The Benefits Of A Bright Smile On Your Face

Benefits of bright smile

One of the first things that we notice about a person is his or her smile. If the person does not smile at you in the first meeting, the chances of your liking the person diminish automatically. People who do not smile often or who have a crooked smile end up making a bad impression on other people, and are generally considered to be rude, unfriendly and sometimes even evil. Our smile is the most important part of our personality and offers us numerous benefits, besides making us look pretty and attractive.

Some of the benefits that you, me and everyone enjoys thanks to a bright smile on our faces are as follows;

More Success In Our CareersTeeth Polishing in Abu Dhabi

It may sound a little strange, but it is a proven fact that a good smile can go a long way in deciding your growth in your career. Whether it is a job interview or your chances of getting a promotion, with a good smile, you will be able to improve your chances considerably. Your smile will make a positive impact on the mind of the person taking your interview or deciding your promotion, and thus, the chances of a favorable decision for you automatically increase. In fact, there are studies which have proven that people with good smile end up getting paid more than their counterparts. Therefore, if you do not have those bright shining, white teeth, invest a little money in them, and later reap huge financial benefits from the same.

Make That Perfect First Impression

Your smile is not just the first thing that people notice about you, but it is also that attribute of yours, which people are going to remember for a long time. An unsmiling face looks unappealing and unfriendly and therefore, many people will avoid even coming up to you and talking to you. On the other hand, if you have invested in a good smile and are ready to flaunt it at a party or any other gathering, you will be giving out a very warm and welcoming feeling to everyone, and thus, anyone who is even slightly interested in talking to you, would not be afraid of making that move and approaching you. Besides this, when that person finally does walk up to you, you would be able to dazzle him or her with your charming and bright smile, and make that perfect first impression.

Booster For Your Self ConfidenceBoost Smile Through Smile Makeover

The number of teenagers and young adults going in for tooth alignment, enamel color and other dental procedure for getting a better smile has increased significantly in the past few years. This increase in demand for a better smile is not just the result of a beauty contest, but as a health solution. Studies have shown that young children and adults who do not have a good smile, or are embarrassed by their teeth and dental structure tend to lose their self confidence and as a result of this, not only does their performance gets affected, but in many cases they tend to go into depression as well. Thus, in order to give these young individuals, their self confidence back, opting for these dental procedures, and bestowing them with a great smile becomes important. Once they have a smile that they are proud of, they will immediately become more confident and have a more positive attitude towards life.

Smile More For A Longer Life

Again, this is not an assumption, but a fact that has been proven through research, that people who smile more, tend to live longer. A good smile, lowers the stress levels in your body, and thus, the problems of blood pressure, heart problems and many other similar ailments, reduce significantly. When you smile, endorphins are released in your body, which not only makes you happy, but also strengthens your immune system, which in turns gives you a longer and healthier life. Thus, instead of relying on those medicines, you should rely on your smile a little more for a better and longer life.

Better Dental Hygiene And HealthDental treatment for teeth health

Well, there is no direct connection between whiter teeth and an improved dental health, however, when you are conscious about your smile and like to ensure that your teeth stay white and bright, it automatically means that you will be taking your dental health seriously. You will be brushing your teeth regularly, using the best and the most effective dental products, and most importantly, visiting a dentist on a regular basis for the cleaning, polishing and general check-up of your dental health. All this care automatically translates into improved dental health. Thus, there is a big connection between a good smile and healthy teeth and gums.

Enhance Your Beauty

The beauty of a person is not just defined by their complexion or the clarity of their skin. A good smile goes a long way in making someone good extremely pretty and gorgeous. You would not a grumpy face pretty ever, however, a good smile can take your attention away from a scar or a blemish on a face and make it look pretty just through the radiance of the smile.

Reduce Your Chances Of Developing Hypertension Before It Gets Late!

Reduce the chances of developing hypertension

Lifestyles of modern social dwellers are swiftly paced and the reasons for such a change could be traced to the ambitions that we now possess in our heart and minds. It is not that earlier generations were not ambitious but now we have got over involved in our demands and aims. We are living material lives! While we are earning fat, we are also accumulating the unwarranted side effects in the form of lifestyle disorders like hypertension and diabetes among others. Hypertension or high blood pressure in particular, has become a menace. The exact cause of it is not known but only some risk factors and genetics has been found responsible to increase blood pressure. Throughout the world, the cases of hypertension are rising fast and even teens and children are getting affected with it.

Why hypertension develops?Why hypertension develops

The basic notion as how high blood pressure develops in any individual centers around increased stress and tension in life. Therefore it is rightly said that too much hassles and running after the deadlines makes the person stressed and this coupled with the psychological issues in life like relationship failures make the situation more complex. Thus while we earn more money, we are also over exerting and developing generic fatigue and more then desirable stress quotient in life. This causes the slow development of high blood pressure. However, while this is the central idea behind hypertension, the core factors behind it are being still researched upon deeply by the scientists around the world. More complex inferences have surfaced regarding the triggering and development of the blood pressure abnormalities in the individual. The factors are traced to the components of diets, routine, level of physical work, psychological stressors, gene make (heredity), type of mental work, medications, existing disease and conditions and many more. With such a wider array of determinants, the abilities to control, treat and cure hypertension gets very much constrained. The result is that, most people are living with this condition and trying to regulate it through lifestyles changes and medical interventions like the statins.

