Perceive What Is Sickle Cell Anemia To Avoid Its Happening

Are you suffering from anaemia? A delayed growth? Vision problems? Swelling on hands and feet? And is puzzled on why this is happening? Then not with much delay meet with the specialized medical hospital in UAE because you may be suffering from sickle cell anaemia. It’s not a matter to worry, even though it should be seen with much attention. So first, let’s take a deeper look at what is Sickle cell anaemia, how it develops, what are its symptoms and how to prevent them, so that you are better informed about it.

What is sickle cell anaemia?

what is sickle cell anaemia

The inherited type of anaemia is the condition in which there aren’t adequate red blood cells to sufficiently carry oxygen all through your body.

To check for such conditions, it is best to visit the health centers and medical clinics in Abu Dhabi for the proper diagnosis and treatments.

Typically, your red blood cells are flexible, adaptable and round, moving around effortlessly through your veins. In sickle cell anaemia, the red blood cells or RBC becomes rigid, inflexible, sticky and the shape changes to sickle or crescent moons. These irregularly shaped cells get stuck in small veins, which slows and blocks the bloodstream and oxygen supply to other parts of the body.

A large number of them burst separately as they travel through your veins. The sickle cells generally lasts for 10 to 20 days, rather than the ordinary 90 to 120 days. Your body may experience difficulty in making enough new cells to supplant the ones that you lost. Along these lines, you might not have enough red platelets. This is a condition called weakness, and it can influence you to feel tired. Getting the feeling of tiredness can be due to many reasons, but realizing that sickle cell anaemia is the real reason could be found out through thorough check-up done from Adam & Eve specialized medical hospital in UAE.

At the point when this happens, oxygen can’t reach adjacent tissues and the absence of oxygen can cause attacks of sudden, serious pain, called pain crises. These assaults can happen all of a sudden without any warning.

What causes sickle cell anaemia?

what causes sickle cell anaemia

Sickle cell anaemia is caused by the defective gene called sickle cell gene. When kids are born with two sickle cell genes, one from each parent is at a greater risk of having the disease. And when people are born with one sickle cell gene, it is called as sickle cell trait, this is not much serious as they will be healthy, but has the ability to pass on the defective genes to their children making them the victims of sickle cell anaemia.

The other causes includes changes in temperature, illness, poor hydration, stress, altitude and other unknown reasons.

Finding the real cause behind SCD, and carrying out different mechanisms for controlling it is the real challenge. And health centre and medical clinics in Abu Dhabi can provide you with the best possible help in analyzing the cause and minimizing them.

What are the symptoms of sickle cell anaemia?

symptoms of sickle cell anaemia

The symptoms of Sickle cell anaemia shows at a very young age, as early as 4- 6 months. There are many symptoms including:

  •   Fussiness in babies
  •   Fatigue or irritability
  •   Bedwetting can be related with kidney problems
  •   Jaundice
  •   Frequent infections
  •   Swelling in hands and feet
  •   Pain in the chest, back, arms, or legs
  •   Vision problems
  •   Delayed growth

Always stay alert to the symptoms of SCD, as, much delay can cost you with serious complications. Because of which, visit the finest specialized medical hospital in UAE whenever you realize these symptoms.

What are the complications of sickle cell anaemia?

  • Severe anaemia

Anaemia is the shortage of RBC, and it gets easily broken. The breaking part is called chronic hemolysis. It stays alive to the maximum of 10 to 20 days, whereas the ordinary RBC lives up to 120 days. This reduced lifespan should be maintained with the birth of new RBC but when such a balance is not maintained it causes issues. When in such conditions it’s better to visit the best health centre and medical clinics in Abu Dhabi to solve the issues right when it begins.

  • Hand-foot syndrome

When the sickle-shaped red Blood cells blocks the blood vessels in the feet and hands of a person it causes swelling in those areas. Along with it causes leg ulcers.

  • Splenic sequestration

When sickle cell blocks the splenic vessels, it causes a rapid painful enlargement in the spleen.

  • Delayed growth

When sickle cell disease (SCD) attacks children, it causes a delayed growth in kids, though shorter in length they may regain their height by adulthood. The reason behind this is the insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients. Check with the chart of BMI and compare with your kid. For getting the right information about delayed growth and BMI, stopover the health centre and medical clinics in Abu Dhabi.

  • Eye problems

Blindness and eye problems occurs in people as the sickle cells block the blood vessels that runs to the eyes and damages the retina.

  • Skin ulcers

Skin ulcer may develop in legs when small vessels get blocked.

The other diseases may comprise of:

  •   Heart diseases and chest syndrome
  •   Lung disease
  •   Priapism
  •   Gallstones
  •   Sickle chest syndrome

No matter what complications you suffer from, life does not end there, be a fighter who destroys and overcomes every odd. For more support and the best treatment available in the location check in to the specialized medical hospital in UAE.

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