Why Do Children Get So Many Ear Infections?       

Ear infections are considered to be one of the most common problem in children. Most of the cases that come to pediatrics clinics in Abu Dhabi are related to the problem of ear infections in children. The worst part is that the children are often not able to understand and explain their pain or discomfort, and hence, the ear infection continues to grow and can sometimes end up becoming dangerous for the child. Therefore, as a parent, one of the first things that you need to do is understand the symptoms and changes in the behavior of your child, which are the direct result of an ear infection.

Signs Of An Ear Infection In ChildrenEar infections in children

  • If your child is constantly tugging or pulling his or her ears, it may be due to the pain caused by an ear infection.
  • Fluid draining from the ears is one of the most obvious signs of an ear infection.
  • If your child suddenly becomes clumsy or starts to experience balancing problems, it can be a result of an ear infection.
  • If you feel that your child is not responding to the sounds around him or her in an alert manner, it may be because he or she is having trouble listening due to an infection in the ears.
  • Troubled sleep and fever are also common symptoms of an ear infection.

Causes Of An Ear InfectionEar infections in toddlers | ear specialist UAE

Ear infections are mostly caused by bacteria. If the child has recently suffered from cold, a sore throat or any other type of upper respiratory infection, then the chances of the child getting an ear infection become high. There is a very big possibility that the bacteria which caused the infection in the upper respiratory will travel to the ears as well and cause an infection there. As a result of this bacterial or virus growth, fluid starts to accumulate behind the eardrums, putting a lot of pressure on the ears and the eardrums, which in turn can cause damage.

Why Children Are More Susceptible To Ear Infections Than Adults

It is well researched and well documented fact that children are more likely to suffer from ear infections than adults. There are two main reasons for the same.

Structure Of The Eustachian TubesThe Eustachian tubes in children are much smaller in size, and also they are absolutely straight in structure. As a result of this size and shape, the drainage of the fluid through these tubes becomes a little slow and difficult in the normal circumstances. Add to this, if the child suffers from cold, these tubes can get further blocked or swollen due to mucus and thus, the drainage stops completely. Thus, the fluid instead of getting drained out, gets accumulated behind the eardrums and leads to ear infections.

Weak Immune SystemAnother major cause which the pediatrics in Abu Dhabi have identified for the higher rate of ear infections in children is the fact that their immune system is not as strong as the immunity system in adults. When the immunity system works perfectly, all the bacteria caused by cold, sore throat or any other respiratory problem should pass out through the nose or the mouth. However, since the immune system in the kids is not very strong, some of these bacteria can get trapped inside, leading to chronic infections. These infections then pass on to the Eustachian tubes and the middle ear, resulting in ear infections.

Treatments For Ear Infections In ChildrenEar Infections treatment in Abu Dhabi

The best pediatrician near Abu Dhabi will carefully observe and examine the ears, and understand the cause and nature of the infection and accordingly decide on the course of treatment for the child. The course of treatment selected by the pediatrician will be ad should be such that it is able to cure the infection, without causing much pain to the child. The treatment should also remove the infection from its roots so that it does not reoccur. Some of the commonly used treatments for ear infections in children by pediatricians all over the world are as follows:

  • Antibiotics may be prescribed by the doctor for treating the bacteria causing the infection in the ears. It is very important that even if your child gets relief after a couple of doses of these medicines, still you should complete the course as prescribed by the doctor, to ensure that the infection does not come back.
  • If the child is in a lot of pain, the doctors can prescribe mild pain killers. There are special pain relief medicines for children, which are very mild in nature, and only the painkillers prescribed by a pediatrician should be given to the children.
  • If the fluid stays in the ears for more than 3 months, the doctor may insert tubes in the eardrums and drain out the fluid from the same. This is also known as the Grommet Procedure.

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