Perceive What Is Sickle Cell Anemia To Avoid Its Happening

Treatment for sickle cell anaemia in Abu dhabi

Are you suffering from anaemia? A delayed growth? Vision problems? Swelling on hands and feet? And is puzzled on why this is happening? Then not with much delay meet with the specialized medical hospital in UAE because you may be suffering from sickle cell anaemia. It’s not a matter to worry, even though it should be seen with much attention. So first, let’s take a deeper look at what is Sickle cell anaemia, how it develops, what are its symptoms and how to prevent them, so that you are better informed about it.

What is sickle cell anaemia?

what is sickle cell anaemia

The inherited type of anaemia is the condition in which there aren’t adequate red blood cells to sufficiently carry oxygen all through your body.

To check for such conditions, it is best to visit the health centers and medical clinics in Abu Dhabi for the proper diagnosis and treatments.

Typically, your red blood cells are flexible, adaptable and round, moving around effortlessly through your veins. In sickle cell anaemia, the red blood cells or RBC becomes rigid, inflexible, sticky and the shape changes to sickle or crescent moons. These irregularly shaped cells get stuck in small veins, which slows and blocks the bloodstream and oxygen supply to other parts of the body.

A large number of them burst separately as they travel through your veins. The sickle cells generally lasts for 10 to 20 days, rather than the ordinary 90 to 120 days. Your body may experience difficulty in making enough new cells to supplant the ones that you lost. Along these lines, you might not have enough red platelets. This is a condition called weakness, and it can influence you to feel tired. Getting the feeling of tiredness can be due to many reasons, but realizing that sickle cell anaemia is the real reason could be found out through thorough check-up done from Adam & Eve specialized medical hospital in UAE.

At the point when this happens, oxygen can’t reach adjacent tissues and the absence of oxygen can cause attacks of sudden, serious pain, called pain crises. These assaults can happen all of a sudden without any warning.

What causes sickle cell anaemia?

what causes sickle cell anaemia

Sickle cell anaemia is caused by the defective gene called sickle cell gene. When kids are born with two sickle cell genes, one from each parent is at a greater risk of having the disease. And when people are born with one sickle cell gene, it is called as sickle cell trait, this is not much serious as they will be healthy, but has the ability to pass on the defective genes to their children making them the victims of sickle cell anaemia.

The other causes includes changes in temperature, illness, poor hydration, stress, altitude and other unknown reasons.

Finding the real cause behind SCD, and carrying out different mechanisms for controlling it is the real challenge. And health centre and medical clinics in Abu Dhabi can provide you with the best possible help in analyzing the cause and minimizing them.

What are the symptoms of sickle cell anaemia?

symptoms of sickle cell anaemia

The symptoms of Sickle cell anaemia shows at a very young age, as early as 4- 6 months. There are many symptoms including:

  •   Fussiness in babies
  •   Fatigue or irritability
  •   Bedwetting can be related with kidney problems
  •   Jaundice
  •   Frequent infections
  •   Swelling in hands and feet
  •   Pain in the chest, back, arms, or legs
  •   Vision problems
  •   Delayed growth

Always stay alert to the symptoms of SCD, as, much delay can cost you with serious complications. Because of which, visit the finest specialized medical hospital in UAE whenever you realize these symptoms.

What are the complications of sickle cell anaemia?

  • Severe anaemia

Anaemia is the shortage of RBC, and it gets easily broken. The breaking part is called chronic hemolysis. It stays alive to the maximum of 10 to 20 days, whereas the ordinary RBC lives up to 120 days. This reduced lifespan should be maintained with the birth of new RBC but when such a balance is not maintained it causes issues. When in such conditions it’s better to visit the best health centre and medical clinics in Abu Dhabi to solve the issues right when it begins.

  • Hand-foot syndrome

When the sickle-shaped red Blood cells blocks the blood vessels in the feet and hands of a person it causes swelling in those areas. Along with it causes leg ulcers.

  • Splenic sequestration

When sickle cell blocks the splenic vessels, it causes a rapid painful enlargement in the spleen.