Statins help control the generic triggers of hypertensioncontrol the generic triggers of hypertension

Statins or the cholesterol busting med formulations are considered among the primary treatment methods that the physicians around the world employ for controlling excess blood pressure. In most cases, the distorted lipids profile has been found as the underlying reason for high BP condition. Therefore the doctors try to bring down risk by reducing the unwanted bad cholesterol. However, excess cholesterol is actually linked to the lifestyle and diets of the person. Sedentary life and foods rich in trans fats is thus considered a potent mixture, rather risk factor for developing age induced hypertension. As the person ages and begins to cross 40, the body’s ability to metabolize fats in blood decreases and hence the lipid distortions develop. Excess fat in blood then start to deposit on the inner walls of the arteries which makes them stiff and less flexible! This lessened flexibility is also the reason for development of hypertension because the walls are unable to respond towards the pressure of the blood which gets enhanced.

Smoking and drinking can aggravate the damage

Smoking and alcohol use are also the triggers that induce the stiffening of arterial walls and aid in disturbances in the generic metabolic cycle of the human body. Hence, the doctors in Abu Dhabi generally prescribe shunning of smoking and drinking by the person suffering from hypertension. Common table salt which is otherwise the indispensable component of foods and cuisines around the world is also an active and immediate trigger of hypertension. People with high BP thus needs to avoid excess intake of salt in their foods and they should rather reduce the intake of it in their daily diets. The Na+ (sodium ion) in the table salt is found responsible for swift hiking of the blood pressure (so much so that it is even recommended in cases of very low BP)!

Lifestyle changes are must to control hypertension!Hypertension Vs Lifestyle Changes

Heredity is another potent factor and age induced hypertension has been found to run through generations. This necessitates the research on the genes and biochemistries for the purpose of curing hypertension! However, the role of lifestyle factors has been stronger for the development of high blood pressure. Food and living of the person directly or indirectly causes the triggering and aggravation of hypertension. Therefore, unless these factors are effectively conditioned by the person, the problem is hard to treat through medicines alone. The condition, if uncontrolled leads to other serious disorders like kidney disease, vision issues and potentially life threatening heart failure and brain hemorrhage.

Where to see the resurrections?

The blood pressure level that is considered normal is ideally 120/80 but the same has been liberally revised by considering the parameters of age and evolved life patterns for most people of the world. The range of 140/90 is now considered normal; while in professional parlance, it is considered as the ‘pre-hypertension stage’. 140-160 (systolic) and 90-100 (diastolic) range is rated as Stage 1 hypertension. 160 & above (systolic) and 100 and above (diastolic) range is held as Stage 2 hypertension! Immediate med attention is required in stage 1 and stage 2 conditions while pre-hypertension is a point to begin assimilating the lifestyle changes and start adopting a healthy lifestyle in general.

Control Your High Cholesterol Levels to Remain Healthy and Fit!

Cholesterol management centre

Health is true wealth and if this is gone then life become miserable! However, it is an irony that most people take their health for granted, especially during the youth time. While of course the peak period of life allows for deviations and indulgent lifestyles, the later part requires much caution and care by the individual. This is more true considering the type of life, the modern social dwellers are leading. Hectic schedules and stresses of diversity are all responsible for the poor adherence to rules of health and the results show up in the form of issues like hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol distortions in body. In fact, increased cholesterol levels have now become the norm in the modern society and no one cares except in cases where the secondary complications begin to show up.

Cholesterol – how much is good for you? 

Cholesterol is not altogether bad for the body and little bit of it is present in every cell where it performs essential functions that range from hormone production and digestion to making vitamin D and others. These functions are not peripheral but vital and this depicts the importance of cholesterol in the body. Of course, there is a distinction in the segment of cholesterol and we have the good and bad ones! LDL or low density lipoprotein is the undesirable component which is sort of sluggish and has the tendency of getting deposited as fat reserves along with the triglycerides. On the other hand, we have the HDL or the high density lipoprotein which is the good cholesterol. It is more swift and moving type and thus settles less as fat reserve. Besides, HDL also aids in eliminating the LDL and negates its deposition in body. About 25% of LDL is actively carried away by its counterpart HDL. However, such distinction in no sense means that one should harbor cholesterol. Actually, it is the relative balance of the two that needs to be maintained to keep the lipid profile healthy. Frankly speaking, from the perspective of health, the HDL/LDL balance is a challenge for the common social dweller of age; because most of us are engaged in bad eating habits! Poor cholesterol control leads to development of secondary complications like heart disease and even leading to stroke.

Fooding habits are very important

Eating habits and fooding choices of the person are intrinsically linked to the development of high cholesterol condition in the body. In fact, this is the core principle that directs the treatment and control of high cholesterol condition for any seeker. Cholesterol is the waxy fat that circulates in the blood after getting absorbed in the intestines. While traveling in the blood vessels, it is appropriated by the organs and cells in desirable quantities. However, when excess is being absorbed through assimilation in alimentary canal then the consequences get bad! The excess cholesterol and triglycerides have the generic tendency to get deposited (LDL has more tendency relative to HDL)! This means that if you are taking enough of fatty foods that are rich in trans fat then it will be readily absorbed into the blood stream and then it will get deposited in the body. The fat reserves begin to develop in the viscera and around the organs. However, in a healthy young body, the fat is first directed to the muscle tissue; like in a teenage boy whose testosterone level is high and aimed at muscle mass buildup. Even the muscle fat is considered good and part of natural health but the visceral fat is the culprit! Thus it funnels down to the fact that fooding choices are the fundamental determinants of the cholesterol level for the individual.

Genes do play a role in lipid profile!

