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We know little ones need a lot more care

Department of Pediatrics is a trusted destination for management of pediatric problems of every dimension. Our qualified and well trained team of professionals extend the utmost care with compassion handling sensitive issues of the young patients from contingent to chronic.

Normal congenital diseases / Management of feeding disorders in children / Treatment of common & seasonal infections in children / Growth monitoring / Vaccination and Nutrition Services / General Pediatrics Psychiatry and Mental health / Routine checkups and child care, including immunizations / Care for the new born infants / Diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses / Assessment of school age children

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Dr. Shajahan Mohammed

Dr. Shajahan is an acknowledged paediatrician with a bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery from Government Medical College Trivandrum and post graduate diploma in Child Health from Government Medical College Calicut in 1995. Throughout his quarter century of practice, Dr. Shajahan has been managing and following up all acute and chronic pediatric cases with exceptional experience in pediatric allergy, nutrition deficiency, growth and development.

His key practice involves baby check-ups, immunizations and school physicals along with diagnosis and treatment of numerous pediatric illnesses. His treatment methods and preventive care have earned compliance from young patients and confidence of parents.

His thirst for knowledge and passion in the field drives him to organize many camps to educate family regarding the essential of healthy life and zest for knowledge direct him to attend many workshops and training's. Commitment to family centered health care drive confidence in parents that their childrens get best treatments and safe from all ailments.

According to him "Children's are the gift of god and light up the world with their innocence".

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Free Pediatric Dental Consultation In Abu Dhabi

Posted on January 30, 2017

Are you happy with the appearance of your teeth? Is there anything you’d like to improve? Try our FREE Pediatric dental consultation to find out how we can help you achieve the perfect smile. We offer Free Pediatric Dental Consultation In Abu Dhabi.

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