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Everything You Need to Know About Breast Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis
Everything You Need to Know About Breast Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis
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Everything You Need to Know About Breast Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis

Breast cancer is a kind of cancer that first occurs in the breast and cancer cells abnormally grow at a fast pace. This abnormal growth of cancer cells in the breast results in the development of tumors. The early detection of breast cancer symptoms will greatly increase the patient’s chance of survival.

Cancer is a broad term. It is caused by a variety of processes involving abnormal growth or division of cells. Sometimes it can appear as a lump of tumor and sometimes it can be seen as cancer, leukemia, in which cancer gets into the blood of the body. Due to cancer, the body's immunity is lost and other damages caused by it can also be fatal.

Normally, when the cells of the body do not grow according to a normal life cycle, abnormal changes in them cause cancer. Every person's experience of cancer is different. A much-discussed type of cancer is breast cancer which usually occurs in women but now it is also seen in young girls (30-40 age group).

Breast cancer genes

Although breast cancer can happen to women of any age, condition, and physical appearance, we'll mention the genes or genes associated with breast cancer here if someone in your family has had breast cancer:

Breast cancer in the family: It is believed that if someone in your family or a blood relative has had breast cancer, then you are also at risk of breast cancer. However, most breast cancers are not hereditary and other family members are not at risk for life.

When breast cancer starts growing and dividing in the body, then it is considered the beginning of this cancer. This could be the result of 'a change in jeans'. An altered gene can either be hereditary or it can be acquired. Hereditary genes come into the body through either the mother or the father. Changed genes can be caused by various factors such as environmental, physiological, and lifestyle factors.

The exact cause of breast cancer has not been found yet, but still some reasons increase the chances of getting breast cancer, and these reasons are named 'risk'.

Genetically altered genes: Genetically altered genes that increase the risk of breast cancer are called BRAK1 (breast cancer1) and BRAK2 (breast cancer2).

If you do not have a genetic mutation in a gene called TP53 (tumor protein p53), your risk of developing breast cancer increases. If you inherit any of these genes from your parents, you are at a higher risk of breast cancer. That is why it can also be considered as a surety of breast cancer. In other words, being a woman you have a higher risk of getting breast cancer.

Information about breast cancer

At each stage of treatment, the test reports give a variety of details. Based on these results, the nature, duration, intensity of treatment and drug combination are determined. The test report gives your general information like your age, gender, name of the treating doctor, etc. Cancer size (tumor size can be in millimeters or centimeters), nature and grade (grades 1,2 or 3 depending on the growth of cancer cells)

Stages of breast cancer: Most cancers are diagnosed early is done like :

Stage 1:When (a) when the breast cancer cells are less than 2 cm (b) when there are no cancer cells in the breast but some cells are found in the lymph nodes in the adjacent

Stage 2: When (a) when the cancer is 2 cm or less but is found in 1-3 lymph nodes near and adjacent to breast tissue and (b) cancer cells are 2-5 cm but in adjacent lymph nodes No cancer cells are found in

Stage 3: When (a) Cancer cells are found in 4-9 lymph nodes in the armpit (b) Cancer cells of any size can occur in breast bone and skin (c) Cancer can be of any size And it has spread to the skin or chest wall of the breast and to 10 or more lymph nodes in the armpit or breast bone, or to the bottom of the neck.

Stage 4: Breast cancer may or may not be found in any of the lymph nodes but has spread to other parts of the body such as distant lymph nodes, lungs, liver, or brain.

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