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First Aid Tips for Common Tooth Injuries

The tooth is the only part of the body which can’t repair itself. If you break a bone, it’ll heal within months because of its natural ability to rejoin. But teeth lack this special ability, thus you need to consult an endodontist so as to repair ailments regarding the teeth. Injury complaints are so often in children and sportspersons. Normally, sportspersons wear a mouth guard in order to avoid dental injuries. Don’t worry if you accidentally lose your teeth, or other injuries occurred, the dental experts can fix your teeth to the previous form. Consult the best dentist in Abu Dhabi to avail the treatment for injuries and breakages.

Dental Injuries in Sports

Injuries in sports are never rare. Sports is always associated with injuries, thus sports persons are supposed to wear mouth guards to protect themselves from dental injuries. The dentistry concerned with sports injuries covers all the related issues such as the erosive nature of sports drinks, the substance abuse in athletes, lose a part of tooth, injuries happened in the gum etc. It is reported that, of all sports, basketball and baseball playing caused more dental injuries. You should have an idea about the best dental clinics in UAE in case an immediate treatment is indispensable at the moment.

 Avulsed Tooth

The avulsed tooth can be replanted within a few minutes and the body will recognize and start functioning of the tooth as in the previous form, along with, the roots of the same could be reattached. The patient’s age is important in doing this. Push the teeth firmly to the socket but care to give mild pressure as harsh pressing would result in more bleeding. Care to soak the teeth in the saliva but be very cautious about swallowing the teeth accidentally. This replant cannot be successful as the socket may decline the tooth to get attached again. See a dentist as early as possible after taking these measures. Approach the reliable and best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi without further delay. This is about accidental avulsion of tooth and not about baby/primary tooth as doing this to a naturally avulsed primary tooth will affect the permanent tooth which is about to sprout. Also, don’t do this if the tooth is displaced especially when it has moved deeper towards the gum or jaw. Don’t attempt to touch or reposition it instead consult a specialized medical centre in Abu Dhabi as soon as possible. The procedures of treatment should be determined as per the movement of the tooth.

Broken Tooth

Take a good care of the broken teeth. Don’t try to touch it frequently as it may result in the nerve damage. The broken part could be fixed by a dentist using the tooth-coloured bonding materials which won’t augment or look clingy. Collect the lost tooth fragment if possible. This may help the dentist to make use of the same piece for bounding your tooth.

 Tooth Crack

This is more serious than a chip/break as intensive damage might have occurred in the gum. Avoid biting with this tooth and don’t wiggle with it. The cracked tooth is extremely sensitive and cannot stand extra pressure, heat, cold etc. If the crack is too deep that it even extends below the gum or it almost exposes the tooth pulp, the chances are less to retain the tooth. You should rely on your doctor completely to fix this issue.

As cracks in the tooth are more often in children, pay a visit to the Paediatric dental clinic in Abu Dhabi to cure your child’s teeth injury. If the tooth has a crack, the child feels difficulty in chewing or closes the teeth with the pursuing pain. It is important to use the cracked teeth very mildly as biting hard will make it even worse. Never stay long with the cracked teeth. Treat it immediately by approaching a good dentist in Abu Dhabi.

For further tips and suggestions, contact our dentist expert:

 Dr Prathiba Johnz

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Child Paediatrician In Abu Dhabi | Paediatric Clinic Near Abu Dhabi

Care for the new born infants

There is nothing in the earth tender than a newborn baby. Since their immune system is weak, that delicate body needs nurture care and extreme attention should be given as infants lack the ability to indicate their needs through gestures. The common issues found in new-born babies are regarding certain skin conditions, throw-ups, infections, constipation, eye infections etc. Breastfeeding is the solution for the normal problems as it’ll provide antibodies to cure the infection. Though in some babies there develop infection despite the breastfeeding. For them, doctors provide special antibiotic treatment which is very effective as infant body accept treatment quickly. Consult the best paediatrician in Abu Dhabi without further delay if u spot the symptoms.

Health Issues

Fever, diarrhoea, spitting up breast milk etc are the most common indications babies show. These can be harmless too, but you must not take the risk of ignoring it as normal or by experimenting self- medicine.  Most commonly, fever, changes in behaviour, constipation etc are the main symptoms of infection. The frequent vomiting could be a sign of infection in the stomach or gastrointestinal problem but diarrhoea could also be the reason.


One of the most famous baby instincts is sleeping in the whole morning and crying out loud amidst of the night.  Usually, parents remain bewildered without knowing what goes wrong. The reason of this wailing can be anything; it may be the sheer sign of whining or an indication that s/he is sick. You can assess the problem through the sound of baby’s cry.

