drainage from the ears. This drainage can either be clear or bloody.
  • Pus will start coming out of the ears.
  • The earache you will experience will be beyond your toleration powers.
  • There will be a continuous noise or ringing in your ears.
  • Your hearing ability will get affected immediately.
  • You will start to feel dizzy.
  • Facial weakness may also be experienced by you.

Precautions To Take When Flying With An Ear Infection

If it is not possible to avoid flying with an ear infection, then you need to take the following precautions:

Visit A Medical Center Abu DhabiBefore actually board the plane, pay a visit to your personal physician or any medical center near Abu Dhabi. The doctor will check and examine your infection and determine whether the same is caused by a bacteria or a virus. If the infection is caused by some bacteria, the doctor will be able to prescribe you some antibiotics, which will help you with the treatment of the infection and keep you safe in the flight as well. The doctor will also be able to suggest you the use of some decongestants before and after the flight, which will help in relieving the pressure on the ears.

Chewing GumsThis works in the normal circumstances, and while it may not be very effective when travelling with an ear infection, still it does help in opening the Eustachian tubes, and hence should be tried while flying.

YawningThis is another trick which helps in opening the Eustachian tubes. In fact, yawning is considered to be more effective than chewing gums or swallowing.

Your health should be your primary concern, and hence you should try to avoid flying with an ear infection under all circumstances.

Reasons For Hearing Loss

Treatment for hearing loss

After a certain age, our hearing ability reduces. This is very common in most of the people all over the world. Almost 50% of the people above the age of 65 suffer from some degree of hearing loss. This is not something to worry about. However, there are many young individuals who suffer from hearing loss, and this is a matter of concern. What makes this problem even more scary is the fact that in most of the cases, reversing this hearing loss is not possible. Therefore, once you lose your hearing power, there is a very big possibility that you may have to spend the rest of your life without the same.

The first in getting treatment for a problem is to know that a problem exists. Hence, it is important that before you head towards a medical centre Abu Dhabi, you should know when you are experiencing any sort of hearing difficulties. Some of the common symptoms that you should look out for in this regard are as follows:

  • Speech and other sounds around you start to appear muffled.
  • When sitting in a crowd, if you find it difficult to understand words, it may be a cause of worry.
  • If you have any trouble listening to consonants.
  • If you need to request other people to speak a little slower, louder or clearly, you may have to get your hearing ability checked.
  • If you feel the need to increase the volume of your television set or radio above the normal levels.

There are many reasons for this hearing loss to occur. Some of these reasons have been discussed below:

Inherited Hearing LossHearing loss treatment

The genetic traits passed down by your parents may be responsible for your hearing problems. Inherited hearing loss can be of many different types like conductive, sensorineural or a mixture of both. There are more than 400 known genetic syndromes which can cause this inherited hearing loss. Some of the common syndromes include Waardenburg syndrome, Branchiootorenal syndrome, Stickler syndrome, Usher syndrome, Pendred syndrome, Alport syndrome, etc. This problem occurs slowly over a long period of time, and by the time it does occur, often it gets confused with age related hearing loss.

Aging Hearing LossHearing care centre in Abu Dhabi

This problem is also known as Presbycusis and occurs as the age of a person increases. The hearing ability lost under this condition is generally permanent in nature and cannot be reversed under any circumstances.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Exposure to loud noises on a continuous basis for a very long time is the primary cause for this type of hearing loss. The loud noises can be of any type like construction work noises, traffic noises, loud music, etc. While in the early stages, this type of hearing loss is temporary in nature, and moving away from exposure to loud noises can help in regaining the hearing ability, however, if the exposure continues on a chronic basis, then the results can be damaging on a permanent level.

Illness Related Hearing Loss

There are many different diseases and ailments which can result in hearing loss. There are many diseases, the treatment of which can affect the hearing ability of a person. the two most common diseases which result in hearing problems are as follows:

  • Otosclerosis – The tiny bones in the middle of the ear get affected by this disease and cause conductive hearing loss. A simple surgery can help in reversing the effect of this disease.
  • Meniere’s disease – While the causes of this disease are still not known, one of the biggest symptoms of the same includes loss of hearing power.

Unilateral Hearing LossUnilateral Hearing loss

In this case, the hearing in only one ear gets affected. Only when a person tries to hear sounds from that ear does he or she face any problems, while the other ear performs perfectly. There are many reasons for this unilateral hearing loss, which is also commonly known as single sided deafness. Some of those reasons include the following:

  • Some sort of trauma to the ear, which is experiencing hearing loss.
  • Autoimmune ear diseases can also cause loss of hearing power in one ear.
  • A single ear getting exposed to a lot of noise.
  • It can also be a result of some genetic or hereditary condition.
  • Infection in a single ear can cause damage to that particular ear only.