While food habits form the core of cholesterol profile in the body, there are other factors also that contribute! Strange it may appear that while some people never develop excess fat reserves in the body throughout life, some start getting obese from the childhood itself! Genetics does play a striking role in determining whether a person will accumulate fat reserves or not. Those who are genetically vulnerable are more at risk of lipid distortions and high LDL. Such people are often those who have slow metabolism rates.

Live active!Cholesterol Diet

Apart from the genetics and hereditary factors, lifestyle is a potent determinant of lipid levels in the body. An energetic and active person has less of LDL and healthy levels of HDL. Conversely therefore, a person with high cholesterol is recommended to undertake regular exercise routine at gym or otherwise. This leads to revved up metabolism and burning of the excess fat. The person thus can remain healthy for life through positive lifestyle interventions. These changes and adoptions should always be complemented by the healthy fooding; especially, if the person has been diagnosed with high levels of cholesterol!

The standard med protocols for high cholesterol condition –High Cholesterol symptoms

The accepted prescription trend around the world by the med fraternity for high cholesterol cases is the administration of the statins – the potent cholesterol busters! Statins have the ability to strike down the cholesterol reserves directly and can effectively bring down the level of it in a definite time span. However, this should be always augmented with the dietary recommendations. The two fundamental and complementary concepts of diet pattern for such patients is the higher intake of fibers which prevent the absorption of fat into the blood at the primary stage itself. The soluble fiber travels in blood and clogs with the excess cholesterol there to prevent the secondary level deposition characteristics in the body as a whole.

A Guide For All The Diabetics To Help Understand The Problem Better

Diabetes Solution in Abu Dhabi

What is Diabetes, How to Manage Their Conditions Better

Diabetes is known by the name of diabetes mellitus in the medical circles. People suffering from this disease tend to have high levels of blood glucose or blood sugar. This mostly happens because the natural production of the insulin by the body becomes inadequate. It can also happen if the cells in the body stop responding properly to the insulin.

Managing the blood sugar levels in the body is very important. The effects of diabetes on the body are really bad and if left unchecked for a long time, it can even prove to be fatal.

Some of the most common effects of diabetes observed in patients are as follows:

  • It can lead to heart diseases and blood vessel diseases. As a result of this, the patient can have a heart attack or stroke. It can also cause damage to the blood or nerve vessels, leading to amputation.
  • Many eye problems can occur, including glaucoma, cataract, diabetic retinopathy and in some cases complete loss of vision.
  • Diabetes affects the kidney as well. The patients can experience kidney failure due to this disease.
  • Peripheral diabetic neuropathy, causing pain and burning sensation in the feet, is a nerve problem which diabetic patients may suffer from.
  • Another common nerve problem caused due to diabetes is autonomic neuropathy. Nerves controlling the internal organs get damaged.
  • Diabetes is also a big reason for many gum diseases.

To be able to deal with the problem of diabetes, the first thing that one needs to do is know that they have diabetes. There are tests present, which one should get done on a regular basis to make sure that they have not developed this problem.

The Tests For DiabetesDiabetes Clinic in Abu Dhabai

The test for diabetes measures the blood sugar levels of a person both fasting and non fasting. If the levels exceed the prescribed limits, the person would be called a diabetic. The prescribed levels for blood sugar are as follows:

Fasting: Plasma Glucose level higher than or equal to 126 mg/dL would be considered diabetic.

Glucose Tolerance Test: Measured after two hours of 75g oral glucose load, the normal level should not be equal to or greater than 200 mg/dL.Diabetes Test in Abu Dhabi

Random Sugar: Should not be greater than 200 mg/dL

Instead of relying on a single test reading, most of the doctors generally prefer to get readings from at least two fasting sugar levels, and only if both these exceed the prescribed limits, would they declare the person a diabetic and start the treatment for the same.

Not everyone suffering from diabetes has the same problem and hence before you start with the treatment for this disease, you need to first figure out the kind of diabetic you are. There are mainly three types of diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes

In this case, the blood sugar levels rise since the body stops producing insulin. It is also called the onset diabetes, and generally occurs in people in their teenage or early adulthood years, but before turning 40. It is not a very common type of diabetes, and only about 10% of the diabetes cases fall in this category. People suffering from this type of diabetes would have to take insulin injections for the rest of their life. Regular monitoring of their blood sugar levels, almost on a daily basis is also required to be done by these patients. These people need to follow very strict dietary rules.

Type 2 Diabetes

In this case, the quantity of insulin produced by the body is not enough, or the blood cells in the body do not react to the insulin in the required manner. Some patients may face a combination of both these problems. Almost 90% of the people suffering from diabetes fall under this category. Controlling this sort of diabetes is more about making appropriate lifestyle changes, and only in some serious cases, regular medication or insulin injections may be required. Some of the steps that a person can take to control Type 2 diabetes are as follows:

  • Weight management. Losing weight can go a long way in controlling this sort of diabetes.
  • Increase in physical activity. Regular exercising or walking should become a part of the daily routine of the patient.
  • Healthy Diet. Understanding the foods that will help in reducing and controlling the blood sugar levels, and including them in the diet to replace the foods that will increase the blood sugar levels helps in controlling type 2 diabetes.
  • Regular Monitoring. The blood sugar levels need to checked on a regular basis, and if fluctuations are noted, contact the doctor immediately.

Type 2 diabetes is progressive in nature, and therefore if left unattended, it would gradually increase and lead to a stage where taking insulin injections daily would become necessary. People with bad eating habits, lazy lifestyles and overweight people are at a greater risk of  falling victims to type 2 diabetes. Age also plays a big role in developing this condition. Men who suffer from low testosterone levels can also become easy preys to this disease.