  1. Hunger: Hunger is the usual reason for a baby to cry as it’s his way of indicating s/he is hungry. When the cry starts slowly in a mild volume and ends up in loud screaming, that should probably because of hunger. Normally the child will abruptly accept the food/breast milk if the cry was due to hunger.
  2. Sickness: If you feel the baby’s cry sound quite abnormal, don’t hesitate to bring him to the best child paediatrician in Abu Dhabi. The high pitched, constant abnormal crying is the sign of severe or chronic illness. The crying will stop if only the baby becomes tired and fell into sleep.
  3.  Pain: This is also a loud and high-pitch cry which eventually becomes normal when the pain is settled.
  4.  Attention: If the baby keeps on crying until you pick him up is the attempt for attracting attention towards him/her. This happens out of upset and a craving for cuddling. If not satisfied, the cry will become louder and sharp.
  5. Discomfort: A wet diaper, uncomfortable surface, bad weather, itching etc create discomfort to the babies which end up in frequent crying. Those things will hinder their sleep, thus they feel stressed and fussy.

You should figure out what causes the baby cry despite all the endeavours to soothe him. If abnormality found in crying he should be brought to medical attention. Reach the best Paediatric clinic near Abu Dhabi and ensure the baby’s good health.


There is no other medicine and food better than the breast milk for babies as it is the primary source of nutrition and antibodies. The first six months is the crucial development stage of babies, they should be fed with sufficient breast milk and other complimentary foods. The light yellow breast milk that comes right after the delivery is rich with nutrition, thus it should be given to the baby as this will enhance the resistance capacity of the body and reduce gastrointestinal diseases. Their body is highly in need of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins etc as while in the womb, it has been received through their mother’s food so far. This should be balanced with the breastfeeding.

The new born baby has already gone through various screenings and assessments while he was born in order to check the normality of heart beat rate, breathing, muscle strength, weight etc. You have to bring your baby for frequent check-ups and screenings as a baby’s body is delicate and prone to infections. Take the baby to a child Paediatrician in Abu Dhabi on a monthly basis or on recommended intervals.

Reach our acknowledged Paediatrician Dr. Shajahan Mohammed to know more.

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Dental Clinic In Abu Dhabi | Top 7 Reasons of Toothache -AESMC

Know the Top 7 Reasons of Toothache

Teeth checkup at dentist’s office

The search for the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi has never been so rare. Most of us have visited a dentist at least once in our life with an aching tooth. Apparently, you may not know what goes wrong with the teeth even if it aches severely. The reason could be anything that can be solved by an endodontist. Let’s have a look at what causes minor to severe toothaches.

1.  Cavities

We know cavities as the holes formed in the teeth. But how many of us know that, it is the result of tooth decay, a process that happens over time? Cavities treatments in UAE are capable to hit upon a permanent cure for this issue. Still, you can preclude it’s occurrences through immediate precautions. The frequent acidic element encounters and exposures to the teeth may end up in cavities. The excess intake of sugar and starch leads the enamel to lose minerals. In the primary stage, it is seen as a white spot which is the sign of an early decay. At this point, the decay could be spotted and precluded before getting worsened as the enamel has the capability of retrieving the minerals from saliva or from other sources. But if not hindered, the decay process continues to form cavities which are permanent and cause heavy pain. At the last stage, it needs to be repaired by a dentist who uses appropriate fillings to fix the cavities. Find the best treatment for cavities near UAE as the mere symptom itself should be considered cautious.

2.   Crack /Damage

The constant pressure caused to the teeth through the biting, chewing, grinding (bruxism) and jaw clenching would flag the teeth. A pursuing pain could be felt followed to it. In the initial stage, it seems as thin lines and later, it’ll turn to chips, cracks and even fractures that make the teeth nerves apparent on view.

3. Tooth/Gum Abscess

If you find an infection or something similar in or around the tooth, know that it is the tooth condition called tooth abscess which often can be very painful. When the soft tissue which is called as pulp of the teeth decays and become inflamed, it would result in tooth/gum abscess. You’ll start to feel difficulty in chewing as the bone around the tooth aches severely while the gum also begins to swell. The harsh brushing done around this area can also trigger gum recession. Never hesitate to consult the best dentist in Abu Dhabi if you suspect an abscess; delaying always worsen the condition. Usually, dentists recommend root canal treatment or endodontic surgery for tooth abscess.

4.   Enamel Erosion

Enamel erosion is the result of various reasons. The exposure to the excess quantity of phosphoric or citric acid through consuming a high level of soft drink products, reaction of certain medicines like aspirin, lack of saliva, intake of food containing excess sugar and starch level, gastrointestinal problems etc are some among them. As enamel has no living cells, it lacks the capability of healing itself. Thus it is essential to reach a clinic for dental treatment in Abu Dhabi so as to cure the ailments.

