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How to Manage Feeding and Swallowing Disorders in Children?

Children are naturally reluctant in having nutritious food, it is already a herculean task to feed infants or children; besides, what if there develop eating disorders in child along with it? Feeding disorders are the problems while fetching food items to chew, taste or swallow it. If you see your child finding difficulty in holding the food inside mouth, or cannot properly close the lips when food tends to fall out or any other difficulties in chewing, sucking and swallowing, you’ll need to take him/her to the best paediatric clinic in Abu Dhabi as they are the primary symptoms of feeding/swallowing disorders.

What is Feeding/Swallowing Disorder?

Swallowing disorders, called as ‘Dysphagia’ can occur in any three stages of swallowing process. In the oral phase, the child would have apparent difficulties in chewing and moving food into the throat, whereas in Pharyngeal phase, the problem occurs while starting the swallowing and squeezing of food down to the throat. They might not be able to direct the food into the food tube which leads the food/liquid to enter in the aspiration air way, thus resulting in choking. While in the Esophageal phase, the tightening and relaxing of top and bottom of the food tube in the throat wouldn’t function properly and passing the squeezed food through this tube will be difficult for them. Reach the Paediatrician in UAE to know which stage of disorder the child suffers.

Identify the symptoms

A wide range of body issues is identified as the symptoms of feeding disorders. Not all these signs are apparent in every baby. Some of those symptoms are: difficulty in coordinating breathing, chewing and swallowing of food, bending or making the body stiff while feeding, irritation and lack of attention in the eating process, gruffly voice of breathing, coughing and choking during eating, constant refusal of food, frequent tendencies to spit and throw up the food/liquid, improper weight/growth etc are some of the mentioned symptoms. The whole results of this issue are dehydration, lack of nutrition, chances for chronic lung disease and so on. Thus don’t hesitate to consult the best Paediatrician in Abu Dhabi if you find any of the mentioned symptoms in your baby.

Find out the causes

The nervous system disorders such as meningitis, cerebral palsy etc and gastrointestinal conditions like ‘short gut’ syndrome could cause the swallowing disorders. Besides various health conditions like heart disease, autism, respiratory difficulties, the airway tube ailments, muscle weakness etc are some of the main causes of this problem. This is why it is important to consult a paediatrician as they diagnose the issue on the basis of your child’s postures, medical status, nutritional sufficiency etc by assessing the specialised test conducted to evaluate swallowing. Primarily, they assess the muscle strength, eating behaviours and oral movements of the child during eating and conduct tests if needed. Through ‘Barium meal test’, the child will be directed to eat food with barium in it for examining the swallowing process on X-ray. In the Endoscopic assessment test, a lighted scope is extended through the nose of the child. Leave it to your doctor to decide the suitable treatment. However, this is a curable condition and apparent change could be seen in the food intake after the treatment as they ensure the swallowing process become normal by observing it on a screen.

How to Root out the Issue?

 This issue can be sorted out with the help of a Paediatrician near to you; follow the expert’s instructions and recommendations for sustaining the constant effect of the feeding therapy. In the feeding therapy, the endeavours to make the muscles of the mouth stronger, improve chewing, sucking and swallowing of food, increase tongue movement as well as drinking ability, enhance the intake of different foods and liquids, to ensure safety in swallowing by altering the food texture and thickness etc are some of the implemented techniques.

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