  • Delayed growth

When sickle cell disease (SCD) attacks children, it causes a delayed growth in kids, though shorter in length they may regain their height by adulthood. The reason behind this is the insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients. Check with the chart of BMI and compare with your kid. For getting the right information about delayed growth and BMI, stopover the health centre and medical clinics in Abu Dhabi.

  • Eye problems

Blindness and eye problems occurs in people as the sickle cells block the blood vessels that runs to the eyes and damages the retina.

  • Skin ulcers

Skin ulcer may develop in legs when small vessels get blocked.

The other diseases may comprise of:

  •   Heart diseases and chest syndrome
  •   Lung disease
  •   Priapism
  •   Gallstones
  •   Sickle chest syndrome

No matter what complications you suffer from, life does not end there, be a fighter who destroys and overcomes every odd. For more support and the best treatment available in the location check in to the specialized medical hospital in UAE.

Learn about sleep disorders and how to avoid them!

sleep disorders

Sleep is one of the basic requirements of life. However, most of us take it for granted; till the conditions get worse and starts to interfere with one’s good living. Getting poor sleep is not uncommon and most of us do face such situations many times in life. Such instances are not a cause of concern and could overcome by having a good sleep afterwards. However, suffering from poor sleep patterns on a regular basis is a cause of concern and the symptoms are clubbed under the tag of sleep disorders.

Reports have put that about 75% of Americans who are aged between 20 and 59 suffers from one or the other type of sleep disorders. The same trend shows up in all the countries of the world and the medical cases are increasing faster. Leading medical centre in Abu Dhabi has registered a steep rise in the cases and the reasons include hectic and stressful lifestyles of the social dwellers.

Loss of healthy sleep cycles has multiple causes and thus the treatment plan differs from one to another person. Only upon proper investigation of the underlying causes of each case, the treatment choices should be recommended, asserts most of the practitioners at the best clinic in Abu Dhabi.

How do sleep disorders develop?

treatment for sleep disorder

Sleep being a generic phenomenon is regulated through the biological cycles, which are programmed by the mechanisms of the human body. Of course, certain factors like night, peaceful ambience etc. are considered as the pre-requisites for getting a sound sleep.  However, due to continued interferences with the natural sleep algorithms in the human body, the sleeping abilities are affected for the bad. This leads to sleep disorders and the most common ones include sleep deprivation or insomnia.

Drowsiness during driving claims not less than 1550 fatalities each year in the United States alone!

Millions around the world are suffering through deprived sleep and people are craving for a good night’s sleep. They remain awake during the sleeping hours or find  in difficulty for falling asleep. Most turn to sleeping pills on a daily basis which serves no long-term solution for them! Best clinic in Abu Dhabi says that to get back one’s sound sleep, it is essential that the treatment plan is supplemented with the lifestyle changes.

How to control sleep disorders?

control sleep disorders

Frankly speaking, life attributes play a vital role in determining the ability of a person to get sleep and continue to have a deep peaceful sleep.  Once these attributes are affected, sleep disorders begin to show up in life. Top medical centre in Abu Dhabi counsels that one can easily adopt the functions that directly relate to healthy sleep patterns. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol products is one of the recommendations, as both these are known to interfere with the sleep chemicals. There are many such prescriptions that can be accepted easily without any medical treatment, says the sleep expert at the best clinic in Abu Dhabi. Avoiding liquid intake 2 – 3 hours before going to bed is also among the tips offered by the medical experts who opine that it can cause frequent urination late at night and hence multiple sleep disruptions.

The role of stress and anxiety in sleep disorders –

The medical centre in Abu Dhabi asserts that among various reasons that have been scientifically established for sleep disorders, stress and anxiety are counted among the top culprits. Ironically, this underlying factor creeps very slowly into the lives of an individuals who may never notice the changes happening! It all develops gradually and the person begins to live with mild insomnia, which increases in severity and frequency with time.

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder around the world. Around 30% of people have reported mild insomnia while around 10% showed up chronic symptoms of insomnia.