5. Loose, Old, or Lost Fillings

The peeling off of tooth fillings, performed a long time ago would trigger the past decay again.  The food particles will be composed in these pits; eventually, bacteria develop in it which causes irritation and pain. Reach for the best treatment near UAE to redeem the fillings to the previous form.

6. Recently Completed Dental Treatment.

The dental procedures that were just completed leave a short-term pain and temporary sensitivity may occur as a result of the inflamed pulp tissues. It requires mere time to heal.

7.  Other Periodontal Diseases

Other Periodontal diseases such as Gingivitis, aggressive periodontitis, chronic periodontitis etc also create toothaches. Consult the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi to figure out the main reason of your dental issue instead of arriving at self-made conclusions. The cause and cure should be determined with the professional help, so seek the help of best dentists in UAE and heal your pain!



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Best Paediatric Clinic In Abu Dhabi | Dr.Shajahan Mohammed – AESMC

How to Manage Feeding and Swallowing Disorders in Children?

Children are naturally reluctant in having nutritious food, it is already a herculean task to feed infants or children; besides, what if there develop eating disorders in child along with it? Feeding disorders are the problems while fetching food items to chew, taste or swallow it. If you see your child finding difficulty in holding the food inside mouth, or cannot properly close the lips when food tends to fall out or any other difficulties in chewing, sucking and swallowing, you’ll need to take him/her to the best paediatric clinic in Abu Dhabi as they are the primary symptoms of feeding/swallowing disorders.

What is Feeding/Swallowing Disorder?

Swallowing disorders, called as ‘Dysphagia’ can occur in any three stages of swallowing process. In the oral phase, the child would have apparent difficulties in chewing and moving food into the throat, whereas in Pharyngeal phase, the problem occurs while starting the swallowing and squeezing of food down to the throat. They might not be able to direct the food into the food tube which leads the food/liquid to enter in the aspiration air way, thus resulting in choking. While in the Esophageal phase, the tightening and relaxing of top and bottom of the food tube in the throat wouldn’t function properly and passing the squeezed food through this tube will be difficult for them. Reach the Paediatrician in UAE to know which stage of disorder the child suffers.

Identify the symptoms

A wide range of body issues is identified as the symptoms of feeding disorders. Not all these signs are apparent in every baby. Some of those symptoms are: difficulty in coordinating breathing, chewing and swallowing of food, bending or making the body stiff while feeding, irritation and lack of attention in the eating process, gruffly voice of breathing, coughing and choking during eating, constant refusal of food, frequent tendencies to spit and throw up the food/liquid, improper weight/growth etc are some of the mentioned symptoms. The whole results of this issue are dehydration, lack of nutrition, chances for chronic lung disease and so on. Thus don’t hesitate to consult the best Paediatrician in Abu Dhabi if you find any of the mentioned symptoms in your baby.

Find out the causes

The nervous system disorders such as meningitis, cerebral palsy etc and gastrointestinal conditions like ‘short gut’ syndrome could cause the swallowing disorders. Besides various health conditions like heart disease, autism, respiratory difficulties, the airway tube ailments, muscle weakness etc are some of the main causes of this problem. This is why it is important to consult a paediatrician as they diagnose the issue on the basis of your child’s postures, medical status, nutritional sufficiency etc by assessing the specialised test conducted to evaluate swallowing. Primarily, they assess the muscle strength, eating behaviours and oral movements of the child during eating and conduct tests if needed. Through ‘Barium meal test’, the child will be directed to eat food with barium in it for examining the swallowing process on X-ray. In the Endoscopic assessment test, a lighted scope is extended through the nose of the child. Leave it to your doctor to decide the suitable treatment. However, this is a curable condition and apparent change could be seen in the food intake after the treatment as they ensure the swallowing process become normal by observing it on a screen.

How to Root out the Issue?

 This issue can be sorted out with the help of a Paediatrician near to you; follow the expert’s instructions and recommendations for sustaining the constant effect of the feeding therapy. In the feeding therapy, the endeavours to make the muscles of the mouth stronger, improve chewing, sucking and swallowing of food, increase tongue movement as well as drinking ability, enhance the intake of different foods and liquids, to ensure safety in swallowing by altering the food texture and thickness etc are some of the implemented techniques.

Consult our acknowledged Paediatrician:

Dr.Shajahan Mohammed

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Dental Hospitals In Abu Dhabi | Cosmetic Dentistry Near Abu Dhabi


Everybody dream of a beautiful smile. You can make your dream come true with the help of cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry offers various procedures to improve your smile despite how intricate the problem is. People now a day are beyond Hollywood smile and the Hollywood smile is now easily attainable in Abu Dhabi. You don’t have to worry about side effects or negative effect if it is done by a veteran expert. It can make good drastic changes in your overall appearance. Know more about the dental clinics in Abu Dhabi which is best in the dental cosmetic treatment and enhancement. Here enlist the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures.


