Diabetes : The Silent Attacker

The normal homeostasis of the body is controlled by the endocrine mechanism or hormones. These hormones are sort of chemical messengers, secreted by endocrine glands and are directly poured into the bloodstream. The blood acts as the carrier, and carries the hormones to the specific target organ.

The entire mechanism might sound to be surreal enough, but the same cannot be said in case you have an abnormality growing in your endocrine system. These hormones are required in a very small quantity and so one might think that it cannot become deficient. It’s a wrong thought though!

As hormones are responsible for maintaining the normality in the metabolic and anabolic processes of the human body, their deficient secretion or over secretion, both can introduce an abnormality in the body functions.

So, the world-famous disease, DIABETES, is not because you have a sweet tooth, but because you have a faulty endocrine system. In fact, the medical centers in Abu Dhabi have deemed that a healthy person can consume controlled amounts of sugar and delicious sweets without worrying about getting this disease.

What is Diabetes?

what is diabetes

Pancreas is the part of the digestive system, which generally secretes enzymes. However, a particular group of cells, the Islets of Langerhans, within this leaf-like structure is responsible for the secretion of the hormones like:

  • Insulin: Responsible for converting the excess glucose in the blood into the glycogen
  • Glucagon: Antagonistic to insulin in action
  • Somatostatin: growth hormone-inhibiting hormone (GHIH)

Now, don’t blame the sugar and the mouth-watering sweets for Diabetes. If you have to blame someone, insulin hormone is ever ready to take the blame.

Diabetes I or Diabetes Mellitus is caused when the insulin is secreted in deficient amounts, much less than its destined quantity into the bloodstream. The exact cause for this abnormality in the action of the hormone is unknown. But it is believed by the medical center in Abu Dhabi that the diabetes can be triggered by high tension, genetic problems and some other triggering stimuluses.

What happens in Diabetes?

what happens in diabetes

As said, Diabetes is caused due to the insufficient secretion of insulin hormones. But what exactly happens when a person is diagnosed with this disease? Here they are:

Deficiency in insulin, causes the presence of excess glucose in the blood, from not being able to be converted to the storable form, the glycogen. As a consequence, the blood glucose will increase and soon the glucose will appear in the urine of the person.

According to the endocrinologists in the medical center in Abu Dhabi, under normal conditions, the appearance of glucose in the urine is not at all good for the health. In fact, they too, like other endocrinologists across the world, have deemed Diabetes as the silent killer.

Why is Diabetes a silent and chronic killer?

Diabetes treatment in Abu Dhabi has become one of the major priorities of the medical specialists in the country. Why?

Diabetes mellitus, though might sound to be a common problem, can make your organs defective, affect their functionality from inside without you knowing them.

In many cases, even the medical reports have failed to identify the deadly effects of this metabolic disease. The first target organ of Diabetes is the kidney, most of the diabetic patients suffers from kidney failures. Then starting from liver, to the heart the disease eventually affects almost all the organs, ultimately making its way to the eyes. In fact, people suffering from a special disease known as diabetic retinopathy which is the permanent blindness.

So yes, the concerns of the medical centers in Abu Dhabi is not light-weighted. Diabetes being a world-wide metabolic problem, the Abu Dhabi government is trying to spread awareness about the dangers of it amongst the civilians of the country. Apart from this, the medical conditions for the diabetes treatment in Abu Dhabi have also developed to a great extent.

Treatments for diabetes using home remedies

home remedies for diabetes

According to the UAE doctors, some measures can control this disease. Let’s have a look at the remedies that will help you to control the dangers of this silent killer, but visit a specialist for in-depth and in detail checkup and cure.


The bitterness of this vegetable might disregard your taste bud, but that doesn’t mean it is not beneficial for health. One of the major functions is to control the Diabetes and lower the level.

  •    BLACK PLUM 

Black Plum is quite effective as a home remedy to keep diabetes under control, owing to the fact that it has a low glycemic index. This will help you to reign in the consumption of sweetened fruits.


One of the best ways to reduce Diabetes is exercise. Most Diabetic patients either take a morning walk in a park or go for the regular yoga classes.


Being a natural antioxidant, it can easily control the oxidation of the body cells by the free radicals in the case of diabetic patients. This is the reason why the consumption of Vitamin C foods is great when someone is suffering from Diabetes.


This medical center in Abu Dhabi has a specialized team of doctors from various departments of the medical science. In fact, their processes of medical treatments are of high quality and they do not compromise with the health of their patients. Getting the diabetes treatment in Abu Dhabi from this center will not only be beneficial but also guaranteed.

They, in fact, also take care of the post-medical treatments, advising the patients to maintain a proper diet, do regular exercises and a tension free life. One of the best factors about this medical center in Abu Dhabi is that they treat the patients with utmost care and try to make them hale and hearty.

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