Ear Problems and Dizziness

The balance system of your body depends on your eyes, brain and your inner ears working together in a proper sync. Whenever there is damage to this relationship, you might experience dizziness. If you belong to Abu Dhabi and you face such problems, you can simply visit any nearby medical centre Abu Dhabi and get an ENT consultation.

More about ear problems and associated dizzinessdizziness treatment specialist in UAE

The core part involved in the balance of the body is the inner ear. However, to maintain perfect balance, proper co-ordination is required between the three main parts: the balance organ inside the inner ear, the eyes and the various muscles and joints that you have in the body. Whenever there is any trouble in these three organs, you can experience any form of dizziness like maybe a sensation of unsteadiness or head reeling and spinning, or a general feeling of disorientation as compared to the surroundings. There are a number of medical clinic Abu Dhabi that can help you get over this problem easily.

Inner ear reasons for dizzinessInner Ear pain reason of Dizziness

If you are suffering from dizziness due to any issues in your inner ear, do not panic. It is one of the most common types of dizziness that is experienced by people mainly because of any blood circulation disturbances or a change in the inner ear fluid pressure. It could also be caused by any extra pressure that is exerted on the balance nerve or any physiologic changes that may happen in the balance nerve.

These interruptions could cause not only dizziness, but may also lead to hearing loss or ringing in the ears (tinnitus). This inner ear –caused dizziness might give you a feeling of spinning or vertigo sensation, unsteadiness, whirling or light headedness. It may be intermittent or even constant! These symptoms are commonly aggravated by particular head movements or any sudden changes in the posture and position of the body. You may experience nausea and vomiting, but there is nothing to worry in such cases. What symptoms you will experience primarily depends on what portion of your inner ear is affected.

How to evaluate dizziness due to ear problems?Dizziness Treatment in A bu Dhabi

You should start evaluating or testing for dizziness with a hearing test. The hearing organ or cochlea is situated in the same structure as the balance organ in the ear. You can ask your ENT for a behavioural hearing test conducted in a sound booth. This could be followed by the ABR test, which is the Auditory Brainstem Response. This test is designed to non-invasively record the brainstem responses to stimuli of sound. In this test, the brain waves are captured. You just have to comfortable lie down with closed eyes. Whether or not you have any hearing loss or other anomalies can be known by this test and your doctor will know about the cause of your dizziness.

Another usual test that can be carried out to evaluate balance is the videonystagmography or VNG that is usually performed by an audiologist or an ENT. In this test, a video recorder is used to provide visual stimulus and it is placed in various positions. During this, the ear canals are stimulated constantly with cool and warm water. It is a comprehensive test that will clear out whether your dizziness is due to the inner ear problems or is there any other cause for this dizziness.

What are the treatments for dizziness?

The best treatment for your dizziness depends on the underlying cause of it. So once you are clear with why your dizziness is occurring, you can consult the respective doctor and get your problems solved. When you experience heavy dizziness, you can have some temporary medication to control it, as prescribed by your physician. However, all forms of medication must be stopped prior to your evaluation. Some other common causes of dizziness that could happen due to any problem in your inner ear include bacterial infection, viral infection, allergies, motion sickness or any other medications.

There are various common ways of treating dizziness like head positioning, medication, diet or even surgery. If you are facing dizziness due to thyroid problems or diabetes, the treatment will require you to control those problems first and your dizziness will slowly go away. You can also consult physical therapists who are experts in vestibular rehabilitation. This is a treatment for correcting the balance disorders. In this they gradually make the brain retain all the lost sensory inputs. Your doctor may prescribe Valium if you are not able to bear with the dizziness.

When should you consult an ENT?

When you are unable to control your dizziness or it has been prolonging for quite some time, you should not delay any further and immediately consult an ENT. If your pain is too much to take, instead of self-medication, it is always good to go for a doctor who will guide you through your pain. You can go to any best clinic Abu Dhabi to get medical assistance for your dizziness caused by any ear problems.

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