Crown, also known as caps, covers the tooth to attain normal shape and appearance of the tooth. Its effect is long-lasting though it is a bit time-consuming. Normally it is used when other procedures seem helpless.  Consult a good dentist in Abu Dhabi to know more about crowning.


Veneers are the small parts of plastic or porcelain, placed over the front teeth. It is an alternative of Crowning but more expensive than it. The misshaped, discoloured or unevenly spaced teeth will look normal with this procedure.


This method helps to eliminate yellowish teeth and other discolorations or stains thus resulting in an attractive and winsome smile. Bleaching has become a traditional method with the entry of Laser Teeth Whitening. Today dentist in Abu Dhabi suggests laser teeth whitening as because it is pain-free and less time consuming.


The bonding process is to fill a material to fill the gaps in the teeth which is exactly of teeth colour. Afterwards, it’ll look like a normal tooth by concealing the defects. The most favourable advantage of this process is that it requires only a single visit to your dentist but lasts its effect for a long time. Don’t worry if your tooth is slightly decayed or looks clingy. Through bonding, the teeth will appear normal.

Contouring and Reshaping

The contouring and reshaping procedure is also for similar problems mentioned before. In a single session, this procedure helps to correct the crooked teeth, teeth of irregular space (or overlapped teeth) and other similar defects. Usually, this method is used to enhance the length, position or shape of your teeth. A desired bewitching smile can be acquired in ‘one-go.’ It is practised after initial inspection about teeth health, size and location of the pulp etc by studying the X-ray report to make sure whether the teeth can support the changes.

To know which procedure you need to enhance the beauty of your smile, consult a good dentist in Abu Dhabi who can let you take the right choice of decision. The treatment will be based on the condition of your teeth and the budget you can afford.

In Abu Dhabi, Dental Jewellery also has become a popular trend along with cosmetic dentistry. Whether for cosmetic dentistry or jewellery, ensure to accomplish it with the help of a veteran dentist in Abu Dhabi so as to ensure the safety and to avoid risks. Visit Abu Dhabi Dental clinic for any sort of desired enhancement and beautification.

Let that winsome smile be yours…

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Diabetes Treatment In Abu dhabi | Important Things In Diabetic Patient

Five Important Things Every Diabetic Patient Should Follow

 What is the most important factor needed to face a challenge?

Yes, it is that two magical words: positive attitude. Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus) appears in disguise of a silent killer but the most relieving thing about Diabetes is that it shouldn’t be considered as a ‘disease’ whereas it is a lifestyle without a choice. Health challenges often make people panic. But the solutions are within us and the on-time identification and proper care make things less complicated. Though Diabetes is enlisted as one among the most deadly diseases of the world, even this deadly disease can be managed well if you follow some ‘diabetic rules’. Here are the five most important tips, every diabetic patient should follow:

Daily Exercise

Maintaining healthy weight is a mandatory and one of the most important diabetic rules. So never miss the regular exercise. If you aren’t well acquainted with the habit of exercise, set out it beginning with 15-20 minutes and eventually take up more time in every week. At least one hour exercise can be done, but avoid hectic workouts as it’ll leave you fatigued and more hungry instead of refreshing you. Exercise also reduces stress and control blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. Prefer aerobic exercise 30 minutes a day along with other sorts of activities such as walking, swimming, tennis etc.  Every activity mentioned should be done with proper intervals and break time. Apart from these, take a 10 minute walk after every meal. Likewise, the blood sugar level could be managed through well-maintained body weight. Consult your doctor, a dietician, and a fitness trainer for the more scientific and effective results.

Constant Check of Blood Sugar Level

Track the progress of your blood test result on a regular basis or in the range advised by your doctor. Keep a record of it for a personal analysis so as to understand the effect of food and activities in your health. It is necessary to conduct A1C blood tests to figure out the average blood sugar for the past 2 to 3 months. Usually, diabetes is classified into two types. Type 1 diabetes is comparatively rare among people. People with type 1 diabetes are supposed to take daily insulin injections to manage their condition. At the beginning stage, type 2 diabetes could be controlled using diet and exercise, but many people with type 2 diabetes mellitus eventually require insulin. The target of patients with type 2 diabetes should be A1C of 7% or lower.

Manage Your Blood PressureCholesterol etc

Diabetes often causes heart diseases so keep your blood pressure and cholesterol always under close observation. Seek the doctor’s advice for the cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure maintenance. The prescribed medications should be strictly carried out to preclude the complications.

Stress Control

Stress and diabetes don’t go together as excess stress can elevate blood sugar levels. Leave your mind free from stress and anxiety though it may sound a bit difficult. Take sufficient break by sitting quietly for 15 minutes with your eyes closed and body relaxed.  Develop the habit of practising yoga and meditation. Music is also a medicine to heal your mind and soul.

