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Foods to Eat and to Avoid During the First Week of Having Braces
Foods to Eat and to Avoid During the First Week of Having Braces
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Have you also put wire or teeth braces on your teeth? To straighten your crooked teeth, a wire is put in the teeth. Also called teeth braces. Usually many people whose teeth are outwards or crooked, they get wires on their teeth. However, you can do regular brushing and eat soft foods once the teeth are wired. But there are some foods that you should not eat if you have wires in your teeth, then it is better. Because it can be harmful to the teeth attached to the wire.

What to eat

Liquid and semi-liquid things like milk, lassi, milk shake, soup, porridge can be taken. They are easily digested. After some time, you can eat things like rice with pulses or vegetables, butter and jam spread with soft bread. Avoid eating candy, chocolate and chewing gum.

What to avoid

Popcorn If you have strings attached to your teeth, avoid eating popcorn as it can loosen your braces. Popcorn can get stuck between your teeth and braces and thus foods like popcorn and ice can loosen your braces, causing food to stick between them. They are hard to chew and thus, can mess up the straightness of the braces as well. It is best to eat soft food when you have braces. During this, it is appropriate to consume foods like curd, soup, lentils, rice and thin roti.

Chewing Gum and Caramel When you have braces in your teeth, you should avoid eating sticky, especially chewing gum. Chewing gum can be the biggest reason for the braces to deteriorate. Because it can stick in between the braces and you may also face difficulty in removing it. Caramel, on the other hand, is very sticky, which you can chew on and deposit on your teeth. You may find it difficult to remove the caramel when you have braces, which can result in a cavity in the tooth. If you crave sweets then you can eat soft sweets, as they do not get stuck.

**Hard candy and nuts ** In addition to chewing gum, you should also avoid consuming hard things, such as hard candy or hard nuts. Because such hard things can spoil the straightness of your braces. That's why you have braces. Hard candies can also break your braces, which can cause injury to your mouth or gums. This is the reason why you are advised to eat soft food in the meantime.

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