Snoring in Kids: The few Important Things to Know

Seeing your little one lying peacefully on the bed, the whole house is silent and the beauty in watching the kid smile in his/her sleep and the slight moments of their eyes seeing a dream, it’s all very charming and these makes our life worth living. But all these becomes a dream when your kid starts to snores during sleep. However, your kid is a superhero in all the sense for sure.

Have you wondered why your kid snores? What is the reason behind him or her finding it difficult to breathe or is there anything you could do to solve this issue? Well, let’s go step by step to understand snoring in children and reach out to the best child ENT specialist Abu Dhabi to receive more details.

What is snoring?

what is snoring

Snoring is the sound triggered by vibrations in the respiratory system – upper airways due to the congested air movement while sleeping. Even though kid’s snoring is not highlighted with caution, it can be a sign of a sleep disorder or further important problems. Snorting is another such issue caused by clogged airways.

What causes snoring in kids?

what causes snoring in kids

Respiratory Infection

If your kid is suffering from cold, flu or allergies, it’s more likely to turn into sinuses. Thus forcing the kid to breathe through the mouth and can form snoring. And this requires a close checkup for which you may have to visit a pediatric ENT for the proper surveillance.

respiratory infection

Blocked Nasal Passages or Airways

In other cases, cold and allergy causes building up of mucus blocking up the nasal pathway, leading the kids to breathing through the mouth.

Seasonal Allergy

Some kids have allergy to specific agents and one such is pollen. Getting exposed to this or other allergic agents can cause a stuffy nose, causing in difficulty to breathing.

Enlarged Adenoids or Tonsils

Adenoids are glands situated near the nasal passage and the tonsils are present in the anterior part of mouth (at the opening of the throat). The function of these glands is to prevent the entry of bacteria and germs by trapping them. But at times these glands swells up, thus making it difficult to breathe and thus snoring. Do the proper check up to identify if the gland has swollen up with child ENT specialist Abu Dhabi.

 Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

Sleep apnea is the situation when your breathing is very shallow or you may even stop breathing for a brief period. And Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the condition when the upper airways becomes moderately or completely blocked during sleep. This can cause the reduced flow of oxygen to vital organs and produce irregular heart rhythms. This makes the diaphragm and chest muscles to make an effort to open or remove the block, as a consequence, there is a loud gasp, body jerk or snort. To get more details on OSA or sleep apnea meet with the child ENT specialist Abu Dhabi to resolve the issue immediately.

Deviated Nasal Septum

The cartilage and tissue that divides the two nostrils are called the nasal septum. In some cases, the kids are born with a crooked nasal septum, because of which one nostril becomes smaller than the other leading to difficulty in breathing through nose. So the kid starts to breathe through mouth, thus triggering snoring and sometimes snorting.

Being Overweight

Eating a lot of foods that involve carbs, you are endangering your kid to obesity. No much exercise, no playing around not being active can lead to overweight or obesity. Not just that your kid will have difficulty in breathing as the nasal air passage becomes swollen and cause snoring. For understanding the right Body mass index (BMI) visit the best child ENT specialist Abu Dhabi. The visits to the doctor and proper exercise can solve the snoring issue.

Genetic Disorder and Neuromuscular Disease

Kids having Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, and cleft palate have a greater probability to snore as they have hypotonia or a weak muscle tone. This can be one of the reasons to snore.


Children who have asthma usually have an inflamed nasal passage which interrupts the breathing causing them to snore while sleeping.

Passive Smoking

When you are smoking you are not just putting your life in danger, but also the others who are around you, which is passive smoking. Smoking near your kid is very harmful to the kid’s respiratory system. One such after effect is snoring due to blocked nasal passages and airways.

What to do when your baby snores?

  •   Visit the finest child ENT specialist Abu Dhabi for the proper identification of snoring issues and finding the agents that lead to snoring. You may observe their daily routines, especially before their bedtime and list it for analyzing and take it with you when you visit your doctor.
  •   Keep your kid away from allergens like pollen, pets, pet feathers and more.
  •   Check for sinus infection with pediatric ENT.
  •   Keep your kid away from passive smoking.
  •   Check if your kid is showing sleep apnea while sleeping (the breathing stopping for 10 seconds), you may calculate the time as well and how many nights do such breaks happen. Visit the doctor with such analysis.
  •   You may let your kid sleep with an elevated head as compared to the body using a pillow.
  • Please don’t use wrong tricks like closing the kid’s nose completely by a clip, this is not recommended.


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