Reduce Your Chances Of Developing Hypertension Before It Gets Late!

Lifestyles of modern social dwellers are swiftly paced and the reasons for such a change could be traced to the ambitions that we now possess in our heart and minds. It is not that earlier generations were not ambitious but now we have got over involved in our demands and aims. We are living material lives! While we are earning fat, we are also accumulating the unwarranted side effects in the form of lifestyle disorders like hypertension and diabetes among others. Hypertension or high blood pressure in particular, has become a menace. The exact cause of it is not known but only some risk factors and genetics has been found responsible to increase blood pressure. Throughout the world, the cases of hypertension are rising fast and even teens and children are getting affected with it.

Why hypertension develops?Why hypertension develops

The basic notion as how high blood pressure develops in any individual centers around increased stress and tension in life. Therefore it is rightly said that too much hassles and running after the deadlines makes the person stressed and this coupled with the psychological issues in life like relationship failures make the situation more complex. Thus while we earn more money, we are also over exerting and developing generic fatigue and more then desirable stress quotient in life. This causes the slow development of high blood pressure. However, while this is the central idea behind hypertension, the core factors behind it are being still researched upon deeply by the scientists around the world. More complex inferences have surfaced regarding the triggering and development of the blood pressure abnormalities in the individual. The factors are traced to the components of diets, routine, level of physical work, psychological stressors, gene make (heredity), type of mental work, medications, existing disease and conditions and many more. With such a wider array of determinants, the abilities to control, treat and cure hypertension gets very much constrained. The result is that, most people are living with this condition and trying to regulate it through lifestyles changes and medical interventions like the statins.

Statins help control the generic triggers of hypertensioncontrol the generic triggers of hypertension

Statins or the cholesterol busting med formulations are considered among the primary treatment methods that the physicians around the world employ for controlling excess blood pressure. In most cases, the distorted lipids profile has been found as the underlying reason for high BP condition. Therefore the doctors try to bring down risk by reducing the unwanted bad cholesterol. However, excess cholesterol is actually linked to the lifestyle and diets of the person. Sedentary life and foods rich in trans fats is thus considered a potent mixture, rather risk factor for developing age induced hypertension. As the person ages and begins to cross 40, the body’s ability to metabolize fats in blood decreases and hence the lipid distortions develop. Excess fat in blood then start to deposit on the inner walls of the arteries which makes them stiff and less flexible! This lessened flexibility is also the reason for development of hypertension because the walls are unable to respond towards the pressure of the blood which gets enhanced.

Smoking and drinking can aggravate the damage

Smoking and alcohol use are also the triggers that induce the stiffening of arterial walls and aid in disturbances in the generic metabolic cycle of the human body. Hence, the doctors in Abu Dhabi generally prescribe shunning of smoking and drinking by the person suffering from hypertension. Common table salt which is otherwise the indispensable component of foods and cuisines around the world is also an active and immediate trigger of hypertension. People with high BP thus needs to avoid excess intake of salt in their foods and they should rather reduce the intake of it in their daily diets. The Na+ (sodium ion) in the table salt is found responsible for swift hiking of the blood pressure (so much so that it is even recommended in cases of very low BP)!

Lifestyle changes are must to control hypertension!Hypertension Vs Lifestyle Changes

Heredity is another potent factor and age induced hypertension has been found to run through generations. This necessitates the research on the genes and biochemistries for the purpose of curing hypertension! However, the role of lifestyle factors has been stronger for the development of high blood pressure. Food and living of the person directly or indirectly causes the triggering and aggravation of hypertension. Therefore, unless these factors are effectively conditioned by the person, the problem is hard to treat through medicines alone. The condition, if uncontrolled leads to other serious disorders like kidney disease, vision issues and potentially life threatening heart failure and brain hemorrhage.

Where to see the resurrections?

The blood pressure level that is considered normal is ideally 120/80 but the same has been liberally revised by considering the parameters of age and evolved life patterns for most people of the world. The range of 140/90 is now considered normal; while in professional parlance, it is considered as the ‘pre-hypertension stage’. 140-160 (systolic) and 90-100 (diastolic) range is rated as Stage 1 hypertension. 160 & above (systolic) and 100 and above (diastolic) range is held as Stage 2 hypertension! Immediate med attention is required in stage 1 and stage 2 conditions while pre-hypertension is a point to begin assimilating the lifestyle changes and start adopting a healthy lifestyle in general.

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