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Asthma is the chronic disease that affects the airway chambers which carry air to your lungs by inhaling and exhaling. If you suffer from Asthma, the airways probably have turned sensitive which made it sore and swollen and eventually it will react fiercely towards the things to you are allergic that airways turn narrow due to heavy irritation which results in insufficient air passage. If you find any symptoms of Asthma in you,visit the best clinic near Abu Dhabi to confirm it. Some of the symptoms of Asthma are:

  • Heavy coughing especially in the night or early morning
  • Wheezing
  • Struggling to inhale air
  • Chest tightness

But even if you suffer these symptoms, it can’t be confirmed that you have Asthma. These all are the signs of probabilities that you may have it. Not everyone who suffers from Asthma shows these symptoms too. Thus you need medical examination so as to confirm it. Examination of lung functioning tests, physical examination, previous medical records etc are mandatory to analyze your condition. Sometimes, it would be sheer allergy. So you can conduct allergy test also. A best clinic in Abu Dhabi helps you to take accurate, sufficient tests.

Asthma is a chronic condition that narrows and inflames the bronchial tubes through which the air is inhaled and exhaled. If you experience shortness of breath quite frequently or hear a whistling sound from the chest each time you breathe, that could be counted as a symptom of Asthma. It will go further worse if the person who has these symptoms is exposed to the allergic things and situations that make it more sensitive.

Occupational Asthma: This occurs when you daily inhale certain gases, dust or other harmful substances on your work place

Childhood Asthma: Children are more prone to Asthma. Most of the children below five years suffer mild Asthma.

Since Asthma interrupts our normal life, it becomes the reason to cause absence from work or school. Asthma could be a result of hereditary. According to WHO, Asthma is due to environmental factors and genetic susceptibility. Sadly, there is no complete cure for Asthma. But you can keep it in control through effective treatments. Visit the best clinic in Abu Dhabi to manage this issue with the help of an allergist.

Usually, Asthma is treated according to the situation. There are quick-relief medicines for the immediate effect and long-term medicines to prevent the symptoms. If your doctor diagnose Asthma, then it’s high time to start the treatments as when the Asthma turns severe, it will result in a serious condition called Asthma attack that needs emergency care.

Asthma can be divided into two types: Allergic and Non-allergic. Allergic Asthma is due to the exposure to an allergen while the non-allergic might be because of stress, illness like cold, fever, weather, certain medicine intake, irritants present in the air etc.

 Management and Treatment

Prevention is the most effective method because, Asthma once occurred, cannot be cured completely. An Asthma patient should be aware of which situations can trigger an irritation, thus s/he can take necessary precautions to prevent it or to completely avoid it. Subjecting yourself to an allergist is a must. Consult the best allergist in UAE so as to get a constant relief. If the quick relief medicines seem insufficient, your doctor will issue long term medicines to eliminate or control the symptoms.

If Asthma is unmanaged or unexamined, it can be deadly. A severe Asthma is a fatal condition. About 3000 people die from Asthma. But if managed well, they can lead the normal life involving in the day-to-day activities without interruption. Many people live accordingly by managing Asthma following the instructions of allergists. So if you recognise the symptoms don’t hesitate to subject yourself to a good doctor in Abu Dhabi and intake the medicines and procedures as instructed by your allergist. In certain cases, mild Asthma could be managed with mere quick relief medicines. Thus attention to your health issues will save you from deadly situations.


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