Gestational DiabetesGestational Diabetes Clinic in Abu Dhabi

This type of diabetes affects pregnant women. It can be detected only during pregnancy. Through exercise and diet control, gestational diabetes can be easily controlled. It is only in 10 to 20% females that medication may be required for controlling blood glucose. If not controlled, gestational diabetes can cause complications during childbirth, and affect the health and development of the baby as well.

Understanding The Procedure And Benefits Of Nasal Endoscopy    

Nasal Endoscopy - AESMC

Nasal endoscopy basically allows the ENT surgeon in Abu Dhabi to see what he or she is unable to see in a basic ENT examination. It gives the doctors a magnified view of the nasal and sinus passages, something which is not possible for their naked eyes to give. The procedure of nasal endoscopy has become very common, and it is one of the best diagnostic tools available with the doctors for the evaluation of the nasal mucosa, nasal pathology and sinonasal anatomy. It is a minimal invasive procedure.

The nasal endoscope in Abu Dhabi used in the procedure is a medical device which consists of thin, but rigid tube. This tube is fitted with fiberoptic cables which help in bringing in the light. A video camera and a light source are attached to this endoscope so as to project magnified images on a screen which is again connected to the video camera. With the help of this camera, the images from the inside of a patient are captured and recorded for further analysis and treatment purposes. The width of this tube is kept between 2.7 mm to 4 mm, which ensures that the endoscope is slender enough to easily pass through the nasal passages of the patient and allow complete nasal and sinus examination.

Procedure For Nasal Endoscopy

Nasal Endoscopy - AESMC

The first step in the procedure is to spray medicine inside the nose. This spray will reduce the swelling in the area, and at the same time also make that area numb. As a result of this, the patient does not feel any sort of pain or discomfort during the entire procedure. However, the patient remains conscious, and therefore, he or she may be aware of the tube being pushed inside, and this sensation can cause a slight discomfort. Next, the thin endoscopy tube, along with the light and the camera will be inserted  inside the nose. Depending on the type of penetration required, the tube selected for the purpose can be either flexible or rigid. The tube will be pushed further inside the nose, and up in the sinuses. With the help of the images viewed on the screen connected to the camera placed on the tube, the doctor will make his or her analysis, and the recording of the same would be saved for further references. Once the images have been captured, the tube would be removed slowly and the procedure would get completed. On completion, there might be a little nose bleed or drain, but this is nothing to be worried about, and the doctor performing the nasal endoscopy will take care of the same.

Risks Associated With Nasal Endoscopy

As mentioned before, nasal endoscopy is a minimal invasive procedure, and  therefore, there are no risks involved in the same. However, in spite of the spray medicine given to the patients for making the area numb, there are some patients who experience a lot of pain during and after the procedure. The tissues inside the nose and the sinus can also get damaged during endoscopy. However, none of the risks of this procedure are something that a patient should be worried about or would have a long term effect on the health of the patient.

There are two main types of Nasal endoscopies that are performed.

Office EndoscopyOffice Endoscopy in Abu Dhab

This endoscopy is performed in the outpatient clinics to detect nasal problems such as nasal stiffness, obstruction, sinus, nasal polyps, tumors, nosebleeds, etc. Te patient remains seated during the procedure while the ENT specialist inserts the tube to search for swelling, mucosal and other abnormalities. A three pass technique is used with a 30 degree endoscope. Three main areas in the naval and sinus cavities are observed through this procedure:

  • Nasal floor and nasopharynx
  • Drainage areas in the nasal sinus
  • Nose roof and olfactory cleft

Operating Room EndoscopyNasal Endoscopy experts in UAE

This is also called endoscopic sinus surgery. It is performed with the nasal sinus, infections and inflammations do not respond to the regular medication and treatment. Through this procedure, the nasal and sinuses are also used to access the anterior and middle areas of the skull, intracranial cavity, eye sockets and upper parts of the spine. Thanks to this procedure, the patients are able to under the required surgery without having to get ugly facial or scalp incisions. Only specialized otolaryngologists and neurosurgeons, who have received advanced training in this technique, are allowed to do this procedure.

Benefits Of Getting Nasal Endoscopy

Some of the benefits of getting a nasal endoscopy done are as follows:

  • It helps in the initial identification of symptoms of sinonasal in the patients.
  • It helps in evaluating the response of medication and other treatments on the patients.
  • Unilateral diseases can be evaluated with the help of this procedure.
  • Patients who are potential for sinusitis complications or impending sinusitis complications can be evaluated through this procedure.
  • Culture of purulent secretions can be obtained easily.
  • Removing obstructions, like crusting, mucus and fibrin, from the nasal and sinus cavities.
  • Evaluating the recurrence of pathology after FESS.
  • Doing biopsy of nasal masses and lesions.
  • Evaluating leaks in cerebrospinal fluids.
  • Treating epistaxis and anosmia.
  • Treating nasal foreign bodies.

10 Tips To Keep Teeth Healthy

AESMC Dental Clinic Abu Dhabi

10 Perfect Easy Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy – AESMC Abu Dhabi

Our teeth are the most sturdy part of our body. They are tougher than our bones and muscles. However, if left unattended and not taken care of for a long time, bacteria and plaque will take their toll on these tough teeth. And once that happens, there is very little that you or any good dentist Abu Dhabi would be able to do to save them. Now imagine yourself 5 years down the line with no teeth at all. Even the thought of it is pretty scary right? So, if you have left your teeth neglected till now, brace up and start taking care of them immediately.

