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Everything You Need to Know About Diabetes
Everything You Need to Know About Diabetes
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Everything You Need to Know About Diabetes

Diabetes consists of a group of diseases that affects the body’s ability to produce and use glucose (blood sugar). Glucose forms an essential part of the body’s mechanism, it is a crucial source of energy for the cells that are present in the body muscles and tissues; also forms the main source of brain fuel. Not all causes of diabetes are similar and irrespective of the diabetes type, this disease raises the blood sugar level in the blood due to which a number of serious health issues may pile up.

But there lies great news for all the diabetes patients out there, unlike all other kinds of severe medical conditions, diabetes patients can live longer with appropriate care and management. Medical science has also helped a lot to assist in this battle with a series of effective inventions that are also budget-friendly. Blood glucose levels can be properly maintained with the help of a combination of balanced diet, medications, active lifestyle, controlled blood pressure and regular check-up, screening of the entire body.

Doing so will reduce the severity of the disease and less the amount of complications that can scale up if diabetes is left untreated. One of the common myth about diabetes is that diabetes patient can’t consume any kind of sweets. A moderate amount of sweet dish or piece of cake may cause no harm once a month.

A small amount of sugar can be substituted for other carbohydrates, for example for skipping pasta for a tiny amount of sugar, consuming food that is not sweet does not mean that you’re choosing a sugar-free product. Other food like bread, potatoes contains sugar alcohol which is harmful to a diabetic patient. Such foods can increase the blood sugar level and lead to the laxative effect. It is very important to understand the composition of food ingredients to avoid further complications. Maintaining blood glucose also helps a lot to determine the amount of insulin the diabetic patient needs to take.

Did you know there is a third type of diabetes that mainly affects pregnant women? It has been reported that 9% of the women become resistant towards insulin once they become pregnant, increases the risk towards developing gestational diabetes. Interestingly, having this third kind of diabetes does not mean that the unborn baby will get affected by this disease, the baby remains safe and post-pregnancy gestational diabetes wears off in most cases but there carries a risk of developing type-2 diabetes in the later stages of life.

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