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Life After Breast Cancer
Life After Breast Cancer
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Life After Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a cancer that occurs in the breast, which starts when cells experience an exponential growth and eventually multiply out of control. As a result, breast cancer cells form a tumor that are visible on an x-ray or can be felt as a lump. Breast cancer is more common in women but men can get the disease too.

On hearing the name of breast cancer, the patients and their families give up hope of the patient's life. It is true that breast cancer is the deadliest disease for women worldwide. Women are the most affected by breast and cervical cancer around the world.

What is cancer

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of a group of cells in the body. When these cells affect the tissue, the cancer spreads to other parts of the body. Cancer can occur at any age. If cancer is not detected at the right time, the risk of death increases.

Overproduction of the female hormone estrogen. Having your first menstrual period before the age of 13. After the age of 51, menopause can be considered a cause of cancer. Breast cancer can be genetic.


If there is a lump in the breast, a doctor should be consulted. Symptoms include lumps and enlargement of the breast, abnormal enlargement of the breast, redness or bleeding of the nipples, or abnormal bulges in the breast. In such a situation, a doctor should be consulted without delay.


The important causes of breast cancer are age, menopausal status, hormonal changes. Lack of awareness is one of the major causes of death among women due to breast cancer in India. Women of 25 years of age should undergo breast examination (CBE) every three years. Every year after the age of 40, CBE with mammography should be done. Lumps in the breasts are detected by mammography. It can detect breast cancer. A mammogram can detect cancerous areas as small as a grain of rice. Around 95 percent of patients in the first stage of breast cancer can be successfully treated, while 60 percent of the patients in the second stage and 40 percent of the third stage can lead a normal life. Cancer can also be genetic. Sometimes the genes of the mother suffering from cancer are also passed on to the child, which increases the chances of the child getting cancer in the future.

In the last two decades, due to awareness among women, the death rate due to cancer has come down. By being aware, breast cancer can be avoided. The earlier the cancer is detected, the more likely the patient is to recover. Not only this, the cost of cancer treatment will also be reduced.

The treatment of breast cancer is done through surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The tumor is eliminated from the root by giving chemotherapy before surgery. Dr. Unfortunately patients with metastasis cannot be cured, but these patients can be saved for a long time through hormonal and chemotherapy.

There is a need to promote breastfeeding. Breastfeeding lowers the risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer awareness is essential. be aware of cancer

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