Below are a few safe, simple and natural ways in which you can take good care of your teeth. All these methods have been recommended and approved by the best dentist in Abu Dhabi.

Drink Lots And Lots Of Water

AESMC Dental Clinic
Drink lots of water to keep teeth healthy

Water is the best thing for health, including the health of your teeth. The water washes away all the bacteria and food that may get left behind from the food that you eat. It is this leftover food and bacteria which cause damage to the teeth. The level of acidity in the mouth also gets reduced by this water and thus prevents it from causing any sort of erosion or damage to the teeth. Thus, water saves the teeth from weakening.

Eat Healthy

AESMC - Dental tips
Eat Healthy to keep teeth healthy

Aside from drinking lots of water, you also need to eat healthy for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Consume a protein rich diet, while at the same time, try to cut down on the consumption of sugary food items. Also stop your children from chewing items which are not edible like mud, pencil stubs, etc.

Stop Smoking

AESMC Dental Clinic Abu Dhabi
Stop smoking keep your teeth healthy

If you are a chain smoker, then it would be impossible for even the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi to anything to save your teeth. Besides making your teeth yellowish and giving you a bad breath, smoking affect the production of saliva in the mouth. All this affects the health of the teeth negatively, and the chances of you losing your teeth early in life increase drastically. Thus, for the health of your teeth, and other body organs, you need to quit smoking immediately.

Teeth Brushing Tips

Everyone knows that they need to brush their teeth twice a day, but not many follow this rule. However, besides brushing your teeth twice daily, the way you brush your teeth, and with what you brush your teeth also affects the health of your teeth. Fluoride is a very important nutrient for the teeth, and one of the primary sources of this is your toothpaste. Therefore, choosing a toothpaste which is rich in fluoride is important. Besides this, the kind of toothbrush you use for brushing also affects the health of your teeth. Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles, which does not hurt your gums during brushing. Also make sure that the bristles of the brush are in a shape that allows them to reach all the corners of your mouth easily.

Tongue Brushing

Brushing your teeth properly is not enough. There are bacteria present on your tongue as well and therefore, along with teeth, you need to brush your tongue as well. Pick a toothbrush which comes with a cheek and tongue cleaner, and use this on a daily basis.

Use Antiseptic Mouth Rinse

There are numerous mouthwashes and rinses available in the market, but your purpose of rinsing your mouth with this antiseptic is to kill all the bacteria in your mouth. Therefore, carefully read and choose a mouth rinse which is antiseptic and antibacterial.

Avoid Clenching The Teeth

There are many people who have the habit of grinding their teeth continuously. This can cause attrition, leading to wear and tear of the teeth. These people can experience severe tooth sensitivity, and the only way to avoid that is to stop clenching and grinding your teeth.

Play Safely

Sports are great for our body and overall health. However, they can pose a threat to the health of your teeth. If you injure your teeth during a game, you risk losing those teeth permanently. Therefore, while playing these games, make sure that you wear a mouth guard and keep your teeth protected at all times.

Do Not Avoid Symptoms

If you feel any sort of pain or sensitivity in your mouth, immediately contact the nearest and the most reputed dental clinic in Abu Dhabi. Most of the people avoid visiting a dentist until and unless the pain becomes unbearable and they are unable to chew food or even open their mouth properly. At this stage, the problem tends to have elevated to very high level and in some cases gone beyond repair. Therefore, as soon as you notice any symptoms of tooth decay or damage, immediately set up an appointment with a good dentist.

Visit A Dentist Regularly

The importance of visiting a dentist regularly cannot be overemphasized. If you want clean, healthy and shining teeth for yourself and your family, make sure that you, along with your family, visit a dentist clinic on a regular basis.

Better Way To Understand Hypertension

Hypertension in UAE - AESMC Medical Center Abu Dhabi

Know it with AESMC Medical Center Abu Dhabi

These days, the number of people suffering from the problem of Hypertension, or high blood pressure as it is more commonly known as, has increased significantly. In this condition, the pressure of the blood against the artillery walls becomes high on a consistent basis and this can be the cause of life threatening diseases like a heart attack or a stroke. In America itself, more than 75 million people are estimated to be suffering from Hypertension. This disease is a salient disease, and since the symptoms of it do not appear aggressively, therefore, it goes undetected until it leads to other health issues like heart problems, kidney diseases, eye problems, peripheral vascular disease, etc.

The only way to save yourself from the harmful effects of this problem is through early detection. Therefore, it is suggested by one should visit the best hospital in Abu Dhabi and get a complete health check up done. In case, the medical center Abu Dhabi does detect you with high blood pressure, collect all the information you can about this problem from the hospital, and along with the medicine for controlling your blood pressure, also make sure that you make necessary changes in your lifestyle and eating habits, as suggested by the doctors at the hospital.

On your visit to the medical center in Abu Dhabi, one of the first things that they would do is conduct some tests for checking your blood pressure levels.

Testing For High Blood Pressure

AESMC - Hypertension
Hypertension treatment in Abu Dhabi

The first in the blood pressure testing process is to check the same with the help of specialized blood pressure monitoring instruments like the blood pressure meter or the sphygmomanometer. While this instrument can easily be purchased from any drug store, the use of the same requires proper training, and therefore, it is better to allow the experts at the hospital to check and read your blood pressure. The person checking your blood pressure will take two readings, first the Systolic blood pressure, which is the blood pressure in the vessels while your heart is pumping the blood, and the second is the Diastolic blood pressure, which is your blood pressure in between the heartbeats. Based on the readings of a single day, you cannot be declared to be suffering from Hypertension or otherwise. Therefore, you might have to get your blood pressure checked daily over a period of weeks and months, and based on these records, the doctor will confirm your Hypertension.