Head Trauma And Tumors

A tumor like acoustic neuroma can cause loss of hearing. This sort of loss is generally temporary in nature and once the tumor has been treated, the hearing ability can return fully.

It is very important that the medical clinic Abu Dhabi first determines the exact cause of hearing loss in you. The best clinic Abu Dhabi  will decide on the course of treatment on the basis of the reason for loss of hearing only.

Treating Running Nose in Infants and Kids

Running Nose tip | Running Nose treatment Clinic UAE

Whenever the weather changes or the temperature dips, you know what’s coming! Yes! It is the start of sneezing, coughing and runny nose season.

Most of the babies catch about 4-10 times cold before their first birthday, as their immune system is still developing. And, there is no way to prevent cold. The baby’s immune system is weak and fragile and that makes them more vulnerable to illness. For some babies, it may seem like they have a constantly running nose. However, this is perfectly normal and may just be the result of the baby having subsequent cold virus infection.

Once your baby starts showing symptoms of cold, you must get alert. Identify the signs and know when it’s best to call a doctor. You must contact a medical professional like a paediatrician. You must be aware of a good paediatrician in Abu Dhabi. He will give the perfect medical care for infants and kids who have short-term or long-term sickness. Paediatric clinic in Abu Dhabi are also involved with prevention, early detection and management of other infant-health problems as well.

So, what are the early symptoms and important signs that your baby might have a cold? The most common symptoms are

  1. Sneezing, coughing, irritated or watery eyes.
  2. Congestion in the chest and nose.
  3. Clear nasal discharge that gradually thickens or turns green over a few days.
  4. And a low grade fever as well.

So, how do you treat these symptoms and give your baby the healthy time that they deserve?

Treatment for running nose in infants and kids             

You must ensure to keep your baby’s nasal passage as clear as possible. Besides that, there are some other steps that you must follow to treat you baby’s running nose.

  • Wipe visible mucousRunning Nose Tips | Wipe Visible Mucous

Wiping away visible mucous will help your baby a lot. This would make your baby free from any kind of nasal irritation. It also helps them to keep clean and tidy. However, you must ensure that you moisturize your baby’s nose to prevent it from drying because of constant wiping.

  • Provide enough fluids

You must ensure that you provide enough fluids to your baby as it facilitates in thinning the mucus in the baby’s nasal passage.

  • Continue BreastfeedingRunning Nose tip | Healthy Brest feeding

If your baby is still in the habit of breastfeeding, it is advisable for you to continue doing so. This is because the breast milk gives a boost to baby’s immune system.

  • Keep the baby coveredRunning Nose tip | Keep your baby covered

You must keep the baby in a warm and humid atmosphere and cover their exposed body parts well. Doing so will help in clearing the nasal passages of your baby.

  • Be in touch with a paediatrician

There is nothing better than being in regular contact with a well-known Paediatrician. They work closely with families and their knowledge can help you raise your kids into healthy individuals. There are best paediatric hospitals in ABU DHABI with experienced Paediatricians and specialty care for children of all ages.

  • You can try Home Remedies

There are certain home remedies that can help you in treating your baby’s running nose. These are some easy steps that you can carry out at your home.

  1. Try saline (saltwater) drops.
  2. You can place a rolled up towel under the baby’s shoulder, so you can gently tilt the head back a little to make sure the drops get up into the nose.
  3. Gentle love taps on baby’s back can help ease chest congestion. It loosens mucus in the chest and makes it easier for the baby to cough it up.

When should a parent take a child to the doctor?

You should carefully monitor the improvements in your child’s health. If your baby’s cold is not getting any better or is worsening, you must not delay any further and seek immediate assistance from your doctor. Check for certain symptoms like difficulty in breathing, fast breathing or other symptoms that are likely to point towards pneumonia. It is advisable not to try any kind of self medication in such cases as they may worsen the situation of the child. So, you must always consult a doctor or a paediatrician if your child’s health is not getting any better.

Therefore, it is utmost important to take care of your child’s health during problematic months of the year. Most of us spend the winter trying to stay warm and we must ensure that our children are warm too. It is normal to have a snotty or running nose for any baby.  But, we must ensure that the infection doesn’t spread and the running nose should not continue for a long time.

It is recommended to be in regular touch with a specialist paediatrician, because being under guidance for our little one’s is also important. Follow the above steps and ensure a healthy time for your loving baby!

