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How to Establish Healthy Eating Habits for Your Kids
How to Establish Healthy Eating Habits for Your Kids
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It is important to teach good eating habits to your children, as it can help them to have a healthy weight and normal growth. If children eat healthy food then it can also help them to maintain a healthy lifestyle even when they grow up. The best way to teach good eating habits to children is to eat together as a family. Children learn to make healthy food choices when they eat with adults. It is also a way for them to talk with others and teach table manners. Here are some ways that parents can adopt to inculcate good eating habits in their children.

1. Making Eating Rules

It is necessary for everyone to sit together during the meal. Make such a rule. Set a time for every meal. This is not only a good way to teach them the rules of eating, but they can also stay healthy by having regular meals on time.

2. First do it yourself then teach the children

If you want your child to eat veg, then you need to do it yourself first. Let your kids learn good eating habits from you. Maintain good social behavior at the dinner table. Let your kids see how you are interacting with each other while you have a meal together.

3. Let the kids choose what they want to eat

Tell the children about what you will and will not do on demand. Even if they just pick one or two things off the table, that's fine, but don't force-feed them.

4. Encourage the Two-Beat Rule

Children can skip meals only halfway. When doing this, encourage your children to take at least two bites of food, but do not force them to eat if they do not want to eat even after two bites.

5. Don't force your kids to overeat

They need to eat according to their age and body size. Food and quantity are different for you and your kids.

6. Helping With Cooking

When kids help you prepare a vegetable, it increases the desire to eat it- experts say if your child has contributed to the preparation of the meal, he is more likely to try it.

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