Visit Your Doctor

It is highly recommended to have a complete check-up at least once a year. Diabetics can cause many severe complications and to preclude its occurrences, make sure to get a blood pressure check, eye test, foot examination test, screenings for other complications such as kidney damage, nerve damage, and heart disease in your annual physical check-up. You’ll have to talk to your doctor more often apart from this physical test.

 After all, Diabetics is just a word; not a sentence. Beat it with your will power.

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General Medicine Department In UAE | Medical Center In Abu Dhabi


The body is a holy place where one’s soul lives in. But the sad fact is that health is not valued until sickness comes. Being healthy is just not a goal rather; it’s a way of living which reveals your attitude towards life. To stay healthy, it is inevitable to give proper care and attention to your body.  Most of them follow exercise and diet for the sake of losing weight. But healthcare or exercise is not just about maintaining the body weight, whereas, it is the recharge that we gave to our body for its perfect functioning. Visit the Medical health center UAE or medical health center in Abu Dhabi for the complete body/health care.

Mark Twain has once said “be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint”. Likewise, people always tend to go for self-treatment even in serious health issues, but take note of this; it’s a big No.  Always seek a professional help, as our health is the real wealth.

How to handle Stress, Anxiety and Depression?

The world grew faster; it made the lives of people much faster. Today everyone is running for something; not necessarily money, but for something that they owe to. The whole result of this is a stressed mind and body. Doesn’t matter, how often or faster you run, always find time to relax in the way you shall be pleased. Always keep your mind positive, eat healthily, spend time with the people of your life and never miss regular exercise.

Your eating habits play a supreme role in stabilising the energy in your body. Remember to have a splendid breakfast as it determines the day’s entire energy status. Have a mediocre lunch and a light dinner; and most importantly, drink enormous water. Even the one hour you spent for freeing yourself from everything is worth enough to save your life. General medicine department in Abu Dhabi expertise in treatment of problems caused by stress, anxiety and depression. Depression is something that can be cured with counselling or medical help, thus letting your inner self lively. But do remember not to consume the anti-depression pills more than the dose prescribed by your doctor as it would end up in the side effects such as nausea, increased appetite and weight gain, loss of sexual desire and other sexual problems, dry mouth, blurred vision, constipation, dizziness, agitation, fatigue and drowsiness, insomnia, irritability and anxiety. Thus follow the exact medical procedures as instructed by your doctor to free your mind from depression. General Medicine Dubai, UAE accomplished the execution of practical remedies for the anxiety related issues.

Beat the Diabetes

Do you know?

Diabetes (Diabetes mellitus) is one among the world’s most deadly diseases. Studies show that 8.5% of adults aged 18 years and older in the world have diabetes. But there is no need to worry about; diabetes can be managed with dietary changes and exercise or in the worst case, with the use of insulin.Department of Internal Medicine in UAE provides a personal care to the diabetic patients.You may have Diabetes, but don’t let diabetes have you.

Obesity Matters

Obesity is that ogre everyone is afraid of, yet not abstained from it. There is a popular misbelief that obesity happens due to the excess intake of food. This is just a myth and truth is that obesity could also be caused due to several other factors like hereditary, health issues, internal diseases, lifestyle etc. However, there is no contention that obesity is quite tiresome. Starving yourself is never a remedy, besides it’ll invite new problems due to malnutrition. Following the proper nutritious diet and exercises are the appropriate ways for the abstinence of obesity and it is always better to consult a Dietician, and expect for better results.

Breathe the breeze with ease

The lungs carry out a complex and non-ending task of expanding and relaxing thousands of times each day to bring in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. The respiratory infections/diseases caused will hinder the easy flow of life and even interrupt daily life activities. But the science has the remedy for it. If the problem persists don’t hesitate to consult a Pulmonologist, as delaying will worsen the condition. Infections can affect any part of the respiratory system and it can be divided into upper respiratory tract infections and lower respiratory tract infections. Infections, smoking, and genetics are responsible for most of the lung diseases. If you are a chain-smoker, the chances are high to get infected which even leads to the development of malignant tumour in your respiratory system.

Health care in a nutshell

The first four letters of the word ‘health’ itself suggest ‘heal’ and it’s not just a coincidence. We turn health conscious at the moment we are alarmed about the upcoming threats. As prevention is better than cure, a general physical check-up could be done so as to hinder or find the disease as early as possible. Moreover, to keep your body clean and hygienic is equally important as diet and exercise. General medicine department in UAE guides you for a healthy and fit body. Maintain a healthy pattern in your diet and workout, drink sufficient water, reduce the intake of alcohol, quit smoking etc are some of the tips to nurture your mind and body.  Hectic workout will only make you fatigue and at the end of the day you would be tempted to eat more. There is nothing wrong in enjoying your favorite food if you follow a healthy lifestyle.

