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How to Get Rid of Ear Pain During Air Travel
How to Get Rid of Ear Pain During Air Travel
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Why does the ear hurt while traveling in a plane? Actually, due to high air pressure, there can be pain in the ears during take-off or landing, while some people's ears become numb. If you also have ear pain during plane travel, then you can get rid of these pain with the help of some easy measures. In case of ear pain, you can use hot compresses, neck exercises, ear drops, etc. In this article, we will discuss ways to reduce ear pain during air travel.

Why do ears hurt during or after air travel?

During air travel, people often complain of ear pain, numbness in the ear . Due to low air pressure at high altitude, ear pain can arise during or after plane travel. Due to the pressure of the air, the eardrum stretches, which causes pain because the eardrum cannot vibrate like normal, which causes pain. In some rare cases, pressure in the ear can result in perforation of the eardrum, so if the earache does not get better even after 24 hours of travel, contact the doctor.

-Use onion to cure ear pain after flight journey You can get rid of ear pain by using onion . To adopt this remedy, cut the onion into two pieces, take one piece and heat it in a pan. Use olive oil to heat a piece of onion. When the onion becomes soft, let it cool down, after that wrap the onion in a clean cotton cloth and place the cloth on the ear, keep it for 10 to 15 minutes, then repeat after two hours, it cures earache.

-Ginger can also be used to relieve ear pain Pain in one or both ears can occur during air travel. Earache is also relieved by the use of ginger. You have to take one teaspoon ginger and one teaspoon olive oil and put the mixture in a cotton cloth and keep it over the ear. This will remove the pain in your ears. This remedy is also effective to remove ear infection.

-Use warm compress to cure ear pain You can do hot compresses in case of severe ear pain during air travel . For this, dip a clean cloth in hot water and after squeezing all the water keep it over the ear, it will cure earache. You can also place a hot salt bag over the ear. During air travel, if you have pain in the ears, you should do neck exercises. Rotate the neck alternately like both the shoulders and rotate the neck up and down, this will put pressure on the ears and the earache will be cured.

-Keep yourself hydrated to cure ear pain during travel If you keep yourself hydrated during air travel, you can get rid of earache, if you have ear pain after travel then you can try healthy drinks like black coffee, herbal tea, green tea, coconut water, fresh juice, You can consume lemonade etc. If you stay hydrated, you can also avoid pain and get rid of stress during travel.

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