White coat Hypertension

Sitting is a doctor’s clinic and waiting for the tests to be done can be extremely stressful for many people. This nervousness and anxiety can increase your blood pressure, but it would not mean that you are suffering from Hypertension. This can be though taken as a symptom that later in life you can develop Hypertension. Request the doctor to monitor your blood pressure outside the hospital for correct readings.

Symptoms, stages, causes and prevention, once you have been detected with the problem of Hypertension, you need to make sure that you understand this problem and the cure of it completely.


AESMC - Hypertension treatment
Symptoms of Hypertension | treatment for Hypertension in UAE

The most commonly observed symptoms amongst all the patients suffering from Hypertension are as follows:

  •   Headaches on a regular basis
  •   Feeling shortness of breath even without doing any major physical activity
  •   Bleeding of the nose
  •   Feeling tired all the time

Stages Of Hypertension

There are three main stages of Hypertension.

120-139/80-89 If your readings are in this range, you would be considered to be prehypertension, and while you are okay for now, there is a big possibility that until and unless you make major lifestyle changes, you would become hypertensive in the future.

140-159/90-99Readings in this range are considered to be Stage 1 of Hypertension. The blood pressure is high, but it can be easily controlled with medication.

160 or higher/ 100 or higher This is Stage 2 of Hypertension and can be extremely dangerous and fatal.


Some of the most common causes for Hypertension include the following:

    •     Family history
    •     Overweight
    •     Inactive lifestyle
    •     Smoking
    •     Intake of excessive salt or sodium
    •     Lack of potassium intake
    •     Lack of Vitamin D
    •     Undue stress and tension


    There is treatment available for Hypertension. Curing this problem is a two way process. Along with taking the necessary medication for the same, a person also needs to make major lifestyle changes.

    Medication: There are many drugs available for controlling blood pressure available like Thiazdine Diuretics, which acts on the kidney and eliminates sodium from the body, Beta blockers, for reducing the workload on the heart, ACE inhibitors and ARBs, for relaxing the blood vessels, Calcium channel blockers, for relaxing blood vessels’ muscles, etc. Any and all medication for treating Hypertension should be taken under proper medical supervision only.

    Lifestyle Changes Recommended

    Hypertension - AESMC
    Lifestyle Changes Recommended for Hypertension

    Every medical clinic Abu Dhabi, along with prescribing the necessary medicines, will advise its patients about making necessary lifestyle changes for beating this disease. Some recommended lifestyle changes include:

    •       Lose weight
    •       Quit smoking
    •       Eat a balanced and healthy diet
    •       Increase exercise
    •       Limit the consumption of alcohol
    •       Take treatment for sleep disorders

    Meditate and try to relax even during stressful situations


How To Choose A Pediatrician For Your Child

AESMC Clinic

Even before a kid is born, the parents need to start taking some very important and life changing, even life saving decisions for their little baby. One such important decision is to find and choose the best pediatrician Abu Dhabi for their child.

You may need the services of a pediatrician from the very moment your child comes into this world. Therefore, by the time you or your wife is 7 to eight months pregnant, both of you should have looked at all the options and selected the a child pediatrician in Abu Dhabi for your baby.

From managing the vaccination of your baby to treating his or her during various childhood illnesses, this pediatrician would be literally responsible for the life and health of your child. Hence, you need to make sure that your choice of pediatrician is well educated and informed. There are numerous questions that should come in your mind while making this decision. Some of the important questions that you need to ask yourself and from your potential pediatrician, before making this decision are as follows:

  • What are the medical qualifications of the pediatrician?
  • Which medical college did he or she attend?
  • Whether he or she has met the established standards for offering medical care to children?
  • Do you wish to opt for a specialist pediatrician for your child, or would you prefer to let your family doctor take care of your baby?
  • What is the experience of the pediatrician and what sort of complicated child cases has he handled in the past?
  • Does the pediatrician have tie-ups with the best hospitals in the city, in case your child needs to be admitted for any sort of emergency?
  • Do you want the pediatrician to make house-calls, and if so, then you will have to ask the doctor about the timings for the same and his or her charges as well.
  • What is the condition of the clinic of the pediatrician?
  • Does the clinic have the latest equipments required for treating babies?
  • Does the clinic offer a clean and safe environment for the kids?
  • Is the support staff of the child pediatric doctor in Abu Dhabi well trained and qualified for the job?
  • What all insurances are accepted by the pediatrician?
  • Will the doctor be willing to take your calls even in the late hours?
  • Does the doctor have a good reputation in the market?

Once you have made a checklist of all the questions, you wish to find answers to before declaring any pediatrician a good pediatrician Abu Dhabi and hiring him or her for the job, the next step to actually go about collecting all the information about the various pediatricians in the town. Some of the tips, which you can help you collect all this information about the pediatricians and choose between them, are as follows:

Gather Names Of The Best Pediatricians In Town

AESMC Pediatrics
Best pediatric health clinic near Abu Dhabi

The best way to gather these names is from the internet. There are numerous websites which provide a list of all the doctors, and specialists in your area along with their addresses and contact details. You can also seek references from your friends and relatives who may be using the services of a pediatrician for their kids. You can visit the nearest medical centers and hospitals and contact their pediatric department. There are a few medical societies present in every city, which provide information about all the local medical services. You can contact these societies and collect the list of pediatricians in your city from them as well.