Because the greatest gift you can ever give to your family, friends and the world is a healthy you!

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Dental Clinics Near Abu Dhabi | Laser Teeth Whitening In Abu Dhabi

The Most Common Dental Procedures You Should Be Aware Of

A smile is the reflection of your confidence, an outlook to the personality, moreover a signature of your healthy teeth. But various dental issues are capable enough to defile your smile of confidence and often lead you to serious troubles which may even end up in destabilising the overall body health. Thus proper teeth care is inevitable though, people tend to ignore their teeth issues either because they cannot afford the cost of dental care or just because of their ignorance.

Bad breath can deteriorate your confidence to speak up and eventually leads to mental illness that may cause a shrink in your personality. Mouth freshener companies make good use of this opportunity. These products available in the markets are only helpful for the temporary relief but its effect fails to last long. The root cause should be identified to hit upon the right solution. The plaque formed on teeth despite all the flossing, brushing and cleaning, the intake of certain medicines, the use of garlic and onion, stomach issues and medical conditions like liver diabetes, kidney problems, hernia, gastric ulcers etc could cause bad odour in our mouth. Dental clinic in Abu Dhabi cures bad breath issues and precludes its recurrence because seeking the professional help of experts is the best way to solve a health matter.

Common Dental Procedures

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Root Canal

Dentist clinics in UAE provide better treatments for all such issues and a personal nurture care is given to each patient at a reasonable and affordable cost.

 Teeth Whitening

Yellowish teeth are always a slur to your name and fame and your endeavours to conceal it would end up in obscuring your beautiful smile and eventually you might feel difficult to laugh freely. Though various teeth whitening products are available in the market, the safest way is to consult a dentist. Tooth whitening is successfully performed by the best doctors in Abu Dhabi dental clinic under the most affordable treatment cost. This treatment helps to lighten the colour of teeth and removes stains without harming them. Laser teeth whitening are now popular among the neediest because traditional bleaching methods are quite painful and a chance of inflammation is also there. Laser teeth whitening technology saves the time, so your treatment will be completed in a single or in a few visits to the dentist.

Teeth Cleaning

To clean your teeth regularly through the service of a dentist is indispensable for “ever healthy teeth” as this process will wipe away the plaques, leftovers and all sorts of dirt from the mouth. If the plaque that develops in your teeth is not removed properly, it may trigger ‘gingivitis’, a gum disease that will ruin the teeth’s health. Paying a visit to the Paediatric dentist on a regular basis will keep your child away from such teeth issues in future. Most commonly, children are least indulged in proper cleaning, brushing or flossing, so chances are more to develop cavities and plaques

Tooth Extractions

Two sorts of extractions are usually done. A surgical extraction is done by an oral surgeon. In some cases, it would be necessary to remove some bones around the tooth or cut it into half for extracting it. It is advised to be performed by an experienced oral surgeon though experienced general dentists also used to do this treatment. Best dentist in Abu Dhabi sorts out all your problems of tooth decay/damage by extracting the tooth without causing much pain.

 Root Canal

When the pulp in your teeth began to decay, you’ll find difficulties of sensitivity, toothache and several other symptoms. The root canal treatment helps to remove this decayed part, does the tooth filling and thus saves the tooth from the complete deterioration. It is practised on the basis of X-ray report to assess the infection and the area is benumbed so as to perform the action. You might require paying a few visits to complete the treatment process. Dental clinic in Abu Dhabi has now accomplished the faultless Root canal treatment in UAE.

Dental insurance is ensured to the fellow customers as per their insurance policies. Abu Dhabi Dental clinic with best dentists and surgeon experts, who have accomplished the treatments with fruitful results without emptying the pockets of patients, continues the service, sustaining the fame of successful past treatments. Abu Dhabi dental clinic takes up even complicated dental problems by ensuring cure within a short span of time and provide complete Dental Insurance to the patients.

Reach us for further details. We ensure the complete care making use of all the new technologies under the cost that you can afford.

Let the world see you smile.


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Pediatrician in Abu Dhabi

Paediatric neurology: Improving your child’s neurogenic disorders

Your beloved child is the best gift you can have in this lifetime. Your agony would know no bounds if you find your child suffering from neurological disease or disorder. Don’t let this daunt you. Come to UAE and avail of the services of the best Pediatrician in Abu Dhabi. Your child would benefit immensely from the medical intervention of renowned and experienced pediatricians with glorious track records.

Pediatric neurology: What is it?

This specialized medicinal branch concerns itself with diagnosing and managing the neurological disorders in new-born babies, toddlers, children and adolescents. Child neurology is a vast discipline that ministers to the maladies becoming apparent in children relating to brain, autonomic and peripheral nervous systems, blood vessels, spinal cord, and muscles.

