Pediatric Seasonal Affective Disorder


Seasonal infections appear ubiquitous according to the alternating weather conditions and it’s a really challenging task to protect your child from infectious diseases such as measles, malaria, diphtheria, chicken-box, faecal-oral infections like cholera and rotavirus etc. A visit to the best clinic in UAE will help you to spot the very intricate symptoms of diseases. The authorities used to initiate precautions since the seasonal infections are quite in plenty, thus it’s better to prevent it rather than curing it. Despite this, the seasonal patterns of such occurrences are poorly misunderstood. You need to seek the best doctor near you so as to find a solution.

Thousands of children (often more than that) below five years are being hospitalized in some particular seasons, due to the complications of flu. Studies show that flu-related complications and hospitalization among children below five years range from 7000 to 26000. Many intricate diseases care preventable through vaccines but influenza causes more hospitalizations than such diseases. It is really important to consult a best Paediatrician in UAE for your child during regular intervals to keep them away from the complications of such diseases. Thus the better way to protect your child from seasonal flu and its dreadful complications are by getting a seasonal influenza vaccine every year without fail. But only children aged 6 months and older should get the flu vaccination. Besides the vaccination, you can take sufficient measures to give a healthy environment for your child to prevent the flu and spreading it to others.

Let’s have a look into the most common seasonal infections.

 Seasonal Flu

 This occurs in the winter seasons and spreads from person to person through close contact, cough, sneeze etc. When it gets serious, it even becomes deadly. Thus flu should be maintained under control. Even by touching a surface that has flu virus particles in it cause the flu to transmit in your body.


There is no one who has never affected with the cold. Common cold can affect anyone at anytime. But it is frequent and strong during rainy seasons. Though it is least dangerous, it will affect our daily life badly and interrupt in almost everything.Cold is the upper respiratory infection which spread just like the way the flu spread.The tiresome nasal congestion, constant sneezing, scratchy throats etc are some of the consequences of cold.

Ear infections

The acute ear infections, especially in children are more likely to affect in winter. Changes in the weather, most commonly when colder air takes hold in the ear, it will increase the chances of acute ear infections. The most disruptive symptoms of this infection are disturbing ear pain and nausea.


 Also known as stomach flu, this is one among the most common stomach inflammation illness. It reaches its peak during rainy seasons. As an extremely contagious virus, norovirus cause millions of illness each year. Those outbreaks will spread from people to people especially in long-term care facilities.


 Bronchiolitis is a virus that impacts on children, mostly under the age of two. This occurs when mucus deposit in the smallest lung air passages and cause swelling. This virus appears in the fall and winter seasons. It’ll spread to people who happen to have direct or close contact with their nose. Their throat fluids also have virus carrying this disease. Consult a best Paediatrician in Abu Dhabi if you catch the symptoms in your child without further delay.

The things you should follow for a healthy atmosphere:

  •  When you are sick, stay home: Taking sufficient rest is mandatory when you suffer from flu. If possible, take breaks from the work or school. In that case you are also helping others from catching your illness. Thus avoid the close contact with people and teach your child to use only one bed and bed sheets or other things when they are sick.
  • Wash and rinse the hands with soap: The flu always comes with coughing and sneezing. The presence of bacteria is sure in the hands. Thus make sure to clean it well during regular intervals.
  • Don’t touch the eyes and the mouth: It will become easy for the germs and bacteria to spread.
  • Cover nose and mouth: But don’t do this with the hands. The tissue is recommended to cover when you want to sneeze or cough. Because it could be disposed after each use. The cloth is not a good idea since when you sneeze again and again on the same cloth bacteria would double each time. Make sure to wash the hands after this.
  • Avoid the dusty and discomforting environment: Clean the frequently touched surfaces.

You see how important it is to have a clean and placid atmosphere to get away from these seasonal infections and diseases. It is crucial to keep yourself clean along with cleaning the stuffs you have frequent contact with. Never hesitate if you catch even the slight symptoms especially during winter. Visit the best clinic in Abu Dhabi to rid that away from its initial stage itself. The best doctor in UAE will be there for your help.

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