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We all have heard about vaccination. What is a vaccine?In simple words, it is the precaution to artificially produce or increase the immunity which is prepared by microorganisms against a particular disease or health condition.It is extremely important to take vaccination for your child at the suggested periods of their growth as these routinely taken vaccines will protect them from many serious diseases, like measles, tetanus, polio, diphtheria etc.

You need to pay a periodic visit to the suitable Paediatric clinic near Abu Dhabi to preclude the upcoming threats.As a result of the years of vaccination and immunization programs, most of these diseases are now under control which points to the extreme importance of getting vaccination to each child of every country. Before they attend schools, they should have got enough vaccines for their body. As per the famous proverb, prevention is better than cure; but when the cure is hardly possible, the prevention is a must.

Vaccines entered to your body will develop immunity power to fight against the mentioned diseases. There are certain points of time to take vaccination for children; they’ll get the first vaccination at the time of their birth. Next will be when the baby reaches one year old as their body won’t receive measles until one year. Thus vaccinations given before this time will go futile as they won’t work well. The concerned health authorities publish a schedule for childhood vaccines, so the parents could schedule the proper time for vaccination.

Situations which the child shouldn’t be vaccinated

Although the vaccination is pivotal in child’s growth, there are certain occasions where vaccination is hindered. The children who suffer from cancer or particular kind of diseases shouldn’t be vaccinated without doctor’s advice. Those babies will be already under medications which lower the body’s ability to resist infection. If the child’s body reacts worst to the vaccination you need to talk to your Paediatrician and he’ll decide the proper solution for this. Seek the advice from a best Paediatric clinic in Abu Dhabi.

Some vaccinations might cause temporary side effects which are mild and least serious issues like fever, lump under the skin etc that are not serious but you need to talk to your Paediatrician or family doctor to know about side effects of certain vaccines.

 Different types of Vaccinations

Several sorts of vaccines are available in the medical centres. Some of them are:

Flu vaccine, DTaP vaccine, Td vaccine, rotavirus vaccine, IPV vaccine, MMR vaccine, Hib vaccine, varicella vaccine, HBV vaccine, pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, meningococcal conjugate vaccine, HPV vaccine etc are intended to develop immunity against the diseases.

Flu vaccine

Most likely, children are more prone to the complications of flu. This flu vaccine, which is also known as influenza vaccine, could be given as either by shot or nasal spray. However, nowadays the effectiveness of nasal spray during the strong flu seasons is being questioned as it found relatively lesser effective than the shot. The injected vaccine contains elements that look like virus whereas nasal-spray vaccine contains live but weakened viruses. Usually, this vaccine is given at the beginning time of flu season and it is certified that injection is safe for children of 6 months age and older while nasal spray is given to children of 2 years and older. This will be determined by the experts and authorities but don’t fail to give your child the vaccination at the proper period. Visit the best Paediatric clinic in Abu Dhabi so as to get a proper guidance regarding the vaccination.

DTaP vaccine

This vaccine is a special one as this will insert 3 vaccines in one shot and thus protects from serious diseases like diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Diphtheria affects the throat and heart that eventually leads to heart failure and death. Tetanus, also known as lockjaw, causes severe muscle spasms and even death. The Pertussis, known as whooping cough can even cause pneumonia and make it difficult to eat and breathe. Normally, the vaccine against this is a series of five shots. First one is taken when the child is 2 months old and it’ll last until they reach 6 years old.

Hope it is clear, how important role the vaccination has in one’s life. Ignorance in this precaution would spoil a life. Thus keep remembering about your child’s immunization and always seek the advice of the best Paediatrician in UAE to avoid all the ill-health issues. After all, prevention is must when cure is hard.

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