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Important Things to Know About Sinusitis
Important Things to Know About Sinusitis
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Important Things to Know About Sinusitis

Sinusitis is seen by most of the people as allergies because due to this they have trouble breathing due to dust, dust, smoke etc. However, it is not just an allergy, it is the main disease of the nose, which is mainly due to the enlargement or obliqueness of the nasal bone.

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a problem with the nose, also known as sinusitis or sinusitis problem. This disease occurs in a situation when a person's nasal bone becomes enlarged and due to which he has a cold.

Sometimes this disease gets cured with time, but if it lasts for a long time, then nose surgery is the only option left for it.

How many types of sinusitis are there?

There are mainly 4 types of sinusitis, which are as follows:

  1. Acute Sinusitis- This is the common sinusitis, also known as infection sinusitis. Acute sinusitis mainly occurs when a person comes in contact with some kind of virus or bacteria.
  2. Chronic Sinusitis – This refers to a condition in which the cells around the nostrils become swollen. With chronic Sinusitis, the nose swells and along with it the person also feels pain.
  3. Deviated sinusitis- When the sinusitis is on a part of the nose, it is known as deviated sinusitis.

When this happens, the nose gets blocked and the person has difficulty breathing.

What are the symptoms of sinusitis?

However, most people say that they didn't even know when they got sinusitis. But, it is not correct to say this because like any other problem, this nasal disease also has some symptoms, which indicate its occurrence.

Therefore, if a person sees these 5 symptoms, then he should immediately inform the ENT doctor-

  1. Headache- This is the main symptom of sinusitis, in which a person has a headache and for this he has to take headache medicine.
  2. Feeling of heaviness in the nose- Another symptom of sinusitis is that in this condition there is a feeling of heaviness in the nose. In this situation it becomes difficult for anyone to do his work.
  3. Fever – It has often been seen that some people get fever due to sinusitis. Although, its treatment is possible by the usual medicine, still its ENT doctor's advice is the right step.
  4. Coughing- Some people may also have a cough due to sinusitis. If a person has it, he should report it to his ENT doctor.
  5. Swelling on the face- If a person has swelling on the area around the nose, then he should get it checked.

Sinusitis Causes

  • Allergies – This nasal disease can occur mainly to a person who has any kind of allergy. For this reason, a person should get his allergy checked from time to time
  • Weakening of immunity- If a person has an immune system, then he may have sinusitis problems
  • Abnormal nose structure- As explained above, this problem of nose can occur when a person has an abnormal nose structure Therefore, when a person goes to a ENT doctor with this problem, in that case the ENT doctor does an X-ray of his nose so that the structure of his nose can be found out
  • Having a family history- sinusitis like any other problem can be due to family history In other words, if someone else in a person's family has sinusitis, they are more likely to get this nasal disease
  • Suffering from Migraine- sinusitis can also happen to a person who is suffering from migraine

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