Understanding and caring for your hearing


The sensation of hearing is a vital part of one’s life which connects one to the world of sounds and music. There is a lot of need to take care of the hearing faculties in a person in today’s day and age. With the growth of noise pollution and the increasing stress levels, your hearing can easily deteriorate if you do not exercise care and caution for it. At our medical clinic Abu Dhabi, we help you cope with the lifestyle changes that can affect your hearing while offering medical advice for both prevention and cure for damaged hearing. We believe that a few simple steps in discipline can reduce the risk of hearing ailments. Should you still face issues with your hearing, you must always reach out to us at our medical clinic Abu Dhabi.

Steps to take care of your hearing

1) Minimize the noise intakeENT Clinic in Abu Dhabi | Ear care

A completely noise-free life just isn’t possible today. But you must take the effort to reduce the noise levels around. Try shifting to a quieter neighborhood if possible. Try avoiding the noisier route to the office even if it saves you time. Try avoiding commuting at the noisiest time in the day. If the noise is impossible to get rid of, then you must think of using ear plugs to cut down on the noise levels. They can take some getting used to, but they will improve the longevity of your ears and your hearing.

2) Minimize the volume levels for audio devices

The challenges to hearing also come from a much closer quarter- your audio devices. You must listen to music at lower volumes (experts say that 60% of the volume should be the maximum) and not listen to music for extended hours every day (an hour a day is the accepted and recommended time). If you go to a concert, make sure you have your earplugs or you might get a case of the ringing ears (called tinnitus). If it persists, don’t hesitate to reach out to us which is the best clinic Abu Dhabi.

3) Know about earwax and its goodnessMedical Clinic near Abu Dhabi | ENT care UAE

Earwax may seem itchy (it isn’t) and worrisome. But it is always good for you. Earwax catches dirt and other unwanted things in your ear and prevents them from doing any damage. If you think that you have too much earwax, then an earwax softening solution can soften it up and can help it come out more easily. We would still say that the best thing to do if you think you are having too much earwax, is to get a qualified medical opinion.

4) Know how to clean your ears

There are cotton swabs that are easily available in the market today. However, they are harmful to your ears and hearing. Cotton swabs are not the best tools to clean your ears. They can possibly harm your ear—rum and cause permanent loss of hearing. A better option is to use a slightly wet towel and rub it around your ear canal to clean any excess wax outside. A still better option is to seek professional help. A doctor can clean your ears in a much safer manner. It is always a good idea to book periodic appointments with your doctor for ear-cleaning sessions.

5) Know some simple remediesMedical centre in Abu Dhabi

It is possible that when you go for swimming or for some kind of water sports, that some water gets into your ears. In those circumstances, it is good to know of some simple steps to follow that can give you comfort. The first thing to do is to, of course, shake your head and open and close your jaw which generally works. If the water still persists inside, it is a good idea to put a solution to rubbing alcohol and vinegar (half portions each) inside your ears and to let that solution stay for half a minute before throwing it out. This can reduce the risk of infections. You should always follow these steps up with a consultation and we are always willing to help, being the best clinic Abu Dhabi.

6) Exercise daily

The oldest trick in the book works for auditory health as well. Exercise pumps out blood to every organ and your ears get the required blood supply too, which keeps its self-cleaning mechanism efficient and effective. Exercise, coupled with a healthy lifestyle will indirectly but surely impact your hearing faculties in a positive manner.


With these steps, we at our medical center Abu Dhabi, are sure that you will be at a reduced risk of any damage to your hearing. The key here is consistency and discipline that you need to abide by while following these simple and effective steps. If you face repeated issues of pain with your ear or don’t recover your hearing after days of rest, we are always available to help at our medical center Abu Dhabi. Your ears are your asset to the auditory world and you must do your best to protect them for an enjoyable life!

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