Treating Running Nose in Infants and Kids

Whenever the weather changes or the temperature dips, you know what’s coming! Yes! It is the start of sneezing, coughing and runny nose season.

Most of the babies catch about 4-10 times cold before their first birthday, as their immune system is still developing. And, there is no way to prevent cold. The baby’s immune system is weak and fragile and that makes them more vulnerable to illness. For some babies, it may seem like they have a constantly running nose. However, this is perfectly normal and may just be the result of the baby having subsequent cold virus infection.

Once your baby starts showing symptoms of cold, you must get alert. Identify the signs and know when it’s best to call a doctor. You must contact a medical professional like a paediatrician. You must be aware of a good paediatrician in Abu Dhabi. He will give the perfect medical care for infants and kids who have short-term or long-term sickness. Paediatric clinic in Abu Dhabi are also involved with prevention, early detection and management of other infant-health problems as well.

So, what are the early symptoms and important signs that your baby might have a cold? The most common symptoms are

  1. Sneezing, coughing, irritated or watery eyes.
  2. Congestion in the chest and nose.
  3. Clear nasal discharge that gradually thickens or turns green over a few days.
  4. And a low grade fever as well.

So, how do you treat these symptoms and give your baby the healthy time that they deserve?

Treatment for running nose in infants and kids             

You must ensure to keep your baby’s nasal passage as clear as possible. Besides that, there are some other steps that you must follow to treat you baby’s running nose.

  • Wipe visible mucousRunning Nose Tips | Wipe Visible Mucous

Wiping away visible mucous will help your baby a lot. This would make your baby free from any kind of nasal irritation. It also helps them to keep clean and tidy. However, you must ensure that you moisturize your baby’s nose to prevent it from drying because of constant wiping.

  • Provide enough fluids

You must ensure that you provide enough fluids to your baby as it facilitates in thinning the mucus in the baby’s nasal passage.

  • Continue BreastfeedingRunning Nose tip | Healthy Brest feeding

If your baby is still in the habit of breastfeeding, it is advisable for you to continue doing so. This is because the breast milk gives a boost to baby’s immune system.

  • Keep the baby coveredRunning Nose tip | Keep your baby covered

You must keep the baby in a warm and humid atmosphere and cover their exposed body parts well. Doing so will help in clearing the nasal passages of your baby.

  • Be in touch with a paediatrician

There is nothing better than being in regular contact with a well-known Paediatrician. They work closely with families and their knowledge can help you raise your kids into healthy individuals. There are best paediatric hospitals in ABU DHABI with experienced Paediatricians and specialty care for children of all ages.

  • You can try Home Remedies

There are certain home remedies that can help you in treating your baby’s running nose. These are some easy steps that you can carry out at your home.

  1. Try saline (saltwater) drops.
  2. You can place a rolled up towel under the baby’s shoulder, so you can gently tilt the head back a little to make sure the drops get up into the nose.
  3. Gentle love taps on baby’s back can help ease chest congestion. It loosens mucus in the chest and makes it easier for the baby to cough it up.

When should a parent take a child to the doctor?

You should carefully monitor the improvements in your child’s health. If your baby’s cold is not getting any better or is worsening, you must not delay any further and seek immediate assistance from your doctor. Check for certain symptoms like difficulty in breathing, fast breathing or other symptoms that are likely to point towards pneumonia. It is advisable not to try any kind of self medication in such cases as they may worsen the situation of the child. So, you must always consult a doctor or a paediatrician if your child’s health is not getting any better.

Therefore, it is utmost important to take care of your child’s health during problematic months of the year. Most of us spend the winter trying to stay warm and we must ensure that our children are warm too. It is normal to have a snotty or running nose for any baby.  But, we must ensure that the infection doesn’t spread and the running nose should not continue for a long time.

It is recommended to be in regular touch with a specialist paediatrician, because being under guidance for our little one’s is also important. Follow the above steps and ensure a healthy time for your loving baby!

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