Manage Blood Pressure And Improve Heart Health

Heart diseases Treatment Abu Dhabi

If you are a patient of high blood pressure, the chances of you suffering from a heart failure increase substantially. The relationship between your heart and the blood is similar to that between your muscles and weights. The more weights that you lift, the bigger your muscles will grow. Same is the case with the heart. The blood pressure in this case is the weight, which our heart is supposed to lift. As the blood pressure increases, the weight that the heart is expected to lift also increases, and the heart becomes bigger and thicker. However, unlike in the case of muscles, which by lifting weights tend to grow in size and become stronger, in the case of the heart, the increased size and thickness of the same is not a good sign. A thick heart is at a much higher risk of a heart failure. You can end up having a heart attack or a stroke.

There is another way of understanding the harmful effect that high blood pressure can have on your heart. The elevated levels of blood pressure mean extra work for the heart, and this overload of work causes a lot of stress on the heart muscles. This stress eventually leads to the enlargement of the heart and starts to affect the working capabilities of the same. As the heart becomes more and more tired, it will start to perform its functions slower and slower leading to various heart related problems.

High Blood Pressure Results In Atherosclerosis

All of the above discussed pressure and damage caused due to high blood pressure affects the arteries, which serve the heart, to become narrower in size. The size of the arteries reduces due to the accumulation of fat, cholesterol and various other substances. All these substances that get accumulated in the arteries are known as Plaque, and this entire process is called atherosclerosis. Once atherosclerosis sets in, the chances of blood clots forming increase. Eventually, these arteries can get blocked completely, either due to the accumulation of the plaque or due a blood clot formed due to the presence of the plaque. With these arteries blocked, the blood supply to the heart stops, and the heart becomes deprived of both oxygen and its required nutrients. This depravation can cause the heart muscles to fail, eventually leading to heart attacks and the death of the person.

In fact, high blood pressure and thick heart can eventually lead to kidney failure and vision impairment as well. Therefore, if you want to keep your heart and your various other organs safe and healthy, you need to make sure that your blood pressure levels are kept under control at all times.

Besides taking the medicines available in the market, against doctor prescription only, for keeping your blood pressure under control, there are many other changes in your lifestyle that you will have to make for the safety of your heart. Some of the ways in which the blood pressure can be kept within the safe limits, are as follows:

Regular ExercisingBlood pressure management through regular exercising

Depending on your physical condition, and your stamina levels, you can choose to do moderate or intensive exercising. No matter what form of exercise you choose, it is important that in a week’s time, you end up doing at least a minimum of 150 minutes workout.

Keep Your Weight In CheckBlood pressure management through weight control

Your weight can be a big reason for high blood pressure, and as soon as you lose a little weight, your blood pressure automatically comes down to the normal prescribed limits. Therefore, consult with a dietitian, and follow a healthy and a nutritious diet plan in order to reduce your weight.

Salt Is Your Enemy

No food can taste good without salt, but if you are a patient of high blood pressure, this same salt can be your biggest enemy. Salt increases the blood pressure levels, and therefore, reduce the amount of salt that you put in your cooked food, and make sure that you do not add any more salt to the food when on the table. Towards this end, you also need to reduce the consumption of processed food items, since they contain very high salt levels.

Drinking Is BadBlood pressure management - Drinking is bad

I am not talking about water here. Drink as much water as possible, but if you consume alcohol on a regular basis, you need to reduce your intake of the same. You do not need to stop drinking completely, although that would be amazing, but if you want to continue drinking, you will have to do so responsibly from now on. In the case of men, the consumption of alcohol on a daily basis should not exceed 3 to 4 units per day, and in the case of women, the limit is set at 2 to 3 units per day.

Do Not Miss Your Medicines And Regular Checkups

You cannot stop eating medicines on your own, nor can you increase the dose of the same without consulting with the doctor. You need to regularly monitor your blood pressure and if the same is fluctuating a lot, or is not coming under control with the current medicines, immediately contact your doctor and get new medicines prescribed. Take the medicines prescribed without fail.

Coping With Depression And Anxiety

Depression And Anxiety Treatment

People all over the world have finally started to understand and recognize depression and anxiety as major health issues. People have become aware of the dire consequences that can happen if these problems are left unchecked. However, the big concern with regards to depression and anxiety remain that they are difficult to identify in the early stages, and by the time that people do understand that they are suffering from this problem, often it is already too late.

