How do you care for your newborn ‘bundle of joy’?

Parenthood is one the best and amazing experience that anybody can have. Where you do a lot of work and still find the time is less for all activities. You want to get everything perfect for your little bundle of joy, which has completed your family. The initial months of parenthood along with newborn are overwhelming, busy, sleepless nights, and chaotic. You do everything which is best for your newborn. And when you are surrounded by friends and family, you’ll be flooded with suggestions and care advice, which make you more nervous and confused to decide what to do or what not.

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Taking care of a newborn child is very challenging and very tiring but unexplained wonderful experience or journey in your life. Child pediatric doctors in Abu Dhabi suggests following on how to take care the newborn:

1. Feeding Cycle & Burping: The most important aspect and above all is feeding the child on time. A newborn required to be fed every 2-3 hours, means you need to nurse the child 8-12 times, depending upon the feeding done. For the initial six months, a newborn should be breastfeed only. As per best pediatric doctor in Abu Dhabi, breast milk contains the important & vital antibodies and nutrients which are very necessary for the baby’s growth and survival. These vital nutrients build the immunity of the child. Nursing or feeding should be done at least 10-15 mins. If breastfeeding is not possible then consult the child pediatric doctor in Abu Dhabi to check which formula milk can be given to the child.

After feeding another important task is to get the child burped, as while feeding newborn also swallow the air, which can cause colic or gas. Burping ensures that any excess gas expels out and .milk is properly digested. Take the child chin on your shoulder and slowly pat the back until a child burps.

2. Holding the Newborn – Newborns can’t hold up head independently as they are not strong enough, this is known to all. You should hold the newborn head and neck with one hand and bumps with another. It takes 3 months time when a neck can support the head on its own. So, you should pay attention while you hold the kid.

3. Clean Diapering – Another important point to take care of is changing diapers on time. It is important to frequently change the diapers of the newborn as they will be regularly wetting the same and will also have regular bowel movements. Newborns are very prone to infections, so ensure to keep them clean. Always be ready with a clean sheet, gentle wipes, rash cream if needed, or an antibacterial powder and good quality diapers. Even if a newborn does not do anything for 2-3 hours, do change the diaper, suggested by a best pediatric doctor in Abu Dhabi.

4. Massaging & Bathing – Massaging helps the newborn in soothing to sleep. It helps in digestion and improving the blood circulation. It also helps to bond with your child. Take a small quantity of oil on your palms and gently massage the body. Children’s doctor in Abu Dhabi recommends massaging as an integral part of the overall growth.

Post massaging, giving a bath to the newborn with Luke warm water and a mild body wash or soap. Gently clean the baby’s hair, scalp, genitals, face, and neck. Bathing should be started when a cord gets dry and fall off itself, else infection could happen. Once bathing is done, use the soft towel to clean the body and use mild cream or lotion to apply on a body, get him/her dressed in soft and clean clothes.

5. Regular Visit to Pediatric: Initially you need to visit the pediatric every week, so as to ensure the good health of the child. Subsequently, visits will be done as suggested by the pediatrician for vaccination.

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