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Different Reasons Why Some Babies Have Speech Delay
Different Reasons Why Some Babies Have Speech Delay
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Every child has its own growth—from walking to speaking, they have their own age. For example, a typical 2-year-old young child may say about 50 words and speak in two- to three-word sentences. By the age of 3, their vocabulary develops and the word count reaches 1000 and sentences become longer. But there are some children whose vocabulary does not develop with time.

They cannot speak long sentences like other children or have difficulty speaking complete sentences. They develop but learn at a slower pace than others. Parents can be of great help to them in this situation. The first teachers of the child are called parents. In such a situation, you understand their problem and help them.

Know the reason

Every child has its own sequence of development. When the child speaks late, parents often wonder why this is happening. If your child has a speech delay, it does not necessarily mean that he has a problem. Some children take a long time to develop. Delay in speaking can also be a sign of a problem with the mouth or tongue. Well, there can be many reasons for the delay in speaking to children.


Ankyloglossia is a very common condition among toddlers and is also known as tongue-tie. If a child has this problem, it means that your tongue will be attached to the base of the mouth. Due to this problem, children may have to face trouble pronouncing some letters.

Neurological disability

If your baby is delayed in speaking, a neurological condition could also be a cause. Disorders in the brain can cause problems with speech. Neurological problems like cerebral palsy and brain injury require medical advice and treatment.


If your child is experiencing problems with interacting with people, understanding language and speaking, he may have an autism disorder. Autism is also one of the leading causes of speech delay. Repeating phrases and activities are a sign of autistic behavior in children.

Hearing impairment

Deafness or hearing loss also causes trouble speaking and understanding words. Difficulty in hearing also causes problems in speaking. In this situation, you should first get the child examined by the doctor whether there is really any problem in the child's hearing or just his development is slowing down.

It is not that developmental delay in children cannot be treated. If recognized and taken care of in time, there are few things that parents can do and treat delayed speech in children to a great extent. For example, show your child to a therapist. This increases the confidence of the child and at the same time will help them in speech treatment. Speech and language therapy should be started in children from a very early age so that they do not face any kind of problem when they start schooling. Apart from this, you can also help children in speech therapy by adopting some small steps at home:

  • Give them time to speak for themselves,
  • Boost their confidence
  • Read and sing for your baby.
  • Pay attention to what they are trying to say
  • Try to repeat the words they are having trouble with.
  • Use words to talk about objects like color blocks, toys, etc.

Medical centre in Abu Dhabi

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