Lifestyle interventions towards reducing insomnia 

Today, most social inhabitants suffer through increased mental and psychological stressors in life and these are rooted in dimensions as diverse as family, career, health and finances. Insomnia coupled with the symptoms like fatigue and sleepiness during the day makes things worse for the bearer. According to the experts at best clinic in Abu Dhabi, heightened stress in life needs to be tackled with a positive approach that involves the changes in the perception towards the life conditions; like too much of ambition can be set aside for some time in life while meditation and yoga can pull down the stress chemicals and hormones like cortisol in our blood and tissues, thus aiding in better sleep at night. Even adhering to fixed sleep timing is considered vital to get back sound sleep and reduce insomnia. There is plenty of counsels offered for regaining one’s sound sleep, but the right and resonant advice is warranted in each case, says the experts at the leading medical centre in Abu Dhabi.

Other sleep disorders – 

sleep disorders

Apart from insomnia, there are various other disorders like sleep apnea (pauses in breathing while asleep), parasomnias (walking, talking groaning, teeth grinding while asleep), narcolepsy (severe urge to fall asleep during the daytime) and restless leg syndrome. Around 25 million adults in the US are reported with obstructive sleep apnea.

All such disorders require a custom mix of prescriptions that includes both medications and lifestyle changes. Top medical centre in Abu Dhabi has been treating successfully various sleep disorders and also offers personalized counseling for the best results.

Diabetes : The Silent Attacker

diabetes treament in abu dhabi

The normal homeostasis of the body is controlled by the endocrine mechanism or hormones. These hormones are sort of chemical messengers, secreted by endocrine glands and are directly poured into the bloodstream. The blood acts as the carrier, and carries the hormones to the specific target organ.

The entire mechanism might sound to be surreal enough, but the same cannot be said in case you have an abnormality growing in your endocrine system. These hormones are required in a very small quantity and so one might think that it cannot become deficient. It’s a wrong thought though!

As hormones are responsible for maintaining the normality in the metabolic and anabolic processes of the human body, their deficient secretion or over secretion, both can introduce an abnormality in the body functions.

So, the world-famous disease, DIABETES, is not because you have a sweet tooth, but because you have a faulty endocrine system. In fact, the medical centers in Abu Dhabi have deemed that a healthy person can consume controlled amounts of sugar and delicious sweets without worrying about getting this disease.

What is Diabetes?

what is diabetes

Pancreas is the part of the digestive system, which generally secretes enzymes. However, a particular group of cells, the Islets of Langerhans, within this leaf-like structure is responsible for the secretion of the hormones like:

  • Insulin: Responsible for converting the excess glucose in the blood into the glycogen
  • Glucagon: Antagonistic to insulin in action
  • Somatostatin: growth hormone-inhibiting hormone (GHIH)

Now, don’t blame the sugar and the mouth-watering sweets for Diabetes. If you have to blame someone, insulin hormone is ever ready to take the blame.

Diabetes I or Diabetes Mellitus is caused when the insulin is secreted in deficient amounts, much less than its destined quantity into the bloodstream. The exact cause for this abnormality in the action of the hormone is unknown. But it is believed by the medical center in Abu Dhabi that the diabetes can be triggered by high tension, genetic problems and some other triggering stimuluses.

What happens in Diabetes?

what happens in diabetes

As said, Diabetes is caused due to the insufficient secretion of insulin hormones. But what exactly happens when a person is diagnosed with this disease? Here they are:

Deficiency in insulin, causes the presence of excess glucose in the blood, from not being able to be converted to the storable form, the glycogen. As a consequence, the blood glucose will increase and soon the glucose will appear in the urine of the person.

According to the endocrinologists in the medical center in Abu Dhabi, under normal conditions, the appearance of glucose in the urine is not at all good for the health. In fact, they too, like other endocrinologists across the world, have deemed Diabetes as the silent killer.

Why is Diabetes a silent and chronic killer?

Diabetes treatment in Abu Dhabi has become one of the major priorities of the medical specialists in the country. Why?