Hence, the first and the most important thing that one needs to do in order to cope with this problem of depression and anxiety is to recognize the early signs of the same. Some of the most common signs of depression include:

  • Feeling tired all the time and loss of energy on a daily basis.
  • Feeling guilty and worthless about yourself.
  • Inability to take decisions and loss of concentration.
  • Excessive sleeping or insomnia.
  • Reduced interest level in almost all the activities in life.
  • Feeling restless all the time.
  • Having thoughts about suicide or death.
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain.

If you notice the following signs in your life, you need to make some immediate corrective changes in your lifestyle.

Lifestyle Changes For Coping With Depression And AnxietyDepression Anxiety treatment in Abu Dhabi

  • Take some time out of your daily life and relax yourself. The depression can be the result of excessive work pressure, and by simply doing a little yoga, meditation, listening to music or other such simple activities, for relaxing your mind and body, can help you come out of your depression.
  • Skipping meals is never good. A well balanced and healthy diet will keep your energy levels up and increase your interest levels in the activities around you.
  • Reduce consumption of intoxicating items like alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • Even if you are unable to, try to get a good night’s sleep. You can take the help of medicines for this purpose.
  • Start walking and exercising.
  • Practice long inhale and exhale breathing to let go of some of those negative energies and thoughts inside of you.
  • To calm your nerves, count till 10 or 20 or till as long as you do start to get that sense of calmness inside you.
  • Do not expect yourself to be perfect all the time. Just do your best, and leave the rest to god and destiny.
  • Accept the fact that it is not possible to control everything in life. Learn the art of simply letting go.
  • Read and listen to jokes. Humor is the best cure for depression and anxiety.
  • Get involved in other activities like community service. By helping others, you would feel good about yourself and this will help you come out of your depression.
  • Do not hesitate or feel shy in talking to someone and asking them for help.

If, even after making the above changes in your lifestyle, you do not feel that you are able to come out of your depression or cope with your anxiety levels, it’s time for you to get proper medical help and guidance.

Professional Help In Coping With Depression And AnxietyDepression And Anxiety Treatment in Abu Dhabi

There are various ways in which a professional doctor will help you in dealing with your depression. Some of the medical ways of dealing with this problem include the following:

Talk Therapy: Depression therapy in Abu DhabiBy simply talking to you, and giving you an opportunity to openly share your feelings and thoughts, these therapists help you gradually come out of your depression. They use various techniques like cognitive behavior therapy, where they teach you how to adjust your thoughts with your actions, Interpersonal therapies, to help you communicate better and release all your pent up feelings and problem solving therapy, where they teach you how to cope and manage your problems.

Medicines: The doctor would prescribe you with antidepressant drugs, which prove effective in dealing with both depression as well as anxiety disorders. There are many medicines that are available these days for this problem. However, you need to share all your symptoms with the doctor, so that he is able to correctly decide which medicine would be best for your specific case.

Group Therapies: You are not the only one suffering from this problem. There are many other people who suffer from depression and anxiety. There are support groups present for such people, and by attending these meetings, you would know how others are dealing with their situation and this can inspire you to manage your depression and anxiety in a better manner.

Family Counseling: Often the cause of depression is family problems or lack of support of family. By choosing to go in for family counseling sessions, you will be able to work things out with your family. Besides this, even if you have no issues with your family, family counseling is required to teach them and guide them about how they can lend their support to you, so that you are able to come out of your depression faster.

Beware Of Allergies In Winter Season

Winter Allergies care in Abu Dhabi | UAE

The fun of the winter season can soon turn into a pain, if the winter allergies hit you. There are so many winter allergies, which are even worse than the summer allergies. The worst part is that most of the people assume these winter allergies to a common cold and end up ignoring them, till the time that they aggravate to such a level that they become a major health crisis.

It is, therefore, extremely important to understand the difference between a simple cold and winter allergies, and accordingly get the treatment for the same. Some of the points of difference, which can help you in knowing whether you are suffering from a simple cold, or have been affected by the winter allergies are as follows:

  • The biggest difference between the two is their duration. While a common cold will get cleared away in a matter of 3 to 4 days, the allergies persist for the entire season.
  • In the case of a cold, you will get nasal secretion which will be discolored. While in the case of allergies, your nasal secretion would be clear and watery in nature.
  • Chills and body aches are generally a part of a common cold. On the other hand, in the case of allergies, you will experience itchy eyes and throat.

Some of the most common causes of winter allergies are as follows:

Pet DanderPet Dander Winter Allergies

Besides us, even are pets feel cold in the winter season, and therefore, prefer to spend most of their inside the warmth of the house rather than playing out in the cold. This means that throughout the day, the dander from your pets, which is basically the skin that comes off from the furry animals, will collect inside the house all through the day. This dander can cause many allergies. I will never suggest that you get rid of your pets during the winter season, but surely, you can try to keep them away from your furniture and try to clean your house as often as possible so as to not allow the dander and the dust to settle in the house.

