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Paediatric neurology: Improving your child’s neurogenic disorders

Your beloved child is the best gift you can have in this lifetime. Your agony would know no bounds if you find your child suffering from neurological disease or disorder. Don’t let this daunt you. Come to UAE and avail of the services of the best Pediatrician in Abu Dhabi. Your child would benefit immensely from the medical intervention of renowned and experienced pediatricians with glorious track records.

Pediatric neurology: What is it?

This specialized medicinal branch concerns itself with diagnosing and managing the neurological disorders in new-born babies, toddlers, children and adolescents. Child neurology is a vast discipline that ministers to the maladies becoming apparent in children relating to brain, autonomic and peripheral nervous systems, blood vessels, spinal cord, and muscles.

Paediatrician in UAE can offer curative treatment for disorders of various types ranging from migraine, cerebral palsy to complex or rare disorders related to metabolism and neurodegenerative conditions.

Paediatric Specialists: Curing your child of neurological disorders

At the medical centre in UAE, your child would be subjected to the best care comparable to the medical attention you may expect in state of the art western hospitals. The pediatric specialists would cater to neurological illnesses of myriad types.

Prominent among the disorders successfully countered are:

  • Genetically transmitted problems afflicting the nervous system
  • Nervous system problems induced by metabolic defects present frombirth
  • Spina bifida and other congenital problems of spinal cord or brain
  • Epilepsy, cerebral palsy and other motor nerves related muscular disorders like dystrophy
  •  Febrile seizures and autistic spectrum disorders
  • Injuries to the head, tumours in the brain, and other mind related complications
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Migraine, headache, head injury, excessive fluid accumulation in brain, hydrocephalus etc.
  • Insomnia and other sleep related problems
  • Medicinal issues like hospice, palliative, and neuro muscular types
  • Intellectual problems
  • Vascular neurological disorders


In UAE, child neurologists don’t allow their skills to stagnate. They keep themselves relevant by consistently remaining abreast with contemporary developments in the field. This is the reason behind the qualitative services of UAE’s paediatricians who never let any rare medical condition go undiagnosed. You should immediately bring to the attention of paediatrician any rare syndrome that you may observe in your child. This is important as you can avert the onset of diseases such as epilepsy. If you have sought medical counselling for your child from other doctors, always make it a point to bring the prescriptions along when visiting neurological paediatrician. 

Pediatrician in UAE would get in touch with the treating doctor to gain more insights into the problem and then devise the best curative and adjuvant medicinal course for faster recovery. Medical centres in UAE keep sending their paediatricians to seminars and other plenary congregations organized across the world to learn more about upcoming technologies that may not have been a part of the medical courses.This practice is adhered to by best medical center in UAE in its bid to unravel the mysteries behind most baffling child neurological problems. The board of child neurologists keep scanning the reports and case studies of the children who have undergone successful treatment to create a database of reports that would yield proven and expected results.

Best UAE hospital: Bringing back the smile on your child’s face

At the best medical facility for child neurology in UAE, you would come across a number of conveniences that would alleviate your worries partially prior to start of the treatment. The affable paediatric staffs are always willing to walk the extra mile to help the patients and their relatives. If you have medical insurance plan, the staff would help you with paperwork related to seeking the coverage in hassle free manner. All processes would be streamlined so as to ensure that insurance permitted paediatric treatment is readily made available to you.

Professionalism would be visible all around. The atmospherics inside the paediatric centre would ignite your drooping hope. The state of the art and sophisticated treatment facilities are truly a class apart. All the best treatment facilities available across the globe have been assembled under a single roof to give your children the result driven paediatric neurological care.

When should you consult a paediatric neurologist?

You should refer your child to the best Pediatrician In Abu Dhabi the moment you feel that an unprovoked seizure has taken your child in its grip. Such seizures are not the outcomes of any ailment or fever and may last for durations exceeding five minutes. Any delay in bringing the medical condition to the notice of the paediatrician would cause aggravation of the seizures and the epileptic conditions may assume uncontrollable proportions. Even if this is the case, you can rely on the experience and expertise of paediatricians in best medical center in UAE.


You can expect to have the course of the ailment changed through focused treatment which is essential for syndromes pertaining to B-6 triggered seizures, Dravet, and infantile spasms. If the intensity of the seizure is more, the paediatrician would suggest you to admit your child in the medical centre for more focused care. Meanwhile, blood and other organic samples would be collected from the child to test the same in laboratories equipped with cutting edge technologies. This is particularly important for the early treatment of obstinate epilepsy, neurodegenerative conditions not commonly encountered, and/ or paediatric strokes. Neuro-genetics is a field that has experienced significant advancements in the recent history. Now, it is not only possible to easily diagnose single gene disorders but also complicated problems like the autistic spectrum disorder or Tourette’s syndrome.

At the best paediatric centre in UAE, you will receive the services of child neurologists who have excelled during the 4 years of medical study. Each treating paediatrician has undergone mandatory two years of residency training under the guidance of discerning senior doctors to become more proficient in their careers. You are welcome to our facility which prides itself for offering the services of best Pediatrician in Abu Dhabi at unparalleled charges.

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