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Braces and Other Causes of Swollen Gums
Braces and Other Causes of Swollen Gums
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Swollen gums with braces is common. Not to mention that the mouth is that part of our body, whose health is generally ignored by people. This is the reason why many people suffer from gingivitis due to this carelessness. Ever wondered what could be the reasons behind sudden swelling of gums or what precautions and measures can be adopted to get rid of it? If the answer is no then this article is just for you.

We will tell you the symptoms and causes of gingivitis along with home remedies for swollen gums. At the same time, in this article, you will be given complete information regarding how to treat gingivitis. Keep in mind, home remedies can give relief in the problem, but they cannot be called a cure for those problems.

Types of Swollen Gums

The type of gum inflammation is not specifically defined. Nevertheless, its type can be understood on the basis of the affected area of ​​the gum and the severity of the gingivitis, which is as follows

Partial Inflammation – When the triangular shaped area of ​​the gingiva called the papillae is mildly inflamed and only the gingiva attached to one tooth is affected, it is called partial gingivitis.

Gingivitis – When there is swelling in the papillae attached to more than one tooth, it is called chronic gingivitis. Extensive gingivitis – When there is swelling of the papillae region in the gum as well as the marginal portion, i.e. the outer edge, it is seen as extensive gingivitis.

Causes of Swollen Gums

Why do gums swell? To get the answer of this question, through the following points, we can get to know the cause of swelling in the gums.

  • Inflammation due to gingivitis (a gum disease caused by bacterial infection).
  • Due to virus or fungal infection.
  • Due to lack of nutrition.
  • Due to poor fitting of dentures (fake teeth) or other devices to the mouth.
  • Due to pregnancy.
  • Due to increased sensitivity to toothpaste or mouthwash.
  • Due to scurvy (a disease caused by deficiency of vitamin C).
  • Because of the side effects of a particular drug.
  • Caused by food particles stuck in the teeth or gums.

Symptoms of Swollen Gums.

Mainly the symptoms of gingivitis are as follows:

  • Bleeding gums
  • The gums become red and swollen
  • Pain in the gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Sensitivity in teeth
  • Bad breath

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