MoldMold Allergy in Winter

Mold is a very common type of fungus. This fungus can be found both inside the house as well as on the outside, and can lead to coughing, sneezing and in some cases skin rashes and irritations as well. A warm and damp environment is required by mold to grow and thrive. Since this environment is not available outside during the winter season, the mold ends up growing inside, in the warmth offered by your homes. Regular cleaning of the house and the use of dehumidifier to reduce the moisture content inside the house are ways to make your home an unwelcome place for the mold to grow.

PollenPollen In Winter Allergies

The problem of pollen is not a winter problem as such, but what makes it important in this discussion is that during the winter season, most of us a getaway to a warm place and this is where you can come in contact with the problem of pollen. The best way to keep yourself safe from these allergens is to consult a doctor before travelling and take the necessary steps and medicines for protecting your health and the health of your family from the harmful effects of the pollen.

If you are a patient of asthma, the winter season can be very painful for you. Even if you do not suffer from asthma, sometimes due to winter allergies, you can start to experience problems in breathing, wheezing problems and dryness in the lungs and many other problems are the common result of these winter allergies. There are many steps that should be taken during the winter season to stop yourself from getting exposed to the winter allergies.

  • It is extremely important to keep your house and office clean during the winter season. There should be absolutely no dust in your house.
  • The bedding should be changed on a weekly basis. The dirty bedding should be cleaned in hot water to kill all the germs and infections present on the same.
  • You can even consider buying the special bedding’s which have been made hypo allergic. These will prevent the allergies from accumulating on them, and thus keep you safe.
  • Humidity provides the perfect environment for allergies to thrive in, and hence, make use of a dehumidifier to keep the humidity levels in your home under check.
  • Water is the best solution for all health problems, and during the winter season too, you need to drink a lot of water in order to keep yourself hydrated from within.
  • To get some sort of relief from nasal congestion, use saline solutions only.

If, in spite of all of your above efforts, the winter allergies still manage to catch on to you, immediately contact your doctor, and get proper medicines and treatments prescribed for yourself to stay fit and healthy during this season.

How Your Child Can Benefit From Building A Long Term Relationship With Pediatrician

Family Pediatrician in UAE

Parents are the most important people in the life of a child. Close after comes the role of a pediatrician. Parents understand the pain that their child is going through, but very often they are unable to provide a solution for the problems of their children. At these times, it is a good pediatrician Abu Dhabi who comes to the rescue and makes sure that whether the child is facing health issues or is dealing with mental or emotional challenges, they provide the child with the necessary help and guidance in all such circumstances.

Finding a good pediatrician in Abu Dhabi who would be able to take of your child in all situations is difficult, and therefore once you have managed to find a pediatrician in UAE who understands your child, and your child feels comfortable with, it is very important, for the benefits of your child, as well as yourself, that you form a long term relationship with the pediatrician. This pediatrician should become like a family member for you.

For all those parents who still do not believe that building a long term relationship with a good pediatric specialist is necessary for their child, below are a few benefits that your child and you will enjoy, and which will convince you about having a good relationship with a pediatrician:

Your Child Needs To Feel Comfortable With His Or Her DoctorPaediatrician in UAE

It is a very common saying that one should never hide anything from his or her doctor or lawyer. The practical significance of the same is understood by us once we grow old, but even as a child, it is important for us to understand that our doctor is our best friend and we need to share everything, every pain, and every anxiety that we may be feeling inside us. However, explaining this to a child can be extremely daunting and challenging. However, a good pediatrician spends time with the child and develops a bond or friendship with the same. As a result of this, the child feels absolutely comfortable sharing everything with the doctor. However, if you keep changing your pediatrician at Abu Dhabi often, your child will not be able to establish this connection or comfort with his or her pediatrician, and thus, will end up hiding the problems, and never get the problem treatment. Hence, instead of switching between pediatricians, try to find one good pediatrician and build a long term relationship with him or her.

Better Understanding Of The Behaviours Of Your ChildPediatric Care Specialists

There are so many emotional and physical turmoils that a child goes through, which he or she is unable to understand and express. It becomes the responsibility of the parents and the other adults in his or her life to understand the child’s behavior and know when the child needs help. A pediatrician, who has been with your child since birth, or for a very long time, would have this sort of understanding about your child’s behavior and would help be in a better position to help your child.