Paediatrician in UAE can offer curative treatment for disorders of various types ranging from migraine, cerebral palsy to complex or rare disorders related to metabolism and neurodegenerative conditions.

Paediatric Specialists: Curing your child of neurological disorders

At the medical centre in UAE, your child would be subjected to the best care comparable to the medical attention you may expect in state of the art western hospitals. The pediatric specialists would cater to neurological illnesses of myriad types.

Prominent among the disorders successfully countered are:

  • Genetically transmitted problems afflicting the nervous system
  • Nervous system problems induced by metabolic defects present frombirth
  • Spina bifida and other congenital problems of spinal cord or brain
  • Epilepsy, cerebral palsy and other motor nerves related muscular disorders like dystrophy
  •  Febrile seizures and autistic spectrum disorders
  • Injuries to the head, tumours in the brain, and other mind related complications
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Migraine, headache, head injury, excessive fluid accumulation in brain, hydrocephalus etc.
  • Insomnia and other sleep related problems
  • Medicinal issues like hospice, palliative, and neuro muscular types
  • Intellectual problems
  • Vascular neurological disorders


In UAE, child neurologists don’t allow their skills to stagnate. They keep themselves relevant by consistently remaining abreast with contemporary developments in the field. This is the reason behind the qualitative services of UAE’s paediatricians who never let any rare medical condition go undiagnosed. You should immediately bring to the attention of paediatrician any rare syndrome that you may observe in your child. This is important as you can avert the onset of diseases such as epilepsy. If you have sought medical counselling for your child from other doctors, always make it a point to bring the prescriptions along when visiting neurological paediatrician. 

Pediatrician in UAE would get in touch with the treating doctor to gain more insights into the problem and then devise the best curative and adjuvant medicinal course for faster recovery. Medical centres in UAE keep sending their paediatricians to seminars and other plenary congregations organized across the world to learn more about upcoming technologies that may not have been a part of the medical courses.This practice is adhered to by best medical center in UAE in its bid to unravel the mysteries behind most baffling child neurological problems. The board of child neurologists keep scanning the reports and case studies of the children who have undergone successful treatment to create a database of reports that would yield proven and expected results.

Best UAE hospital: Bringing back the smile on your child’s face

At the best medical facility for child neurology in UAE, you would come across a number of conveniences that would alleviate your worries partially prior to start of the treatment. The affable paediatric staffs are always willing to walk the extra mile to help the patients and their relatives. If you have medical insurance plan, the staff would help you with paperwork related to seeking the coverage in hassle free manner. All processes would be streamlined so as to ensure that insurance permitted paediatric treatment is readily made available to you.

Professionalism would be visible all around. The atmospherics inside the paediatric centre would ignite your drooping hope. The state of the art and sophisticated treatment facilities are truly a class apart. All the best treatment facilities available across the globe have been assembled under a single roof to give your children the result driven paediatric neurological care.

When should you consult a paediatric neurologist?

You should refer your child to the best Pediatrician In Abu Dhabi the moment you feel that an unprovoked seizure has taken your child in its grip. Such seizures are not the outcomes of any ailment or fever and may last for durations exceeding five minutes. Any delay in bringing the medical condition to the notice of the paediatrician would cause aggravation of the seizures and the epileptic conditions may assume uncontrollable proportions. Even if this is the case, you can rely on the experience and expertise of paediatricians in best medical center in UAE.


You can expect to have the course of the ailment changed through focused treatment which is essential for syndromes pertaining to B-6 triggered seizures, Dravet, and infantile spasms. If the intensity of the seizure is more, the paediatrician would suggest you to admit your child in the medical centre for more focused care. Meanwhile, blood and other organic samples would be collected from the child to test the same in laboratories equipped with cutting edge technologies. This is particularly important for the early treatment of obstinate epilepsy, neurodegenerative conditions not commonly encountered, and/ or paediatric strokes. Neuro-genetics is a field that has experienced significant advancements in the recent history. Now, it is not only possible to easily diagnose single gene disorders but also complicated problems like the autistic spectrum disorder or Tourette’s syndrome.

At the best paediatric centre in UAE, you will receive the services of child neurologists who have excelled during the 4 years of medical study. Each treating paediatrician has undergone mandatory two years of residency training under the guidance of discerning senior doctors to become more proficient in their careers. You are welcome to our facility which prides itself for offering the services of best Pediatrician in Abu Dhabi at unparalleled charges.