Background And Credentials Check

AESMC Pediatrics
Background and credentials check for pediatric in UAE

Once you have the list of all the pediatricians in your city with you, the next step is to shortlist the names of the best pediatricians. You do not want to hire someone to take care of your child who does not have a good reputation in his or her field. Therefore, run a quick background check and confirm the credentials of the pediatricians on the list, and ensure that the ones remaining on the list are all well known, reputed and trustworthy pediatricians of your city. You also need to check the qualifications and experience of the pediatricians at this stage.

Extensive Research

Now that you have a list of all the good pediatricians in town, you will have to engage in a more extensive research about all the doctors, to be able to choose the best ones amongst them. Along with the credentials of the doctor, at this stage you will have to check the other factors associated with the doctor like the clinic or facility of the doctor, the hospital tie-ups, quality of support staff, extra services offered by the doctor, etc.

Meet And Interview The Pediatrician

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Pediatrician with advanced technology in UAE

 The next step is to meet the potential pediatricians. You need to feel comfortable with the pediatrician, and more importantly, your child should feel comfortable with the pediatrician. If your child does not respond well to the pediatricians company, you need to start considering someone else for the job.

It is important for the pediatrician to have an open channel of communication, since when it comes to child care, as a new mother you would have thousand questions to ask, and it is the duty of the pediatrician to provide you with answers for all of them.



AESMC Dental clinic

Your mouth can tell you many things about your body

Our mouths can suffer from a large number of problems ranging from the irritating to life-threatening. These include:

  • Halitosis or Bad Breath:  A very common often embarrassing problem; about 85 percent of people with persistent bad breath have a dental condition that is to blame.
Halitosis or Bad Breath is the main issue
  • Tooth decay, Cavities and Tooth Erosion: This ranks second to the common cold as human-kind’s most prevalent disease. Food eaten turns to plaque and tartar (in spite of brushing) and sticky substances deposit on teeth. Combining with the sugars and starches in our food we eat, this produces acids that attack and corrode tooth enamel. A good dentist in Abu Dhabi should be consulted for treatment.
  • Tooth Sensitivity: Experiencing pain or discomfort in teeth from sweets, cold air, hot drinks, cold drinks or ice cream.
  • Mouth Sores: These can be either canker sores inside the mouth or “cold sores” caused by the Herpes Virus (and contagious and not completely curable); or, yeast infections such as Candiasis. The best dentists in Abu Dhabi will identify these and offer remedies.
  • Toothaches and Dental Emergencies:  While toothaches can happen out of the blue, dental emergencies are often due to an accident – breaking a tooth or even the jaw – breaking many teeth. While visiting a dental clinic in Abu Dhabi should be sufficient to treat an ache caused by a tooth abscess, it may be required to go to the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi or even a trauma hospital.
AESMC Dental Clinic
AESMC dental clinic in Abu Dhabi should be sufficient to treat an ache caused by a tooth abscess
  • Gum Disease: or Periodontal Disease occurs due to bacteria build up from plaqueand tartar, for which contributing factors may be smoking, grinding your teeth, medication or genetics.
  • Oral Cancer: often curable if diagnosed and treated in the early stages. It is most often seen in people over the age of 40. The biggest factors that pose risk include tobacco and alcohol abuse; chewing tobacco is also a potent factor. HPV which is a sexually transmitted virus also enhances the risk. The symptoms of oral and throat cancer may include conditions such as sores and lumps. Rough areas can also show up in the mouth! You may also have a change in your bite force and experience difficulty in chewing and moving your jaw and tongue in mouth. Regular visits to the best dental clinics in Abu Dhabi can help catch oral cancer early.

Returning to Gum disease, it begins with Gingivitis and is often undetected, but reversible. Thereafter, untreated gingivitis develops to the next level – periodontists. The common outcome of this is chronic inflammatory response, a condition when the body breaks down the bone and tissue in the infected area of the mouth, ultimately resulting in tooth and bone loss.

Medical studies have established that there is a link between periodontal or gum disease and potentially life-threatening conditions such as:

Heart disease and Strokes: Gum disease leads to high levels of bacteria in the mouth causing chronic inflammation. This triggers a continuous response all over the body, increasing the risk of heart disease and strokes.

AESMC Dental Treatment
Gum disease may leads to heart diseases. AESMC give the best solution.

Higher Blood Sugar levels:  While diabetics often have gum disease owing to high blood glucose, gum disease in turn causes sugar levels to rise. This has bad effects on the kidneys, eyes, heart and the nervous system.

Chronic kidney disease: Chronic kidney diseaseChronic kidney diseaseChronic kidney diseaseChronic kidney disease:Chronic kidney disease A study by Case Western Reserve University, indicate that people without any natural teeth, known as edentulous, are more likely to have chronic kidney disease (CDK), than people with natural teeth. CDK impacts blood pressure and leads to development of heart disease. It also catalyses kidney failure while badly affecting the bone health.

Causes Premature BirthAs Research has established, pregnant women with gum disease are three to five times more likely to give birth to a baby prematurely than women with healthy gums. Such babies will be prone to lifelong health issues. Also, women are more susceptible to gum disease when pregnant.

Even an advanced country such as the U.S. it is found that 3 out 4 people have some form of gum disease. Everyone faces the risk of gum disease to varying extent but it generally shows up after the age of 30. Smoking is one of the most significant risk factors. Increased blood sugar levels and dry mouth conditions can also make you vulnerable for gum disease. The symptoms may include conditions such as bad breath; while red & swollen gums along with tenderness can also show up. Gum bleeding accompanied by sensitive teeth could be experienced along with painful chewing.

