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How to Properly Floss When You Have Braces
How to Properly Floss When You Have Braces
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To straighten crooked teeth, most people put wire in the teeth. It is called braces. Dentists often take the help of braces to straighten the teeth by bringing them in one line. Do you know whether it is right to have braces in the teeth or not? Or what could be its advantages and disadvantages.

Many people simply agree to get wired in the teeth on the advice of the dentist, which is absolutely wrong. Along with the body, it is also very important to have healthy teeth, otherwise you may have to face many problems later on. Before getting wire in the teeth, definitely know about their advantages and disadvantages.

##Benefits of applying braces in the teeth If someone's teeth are crooked or not in a straight line or are protruding more in front, then those people get a lot of benefit from getting braces in the teeth. Apart from this, the person's ability to chew food improves after the wire is inserted in the teeth. If there was a problem earlier due to any defect in the teeth, then that problem also goes away by installing wires.

It is easy to brush and clean the teeth properly. Having wire in the teeth also reduces the risk of cavity and dental diseases. If you have a habit of grinding your teeth, then that too goes away.

Flossing with braces

If you want to keep your teeth and braces 100% clean, flossing after every meal will do the trick. Floss the braces using a floss threader or special orthodontic floss to get behind and in between wires.

Disadvantages of putting braces in the teeth

Not only the advantages of having wires in the teeth but also the disadvantages are many, so before getting braces you must know about its disadvantages. Due to the wire, a little space is left above the teeth in which food can get stuck. If the stuck food is not removed in time, then it can cause white spots on the teeth, which are impossible to remove. There can also be a risk of tooth decay due to food getting stuck in the teeth.

When braces are put on, the teeth move out of their place and in this condition some bones on the way to the teeth melt while new bones start forming at the back. In this there is a risk of reducing the length of the root of the tooth. If this happens, the teeth can become weak because of this. Although this happens only to few people.

What to do to prevent damage to teeth and braces: By eating or drinking sweet and starchy things, there is a risk of plaque formation and worms in the teeth, so avoid consuming these things.

After eating food, clean the teeth with fluoride toothpaste and soft bristle brush. If you cannot brush every time, then definitely rinse with water.

You can rinse with fluoride liquid on the advice of a doctor. You should also floss your teeth. This keeps the teeth clean and reduces the risk of any kind of disease in them.

Do not eat more sticky things like chewing gum, candy, caramel. They can stick on the wire and remove them from their place.

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