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Everything You Need to Know About Buck Teeth
Everything You Need to Know About Buck Teeth
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The protruding tooth is also called overbite or Buck Teeth. This is a common problem, but in some cases it can be serious. Many of us do not like protruding teeth. At the same time, some people feel good about the protruding tooth, so they do not want to fix it. But it becomes necessary to treat the protruding tooth in order to avoid serious problems such as cutting gums or tongue, halitosis. Now the question is why do people's teeth come out? What is the reason behind this? Today in this article we will know for what reasons do teeth come out?

The main reason for overbite is genetic. But due to some other external reasons, such as the size of the jaw, thumb sucking, sucking a bottle of milk can also cause teeth to come out. Let us know about it in detail.

Thumb-sucking Many parents forbid their children to suck their thumb. Thumb sucking is not considered a good habit. Also, it can cause many health-related problems. At the same time, it can also be a major reason for the tooth that has come out. In fact, when babies repeatedly suck their thumbs, their jaws gradually move outwards. At the same time, there is pressure on the teeth, due to which the tooth can come out. If your child is sucking thumb even after the age of 3 to 4 years, then change this habit immediately.

Overuse of Pacifiers When baby cries, many parents give pacifiers to their babies to calm them down. Due to which your child becomes calm, but due to this your child may have problem of overbite. It has also been proved in many researches that teeth can come out by using pacifiers. So don't try to pacify babies by giving them pacifiers. Growing up, they can suffer from overbite.

Tongue Out Some children have a habit of repeatedly sticking their tongue out. Due to this habit of theirs, their teeth can also come out. Tongue sticking is very common in children, but some adults also stick out the tongue. Due to which their teeth can also come out.

Genetic Teeth can also come out due to genetic reasons. In fact, some babies are born with an uneven jaw or an upward protruding jaw. Because of which their teeth can come out. If your parents, siblings or other relatives have this problem, then your teeth may also come out.

Missing or Extra Teeth Missing or extra teeth can also cause teeth to come out. Actually, when the milky teeth of some children are broken, during this time due to some reasons, the teeth do not come again. In such a situation, when other teeth get extra space, then they start coming forward. At the same time, the teeth of those children who do not get their teeth broken on time can also come out.

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