Aware Of Medical History

In spite of the fact that all medical treatments are recorded online and on computers these days, and when you switch between pediatricians, you would be provided with copies of your child’s past treatment and medical history, yet there is always the risk of important details getting lost in transport. Your child may have certain allergies to certain medicines or foods, which the new pediatrician would not know, your child might be scared of needles or the clinics and hence needs a special way to convince him or her for the treatment, and many other small details about the medical history of a child have a major impact on their future treatment. When you decide to stick to a single pediatrician Abu Dhabi for a long time, he or she would be aware of the entire comprehensive medical history of your child, and thus the chances of any mistakes in the treatment would reduce considerably, and you can expect only the best and the most suitable treatments to be provided to your baby.

Planning Future Medical CarePediatric healthcare in Abu Dahbi

When you build a long term relationship with the pediatrician Abu Dhabi of your child, the pediatrician Abu Dhabi also starts to take a personal interest in the care and future of your baby. While it is not possible to predict what will happen exactly in the future, but based on the current health and physical and mental levels of the child, the pediatrician is able to give you informed guidance about the way you should go about planning the future medical care of your child. You not just able to get the right medical insurance and investment plans for your child, but with the help of your pediatric Abu Dhabi, you are also able to choose the school which matches the mental capabilities of your child, and select other resources which will help the development of your child in the future.

The Benefits Of A Bright Smile On Your Face

Benefits of bright smile

One of the first things that we notice about a person is his or her smile. If the person does not smile at you in the first meeting, the chances of your liking the person diminish automatically. People who do not smile often or who have a crooked smile end up making a bad impression on other people, and are generally considered to be rude, unfriendly and sometimes even evil. Our smile is the most important part of our personality and offers us numerous benefits, besides making us look pretty and attractive.

Some of the benefits that you, me and everyone enjoys thanks to a bright smile on our faces are as follows;

More Success In Our CareersTeeth Polishing in Abu Dhabi

It may sound a little strange, but it is a proven fact that a good smile can go a long way in deciding your growth in your career. Whether it is a job interview or your chances of getting a promotion, with a good smile, you will be able to improve your chances considerably. Your smile will make a positive impact on the mind of the person taking your interview or deciding your promotion, and thus, the chances of a favorable decision for you automatically increase. In fact, there are studies which have proven that people with good smile end up getting paid more than their counterparts. Therefore, if you do not have those bright shining, white teeth, invest a little money in them, and later reap huge financial benefits from the same.

Make That Perfect First Impression

Your smile is not just the first thing that people notice about you, but it is also that attribute of yours, which people are going to remember for a long time. An unsmiling face looks unappealing and unfriendly and therefore, many people will avoid even coming up to you and talking to you. On the other hand, if you have invested in a good smile and are ready to flaunt it at a party or any other gathering, you will be giving out a very warm and welcoming feeling to everyone, and thus, anyone who is even slightly interested in talking to you, would not be afraid of making that move and approaching you. Besides this, when that person finally does walk up to you, you would be able to dazzle him or her with your charming and bright smile, and make that perfect first impression.

Booster For Your Self ConfidenceBoost Smile Through Smile Makeover

The number of teenagers and young adults going in for tooth alignment, enamel color and other dental procedure for getting a better smile has increased significantly in the past few years. This increase in demand for a better smile is not just the result of a beauty contest, but as a health solution. Studies have shown that young children and adults who do not have a good smile, or are embarrassed by their teeth and dental structure tend to lose their self confidence and as a result of this, not only does their performance gets affected, but in many cases they tend to go into depression as well. Thus, in order to give these young individuals, their self confidence back, opting for these dental procedures, and bestowing them with a great smile becomes important. Once they have a smile that they are proud of, they will immediately become more confident and have a more positive attitude towards life.

Smile More For A Longer Life

Again, this is not an assumption, but a fact that has been proven through research, that people who smile more, tend to live longer. A good smile, lowers the stress levels in your body, and thus, the problems of blood pressure, heart problems and many other similar ailments, reduce significantly. When you smile, endorphins are released in your body, which not only makes you happy, but also strengthens your immune system, which in turns gives you a longer and healthier life. Thus, instead of relying on those medicines, you should rely on your smile a little more for a better and longer life.

Better Dental Hygiene And HealthDental treatment for teeth health

Well, there is no direct connection between whiter teeth and an improved dental health, however, when you are conscious about your smile and like to ensure that your teeth stay white and bright, it automatically means that you will be taking your dental health seriously. You will be brushing your teeth regularly, using the best and the most effective dental products, and most importantly, visiting a dentist on a regular basis for the cleaning, polishing and general check-up of your dental health. All this care automatically translates into improved dental health. Thus, there is a big connection between a good smile and healthy teeth and gums.

