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Follow these Steps to Beat the ObesityObesity is not a good-to-hear topic especially when people are struggling hard to get over it or wish hardly to overcome it. People hate being talked about their obesity. This even leads to the demolishment of confidence as even facing people become harder, especially in a society which has least tolerance towards obesity. There is no contention about the matter that obesity is quite tiresome, not only from the aspect of society but for the proper functioning of the body too it’ll create many predicaments. Though it’s not a good-to-hear topic, it is necessary to know the causes and reasons of obesity as this may help you to defeat that ogre and bring back the healthy body. The best doctor in UAE will help you with necessary tips to follow.

Obesity in Children 

It’s common for both men and women to put on weight after crossing their 30’s. But nowadays, more often, children are seen to come across this issue.  In most cases, this is because of the mere carelessness, disorders in eating habits, excess junk food intake and lack of proper exercise. Obesity in children should be cared with immediate effect as this will end up in many future problems that can even shatter their life-span. Obesity can also cause due to gene, hereditary or other kind of diseases. Thus it’s very important to determine what cause your child’s obesity. Consult a best Paediatrician in Abu Dhabi so as to evaluate the cause and cures for child obesity.

What to do?

  1. Keep them active.
  2. Reduce the use of junk foods to the minimum.
  3. Decorate the healthy food that children prone to reject in an attractive way. For ex: You can create the shapes of cartoon characters and funny faces or heart shapes.
  4. Include leafs, vegetables, fruits, dry fruits etc in your child’s tiffin.

If, despite all these techniques, the child continues to put on weight, subject him/her to the medical attention to make sure the obesity is not the result of any inner body defects.

Obesity in Grown-ups

Obesity is the negative result of the fat composited on certain body parts. If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is between the ranges of 25-30, you are at the stage of overweight. At this stage, through a controlled diet and proper exercise, you can reduce your weight. But if BMI exceeds 30, this is the stage of obesity which requires strict procedures to burn the calories. Here are the most common reasons for obesity. Eliminate it so as to reduce the overweight. Studies show that the more our body acquires fat, the more it becomes difficult to reduce it since the body tends to produce more protein that hinders its natural ability to burn the fat.

1.Excess Calorie intake

Today’s generation is exposed to the food full of calories, carbohydrates and fat. When the nature of food change, those changes became apparent in the body also, since this excess fat couldn’t find an outlet, began to compose in the body parts. The usage of soft drinks, mionice, cheese, potato, red meat etc is excess compared to the previous generation. This will surely reflect in the body

2. A sedentary lifestyle

After the arrival of visual media, people lose interest in outdoor games and activities; besides, the explosion of technological era reduces the human effort with the introduction of machines like washing machine. Calories burn as a result of the physical activities and when it is not done, calories will develop as fat.

3.Lack of Sleep

The lack of proper sleep will affect the health badly and this results in shattering of the entire lifestyle. This cause obesity both in adult and children

4.Intake of Certain Medications

Certain medications cause weight gain. After the course of these prescribed medications, you can bring back the old form as per the advice of your doctor. Consult the best dietician in Abu Dhabi to recover your fitness. Many sorts of therapy are also suggested by doctors so as to fight obesity.


Obesity could be exchanged from generation to generation. The people with hereditary obesity tend to eat a very mediocre amount of food but they get fat for no reason. This is because of the gene they have in them. However, this sort of obesity can also be cured with the best medical help.

Hormonal Imbalances

Instability in hormonal balances will cause sure obesity. Make sure the hormone changes in your body are normal and avoid the edible products available in the markets which contain hormones.

Try these Tips to Reduce Obesity

  •  Calculate your BMI count and make a record of it. Put a near BMI mark to your current mark as a target and continue to do it until the BMI reaches the normal count.
  • Follow healthy eating habits and drink enormous water as this will also help to have the feeling of being full. Always leave gap in your stomach because the fully filled stomach cannot digest properly and gas will develop as a result of this.
  • Stop skipping meals, especially breakfast. Eat regularly, with proper intervals. If you want to have a heavy meal, you can have it in 2, 3 intervals so that it will help the stomach to digest fast.
  • Exercise is an indispensable factor for a healthy and fit body.
  • Avoid the carbohydrate, sugar contained food along with frozen food.
  • Use the natural products to maximum rather than artificial edible food.
  • Intake of vinegar or honey mixed in a glass of water will help to lose the weight. Keep your body hydrated during the diet.
  • Pay a regular medical check-up so as to ensure that things are going in right way.

Moreover, your health is defined by your attitude and lifestyle. Thus keep the stress out of the box and lead a positive life. Visit the best clinic in Abu Dhabi to help you for that.

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