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Drink Prenatal Vitamins to Ensure Optimal Prenatal Health
Drink Prenatal Vitamins to Ensure Optimal Prenatal Health
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Pregnancy is an important stage in a woman's life. Women have to prepare their bodies for pregnancy before they can conceive. Not only this, during pregnancy also a woman needs to take many precautions. At this time, many types of vitamins are needed for the development of the child, which women get only through diet and medicines. During this time, every pregnant woman should go to the doctor from time to time and take advice about taking vitamins according to the requirements of the body.

During pregnancy, the lack of any kind of vitamin in a woman's body has a direct effect on the unborn child. Vitamin deficiency during pregnancy increases the chances of many congenital diseases in the baby.

Why vitamins are important in pregnancy

The entire body of the baby is formed during pregnancy. At this time, the problem that comes in any part of the body is very difficult to be corrected after birth. Many times, such disorders arise in children from birth, due to which they have to live in trouble throughout their life. Therefore, during pregnancy, a woman needs to be more careful than on normal days. During pregnancy, a woman has to bear the responsibility of keeping her body healthy as well as the health of the baby. Due to this, the woman needs vitamins during pregnancy. It is very important to take folic acid, iron and calcium during pregnancy.

Experts say that taking folic acid does not cause neural-tube defects in the baby, while iron is necessary for the baby's oxygen at the time of delivery. Apart from this, calcium strengthens the bones of the child and mother during pregnancy.

When to start taking vitamins during pregnancy

Women hoping to get pregnant need to take vitamins from about three months in advance. The eggs produced in the body of women need nutrition from about three months in advance. Along with this, in the first four weeks of pregnancy, due to the deficiency of vitamins in the fetus, there is a possibility of neural-tube defects, such as spina bifida. If you are feeling pregnant, you should start taking vitamins well in advance of seeing a doctor for confirmation and other procedures. The first few weeks of pregnancy play an important role in the formation of the baby and any mistake during this time can prove to be dangerous for the baby. For this reason, you should start taking vitamins even before becoming pregnant.

Folic acid in pregnancy

Taking folic acid during pregnancy is very important. Even before you become pregnant, doctors recommend you to take folic acid. A dose of 400 micrograms (ad mg) of folic acid is given before trying to get pregnant, and this medicine lasts until the 12th week of pregnancy. Folic acid medicines are given to protect the baby from birth defects, such as spina bifida. Women can also get folic acid through foods. Folic acid is found in green vegetables and grains etc. Often a pregnant woman does not get enough folic acid from food, so its need can be met through medicines. Women need to be given higher doses of folic acid in the following types of cases.

• If the first child of women who become pregnant for the second time has had a neural tube defect (spinal defect). • Woman having diabetes. • Neural tube defect in a family member. • Neural tube defects in the partner or the woman herself.

Vitamin D in Pregnancy

Every adult, except pregnant and lactating women, needs 10 micrograms (0.01 mg) of vitamin D per day. This can be achieved in many ways. Vitamin D works to regulate calcium and phosphate in the body. It keeps bones, teeth and muscles healthy. The need for vitamin D can be met by sunlight. But in case of strong sunlight keep your body covered. In the hot summer sun, your skin can get allergic or sunburn (sunburn).

You can also meet vitamin D deficiency by eating oily fish, eggs and red meat. Apart from this, medicines can also be consumed for the supply of vitamin D. Avoid standing in strong sunlight to get vitamin D from the sun in pregnancy. Along with this, you should take advice from your doctor about the need for vitamin D in pregnancy.

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