Enhance Your Beauty

The beauty of a person is not just defined by their complexion or the clarity of their skin. A good smile goes a long way in making someone good extremely pretty and gorgeous. You would not a grumpy face pretty ever, however, a good smile can take your attention away from a scar or a blemish on a face and make it look pretty just through the radiance of the smile.

Reduce Your Chances Of Developing Hypertension Before It Gets Late!

Reduce the chances of developing hypertension

Lifestyles of modern social dwellers are swiftly paced and the reasons for such a change could be traced to the ambitions that we now possess in our heart and minds. It is not that earlier generations were not ambitious but now we have got over involved in our demands and aims. We are living material lives! While we are earning fat, we are also accumulating the unwarranted side effects in the form of lifestyle disorders like hypertension and diabetes among others. Hypertension or high blood pressure in particular, has become a menace. The exact cause of it is not known but only some risk factors and genetics has been found responsible to increase blood pressure. Throughout the world, the cases of hypertension are rising fast and even teens and children are getting affected with it.

Why hypertension develops?Why hypertension develops

The basic notion as how high blood pressure develops in any individual centers around increased stress and tension in life. Therefore it is rightly said that too much hassles and running after the deadlines makes the person stressed and this coupled with the psychological issues in life like relationship failures make the situation more complex. Thus while we earn more money, we are also over exerting and developing generic fatigue and more then desirable stress quotient in life. This causes the slow development of high blood pressure. However, while this is the central idea behind hypertension, the core factors behind it are being still researched upon deeply by the scientists around the world. More complex inferences have surfaced regarding the triggering and development of the blood pressure abnormalities in the individual. The factors are traced to the components of diets, routine, level of physical work, psychological stressors, gene make (heredity), type of mental work, medications, existing disease and conditions and many more. With such a wider array of determinants, the abilities to control, treat and cure hypertension gets very much constrained. The result is that, most people are living with this condition and trying to regulate it through lifestyles changes and medical interventions like the statins.

Statins help control the generic triggers of hypertensioncontrol the generic triggers of hypertension

Statins or the cholesterol busting med formulations are considered among the primary treatment methods that the physicians around the world employ for controlling excess blood pressure. In most cases, the distorted lipids profile has been found as the underlying reason for high BP condition. Therefore the doctors try to bring down risk by reducing the unwanted bad cholesterol. However, excess cholesterol is actually linked to the lifestyle and diets of the person. Sedentary life and foods rich in trans fats is thus considered a potent mixture, rather risk factor for developing age induced hypertension. As the person ages and begins to cross 40, the body’s ability to metabolize fats in blood decreases and hence the lipid distortions develop. Excess fat in blood then start to deposit on the inner walls of the arteries which makes them stiff and less flexible! This lessened flexibility is also the reason for development of hypertension because the walls are unable to respond towards the pressure of the blood which gets enhanced.

Smoking and drinking can aggravate the damage

Smoking and alcohol use are also the triggers that induce the stiffening of arterial walls and aid in disturbances in the generic metabolic cycle of the human body. Hence, the doctors in Abu Dhabi generally prescribe shunning of smoking and drinking by the person suffering from hypertension. Common table salt which is otherwise the indispensable component of foods and cuisines around the world is also an active and immediate trigger of hypertension. People with high BP thus needs to avoid excess intake of salt in their foods and they should rather reduce the intake of it in their daily diets. The Na+ (sodium ion) in the table salt is found responsible for swift hiking of the blood pressure (so much so that it is even recommended in cases of very low BP)!

Lifestyle changes are must to control hypertension!Hypertension Vs Lifestyle Changes

Heredity is another potent factor and age induced hypertension has been found to run through generations. This necessitates the research on the genes and biochemistries for the purpose of curing hypertension! However, the role of lifestyle factors has been stronger for the development of high blood pressure. Food and living of the person directly or indirectly causes the triggering and aggravation of hypertension. Therefore, unless these factors are effectively conditioned by the person, the problem is hard to treat through medicines alone. The condition, if uncontrolled leads to other serious disorders like kidney disease, vision issues and potentially life threatening heart failure and brain hemorrhage.

Where to see the resurrections?

The blood pressure level that is considered normal is ideally 120/80 but the same has been liberally revised by considering the parameters of age and evolved life patterns for most people of the world. The range of 140/90 is now considered normal; while in professional parlance, it is considered as the ‘pre-hypertension stage’. 140-160 (systolic) and 90-100 (diastolic) range is rated as Stage 1 hypertension. 160 & above (systolic) and 100 and above (diastolic) range is held as Stage 2 hypertension! Immediate med attention is required in stage 1 and stage 2 conditions while pre-hypertension is a point to begin assimilating the lifestyle changes and start adopting a healthy lifestyle in general.

