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Paediatric heart surgery: Restore the cardiac health of your child

Paediatric heart surgery is inevitable for repairing congenital heart defects (cardiac problems with which your child was born) and post-natal defects (cardiac problems that surface after birth) in children. Defects can be of various severity types. The larger blood vessels that lie external to the heart can also be prone to problems. Best pediatrician in Abu Dhabi will decide the most appropriate and safest surgical course to adopt for minutely inspecting the heart problem in your child. In some cases, a single surgery would set right the defect afflicting the child; whereas in other complicated cases, a sequence of procedures may be needed.

Different effective paediatric surgery procedures

Your child paediatric doctor in Abu Dhabi would investigate the case history of child and establish the origin of the problem. Based on the outcomes of the diagnosis, the best medical procedure would be advised. Commonly, the experienced doctors at child paediatric clinic Abu Dhabi resort to one of the three procedures, as discussed below.

Open-heart surgery

The child is subjected to general anesthesia to make the treatment painless. The paediatrician then concentrates on the breastbone for making an incision. Sterile tubes connected to the pump of heart lung bypass device are used for rerouting the blood. While the heart is being worked upon, the bypass machine keeps supplying blood oxygen and circulating the warm blood through the rest of child’s body.  As the heart is temporarily stopped, doctors concentrate on repairing the heart muscles, valves and connecting blood vessels. Post-surgery, heart’s normal functionality is restored by removing the bypass device and closing the incision in sternum.

Closed-heart surgery

Depending on the cardiac conditions, doctors at paediatric clinic Abu Dhabi may consider making the incision on the chest’s side intersecting the ribs. This procedure known as thoracotomy is conducted using specialized instruments that are guided by a camera.

Small surgery

If the complexity of the cardiac problem is not severe, paediatrician may drive small tubes through the leg artery to the heart and then perform needful corrective procedures.

Symptoms that call for surgery

If your child is exhibiting any of the below-discussed symptoms, you need to immediately get in touch with best pediatric doctor in abu dhabi to avoid future complexities. Hypoxia or lack of sufficient amount of oxygen in the blood, due to pumping deficiency of the heart, would manifest itself the form of greying or blued skin, nail bottoms, and lips. Heart problem would also cause the lungs to be fluid filled which would make it difficult to breathe. Heart beat rate would not be normal. The child may not sleep or eat properly and growth rate would decrease. Heart is a sensitive organ that controls the vital actions of all body organs and hence the opinion of the doctors at the best pediatric clinic in abu dhabi should only be sought.

Why rely on best paediatrician in Abu Dhabi

If your child’s heart surgery is conducted by an inexperienced doctor, a number of complications may show up. The bleeding in child may continue even after surgical procedure and infections can happen. Blood clotting, trapping of air bubbles in the blood, pneumonia, breathing problems, irregular heartbeats, cardiac arrest and other problems may surface.  Only a seasoned paediatrician with extensively trained support staff should be trusted with the medical safety of your beloved child.

Doctors at the pediatric clinic in abu dhabi conduct various tests to understand the nature of complication. Comprehensive blood test to ascertain the red blood cell count, electrolytes, lipid and other elements is carried out. Chest X-ray, electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, and cardiac catheterization may be done. The paediatrician would suggest stoppage of the consumption of Coumadin or other blood thinners at an opportune time prior to the surgery. You child, if subjected to open heart surgery, would have to be kept under the close observation of hospital staff within Intensive Care Unit for a maximum of seven days after the procedure.

Best paediatrician in Abu Dhabi
would also suggest the activities that the child must engage in regularly after surgery to regain vitality and normalcy. Only in the best hospital equipped with state of the art apparatus, your child can avail of cutting edge surgical procedures for optimum health.

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