Treating Gum Disease: 

  • Chronic kidney disease Removing plaque and scaling calculus by a good dentist in Abu Dhabi.
  • Chronic kidney diseaseMedication such as chlorhexidine gluconate, a mouth rinse prescribed by your dentist or hygienist in Abu Dhabi, to kill bacteria in your mouth.
  • Chronic kidney diseaseSurgery to stop periodontal disease and replace bone lost in advanced stages of the disease. In such cases, it is best to consult the best dental clinics in Abu Dhabi

Preventing Gum Disease: While proper brushing and flossing are musts to reduce and prevent gum disease, they may not be enough.Visit your dentist in Abu Dhabi for examination and advice.

We are very happy to visiting our dental clinic in Abu Dhabi. We know how vital it is to keep our mouth, teeth and gums in good shape. At the dentist’s, if dental work is required we know that it will be painless. If no procedure is required, we come back with assurance.

Shouldn’t you be happy going to your dentist also?

The Modern Diagnostic Examinations Of Ear, Nose And Throat   

Ear , Nose and throat examination

ENT problems 

The majority of ENT problems present in most of the patients is pretty minor in nature, and tends to cause only discomfort to the patient, but have no other negative effect on the body or the life of the person. However, there are some ENT problems which are more serious in nature and can become life threatening. To be able to save the life of the patient, early detection of these problems and immediate treatment of the same is crucial. It is precisely for this reason that many diagnostic techniques have been developed and are being used by the ENT specialist to identify these problems as early as possible and give the patients the possible treatment for the same.

ENT surgeon in UAE
ENT problems and solution in UAE

Some of the most common and popular diagnostic examinations for ear, nose and throat being used these days by ENT doctors all over the world are as follows:

ENT Examination

Under this examination, face, ears, throat, neck and nose are carefully examined by the doctor. This is the first step, and every patient visiting an ENT specialist undergoes this examination. In fact, the basic fee that is payable to the ENT doctor, includes the charges for this examination. Under this examination, screening for hearing loss is done, along with a pressure testing for checking the fluid in the eardrums. Nasal examinations are done with the help of a headlight or a mirror. Nasal septum and turbinate are examined closely with the help of a handheld speculum. This nasal examination is done twice, once before spraying the decongestant nose spray, and once after spraying of the same. Examination of the voice box and the back of the nose is the most unique part of this ENT examination. This examination is done with the help of hand held mirrors in the mouth. Neck examination includes checking of the lymph nodes, salivary glands, thyroid glands. The routine examination also includes examination of the cardiopulmonary system and the overall health of the patient. The entire procedure is painless.

Audiometric Testing

Audiometric testing
High quality examination and treatment for Ear

If a patient complains of hearing problems like loss of hearing, ringing in the ears and balancing disorders, this test would be performed on them. The otoacoutic emissions test requires a quiet room and gets performed within 5 seconds. It is used to test normal hearing in patients. This test is normally performed on newborn babies in their nurseries. For better results, complete cooperation from the patient is a must. The quietest sounds that a patient is able to listen in the room, at varying frequencies are recorded by the audiologist and an audiogram is prepared for each ear. Another procedure or test conducted in this regard is Tympanometry, which is a quick and painless way of measuring the fluid behind the eardrums in children and the barometric pressures in the middle ears.

Nasal Endoscopy

Nasal Endoscopy in UAE
High quality examination and treatment for nose in UAE

Patients with nasal complaints, sinus and allergies are subjected to this test. After spraying nasal spray and giving the patient anesthesia, a small telescope in inserted in the nostrils to get a magnified view of the same. This helps in identifying problems like swelling, enlarged turbinate, polyps in the nasal, sinus drainage and septal deformities. Culture of abnormal secretions and findings is then done. For throat complaints and swallowing problems, a more flexible scope can be used to examine the back of the throat and the voice box. To study the esophagus, long endoscope may be used and the procedure is known as trans-nasal endoscopy.

Allergy Testing

If the medical management of problems like allergies, nasal polyps and asthma are not giving relief to the patient, advanced allergy testings are required. For these tests, superficial skin pricks and injections under the skin are done. These pricks and injections are giving with common antigens present in the air and food. This helps in checking the sensitivity of a patient towards the natural environment and accordingly the dose for the allergies is modified.

CT Scans

CT scans are used to check the sinuses and middle ears of the patients. The results for the same are available within a matter of a few minutes and the physicians can interpret the results immediately. The new scanners use almost 80 to 90% less radiation and are, therefore, not harmful for the health of the patients.

Cultures, Biopsies, and Blood Work

Samples from the blood, excretions, and fluids in the body are sent to a laboratory for extensive testing. The results can take up to a week’s time to come back, but do help in understanding the exact problem of the patient.

Before any of the above diagnostic tests or examinations are performed on the patient, the doctor need to first collect the complete history of the patient. The past illnesses and other details about the patient can have a major effect not just on the treatment, but also on these tests and their results. Hence, some of the important information that the doctors need to collect from the patients include:

  • Symptoms or problems noticed and faced by the patient.
  • Past history of any ear, nose or throat problems.
  • Any previous treatment taken for ENT.
  • Any medication the patient may be taking currently for any other problem or disease.
  • Previous injuries, specifically head injuries or surgeries.
  • Family history of the patient.
  • Allergies to any food, medicine, etc.

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