Control Your High Cholesterol Levels to Remain Healthy and Fit!

Cholesterol management centre

Health is true wealth and if this is gone then life become miserable! However, it is an irony that most people take their health for granted, especially during the youth time. While of course the peak period of life allows for deviations and indulgent lifestyles, the later part requires much caution and care by the individual. This is more true considering the type of life, the modern social dwellers are leading. Hectic schedules and stresses of diversity are all responsible for the poor adherence to rules of health and the results show up in the form of issues like hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol distortions in body. In fact, increased cholesterol levels have now become the norm in the modern society and no one cares except in cases where the secondary complications begin to show up.

Cholesterol – how much is good for you? 

Cholesterol is not altogether bad for the body and little bit of it is present in every cell where it performs essential functions that range from hormone production and digestion to making vitamin D and others. These functions are not peripheral but vital and this depicts the importance of cholesterol in the body. Of course, there is a distinction in the segment of cholesterol and we have the good and bad ones! LDL or low density lipoprotein is the undesirable component which is sort of sluggish and has the tendency of getting deposited as fat reserves along with the triglycerides. On the other hand, we have the HDL or the high density lipoprotein which is the good cholesterol. It is more swift and moving type and thus settles less as fat reserve. Besides, HDL also aids in eliminating the LDL and negates its deposition in body. About 25% of LDL is actively carried away by its counterpart HDL. However, such distinction in no sense means that one should harbor cholesterol. Actually, it is the relative balance of the two that needs to be maintained to keep the lipid profile healthy. Frankly speaking, from the perspective of health, the HDL/LDL balance is a challenge for the common social dweller of age; because most of us are engaged in bad eating habits! Poor cholesterol control leads to development of secondary complications like heart disease and even leading to stroke.

Fooding habits are very important

Eating habits and fooding choices of the person are intrinsically linked to the development of high cholesterol condition in the body. In fact, this is the core principle that directs the treatment and control of high cholesterol condition for any seeker. Cholesterol is the waxy fat that circulates in the blood after getting absorbed in the intestines. While traveling in the blood vessels, it is appropriated by the organs and cells in desirable quantities. However, when excess is being absorbed through assimilation in alimentary canal then the consequences get bad! The excess cholesterol and triglycerides have the generic tendency to get deposited (LDL has more tendency relative to HDL)! This means that if you are taking enough of fatty foods that are rich in trans fat then it will be readily absorbed into the blood stream and then it will get deposited in the body. The fat reserves begin to develop in the viscera and around the organs. However, in a healthy young body, the fat is first directed to the muscle tissue; like in a teenage boy whose testosterone level is high and aimed at muscle mass buildup. Even the muscle fat is considered good and part of natural health but the visceral fat is the culprit! Thus it funnels down to the fact that fooding choices are the fundamental determinants of the cholesterol level for the individual.

Genes do play a role in lipid profile!

While food habits form the core of cholesterol profile in the body, there are other factors also that contribute! Strange it may appear that while some people never develop excess fat reserves in the body throughout life, some start getting obese from the childhood itself! Genetics does play a striking role in determining whether a person will accumulate fat reserves or not. Those who are genetically vulnerable are more at risk of lipid distortions and high LDL. Such people are often those who have slow metabolism rates.

Live active!Cholesterol Diet

Apart from the genetics and hereditary factors, lifestyle is a potent determinant of lipid levels in the body. An energetic and active person has less of LDL and healthy levels of HDL. Conversely therefore, a person with high cholesterol is recommended to undertake regular exercise routine at gym or otherwise. This leads to revved up metabolism and burning of the excess fat. The person thus can remain healthy for life through positive lifestyle interventions. These changes and adoptions should always be complemented by the healthy fooding; especially, if the person has been diagnosed with high levels of cholesterol!

The standard med protocols for high cholesterol condition –High Cholesterol symptoms

The accepted prescription trend around the world by the med fraternity for high cholesterol cases is the administration of the statins – the potent cholesterol busters! Statins have the ability to strike down the cholesterol reserves directly and can effectively bring down the level of it in a definite time span. However, this should be always augmented with the dietary recommendations. The two fundamental and complementary concepts of diet pattern for such patients is the higher intake of fibers which prevent the absorption of fat into the blood at the primary stage itself. The soluble fiber travels in blood and clogs with the excess cholesterol there to prevent the secondary level deposition characteristics in the body as a whole.