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Dental Clinics In Abu Dhabi | Root Canal Treatment In UAE

The solution to your tooth abscess related problems

Root canal related problems can trigger extremely painful sensation or swelling related experience. The solution is to undergo root canal therapy procedure conducted by expert dentists. The cost of treatment can be exorbitant for patients but with affordable root canal treatment in UAE, one can avail of excellent curative care at reasonable prices. Get in touch with us to avail our offer pricing of 123 for root canal treatment.

Root canal therapy is recommended for repairing and salvaging decaying or infection afflicted teeth. Dental clinics in UAE offer the services of experienced and proficient teeth experts who with the help of state of the art treatment infrastructure can provide you much-needed respite from tooth induced pain and infections.Contrary to the prevailing conception about the pain associated with a root canal, dentists at dental Hospital in Abu Dhabi use advanced procedures that make lingering and raging pain from your teeth go away by removing tooth pulp and sealing the tooth’s inside after thorough cleansing.

Need for root canal therapy

At the tooth’s center, there is a chamber that houses soft pulp made up of blood vessels, nerve, and connective tissues. From the legs or root of the tooth, nerve moves into the pulp region and helps in experiencing hot or cold sensation while eating or drinking something. This root canal nerve’s presence is not vital for proper functioning of teeth. Once damage occurs to a pulp, it disintegrates and bacterial growth takes place within the pulp chamber.

Bacteria along with dried out pulp parts can lead to filling of pus at tooth root’s end causing an abscess. The root canal infection can assume dreadful proportions as apart from gum swelling, nearby regions in neck or face can also experience painful in tumescence. The bone at tooth root’s tip any undergoes spontaneous shortening. Holes may appear at sides of infected teeth through which pus may be drained into gums, thus causing further complications. Affordable root canal treatment in UAE helps you decisively fight this tooth menace.

Irritation, inflammation or infection of the pulp can take place if your teeth have been subjected to dental procedures at frequent intervals, or deep running decay has occurred, or tooth filling for large cavities has taken place, or the tooth has cracked, or your face has undergone traumatic experience due to an accident etc. Cheap root canal treatment in UAE will offer you decisive relief from such painful condition.

Symptoms indicating need for root canal therapy

You can understand that it is high time to get a root canal procedure if any of the following symptoms show up.
• Intense or throbbing pain experienced when tooth is subjected to pressure or    when you chew food with infected teeth
• Protracted sensitivity and pain when something hot or cold comes in contact    with the teeth and the sensation persists even after removal of such items
• Affected teeth starts to get discolored with the texture becoming dark
• Gums in immediate contact with the infected teeth starts to swell or become    tender
• Pimples persist or recur in the gummy region

Root canal treatment in UAE is done by expert endodontists with more than ten years of relevant experience. As such, you can enjoy complete peace of mind while undergoing the procedure and afterward when you are recuperating.

Root canal procedure
X-ray is taken of the infected teeth to determine the root canal’s shape and to assess the spread of infection to the adjacent bone. Local anesthesia is used for numbing the region around the tooth. Expert dentists then put a rubber sheet around the tooth to prevent saliva from wetting the area while treatment is in progress. Next, a hole would be drilled in the tooth to access the pulp chamber. With the help of root canal files of varying diameters, pulp and associated debris, as well as bacteria, are flushed out. The pulp chamber’s entire length is scraped and scrubbed with the help of progressively increasing files to ensure that any remnant is not left behind. Sodium hypochlorite is intermittently applied for washing away the pulp particles. Next, the tooth is sealed but the period within which sealing is to be done depends on the discretion of dentist. The procedure is usually completed in two or more visits. If the dentist detects an infection within the tooth, he would apply medication to cure it completely before applying the sealant. If everything is fine, the tooth is sealed on the same day as the therapy is completed.If therapy extends beyond one visit, the dentist applies a temporary filling on the drilled hole to prevent entry of contaminants. Sealing is done with sealer paste and gutta-percha, a rubber compound forced in the root canal. With cheap root canal in UAE performed by best dentists, you can rest assured that your tooth would be optimally restored. Dentists usually place a crown on the tooth to prevent any further chipping or decaying. Root canal treatment in UAE is the most feasible option for sufferers as root canal treatment rates are lowest and most affordable over here.

Root Canal Therapy cost
Dental clinics in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and rest of UAE are your one stop destinations to secure the best and most affordable therapeutic care for your abscessed teeth. The therapy cost depends on the extent of the infection or decay inside the pulp chamber and the severity with which the affected tooth and surrounding areas have been afflicted. If the patient has a dental insurance policy in his/ her name, the medical facilities further step up the prices. The approximate costs for a root canal treatment performed on incisor can be in the range of 600AED to 1,000 AED. The fees of endodontists would be over and above this. However, in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and rest of UAE,endodontic treatment can be availed at cheaper rates with expert dentists attending to your teeth abscess. Reach us for more details. We have the best experts fortified with remarkable qualifications and sophisticated tools and technologies.


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