Diabetes mellitus, though might sound to be a common problem, can make your organs defective, affect their functionality from inside without you knowing them.

In many cases, even the medical reports have failed to identify the deadly effects of this metabolic disease. The first target organ of Diabetes is the kidney, most of the diabetic patients suffers from kidney failures. Then starting from liver, to the heart the disease eventually affects almost all the organs, ultimately making its way to the eyes. In fact, people suffering from a special disease known as diabetic retinopathy which is the permanent blindness.

So yes, the concerns of the medical centers in Abu Dhabi is not light-weighted. Diabetes being a world-wide metabolic problem, the Abu Dhabi government is trying to spread awareness about the dangers of it amongst the civilians of the country. Apart from this, the medical conditions for the diabetes treatment in Abu Dhabi have also developed to a great extent.

Treatments for diabetes using home remedies

home remedies for diabetes

According to the UAE doctors, some measures can control this disease. Let’s have a look at the remedies that will help you to control the dangers of this silent killer, but visit a specialist for in-depth and in detail checkup and cure.


The bitterness of this vegetable might disregard your taste bud, but that doesn’t mean it is not beneficial for health. One of the major functions is to control the Diabetes and lower the level.

  •    BLACK PLUM 

Black Plum is quite effective as a home remedy to keep diabetes under control, owing to the fact that it has a low glycemic index. This will help you to reign in the consumption of sweetened fruits.


One of the best ways to reduce Diabetes is exercise. Most Diabetic patients either take a morning walk in a park or go for the regular yoga classes.


Being a natural antioxidant, it can easily control the oxidation of the body cells by the free radicals in the case of diabetic patients. This is the reason why the consumption of Vitamin C foods is great when someone is suffering from Diabetes.


This medical center in Abu Dhabi has a specialized team of doctors from various departments of the medical science. In fact, their processes of medical treatments are of high quality and they do not compromise with the health of their patients. Getting the diabetes treatment in Abu Dhabi from this center will not only be beneficial but also guaranteed.

They, in fact, also take care of the post-medical treatments, advising the patients to maintain a proper diet, do regular exercises and a tension free life. One of the best factors about this medical center in Abu Dhabi is that they treat the patients with utmost care and try to make them hale and hearty.

The Bone Marrow Transplant: It Gives A New Life

bone marrow transplant

On July 1, 2018, news flooded about an act of love and humanity which could restore the lost hope. It was about a 3-year-old Skye Savren-McCormick, who proudly tossed flowers down the aisle for her 26-year-old Hayden Hatfield Ryals bone marrow donor. Giving life to the 3 year old, through such acts gives us the motivation to be one ourselves.

So let’s see the whole details on bone marrow, bone marrow transplant, what’s the procedure, advantages and disadvantages. And for the detailed information on bone marrow transplant meet with Abu Dhabi medical center at the earliest.

What is a Bone Marrow?

what is a bone marrow

A bone marrow is the spongy soft, gelatinous tissue that’s present in some of the bones along with the hips and the thigh bones. It fills the centers of the bones or medullary cavities.

There are two types of bone marrow:

  • Red bone marrow or myeloid tissue: is exceedingly vascular fibrous tissue and fragile, that contains hematopoietic stem cells. They are the blood-forming stem cells.
  • Yellow bone marrow is known as fatty tissue: these contain mesenchymal stem cells or marrow stromal cells and produce cartilage, fat and bone.

Both of these types are enriched with blood vessels and capillaries. Bone marrow contains immature cells which is called as stem cells and it’s their function to develop into RBC, WBC and platelets.

Red Blood cells or RBC carries oxygen throughout the body. White Blood Cells or WBC provides immunity and fight against infections and Platelets helps the blood to clot when in injury. Visit the specialized medical hospital in UAE at the earliest for checking your count of the blood cells.

Bone marrow also comprises of hematopoietic stem cells or HSCs, they are the immature blood-forming stem cells. These produce new blood cells throughout one’s life span. Most cells are as of now differentiated and can only make duplicates of themselves. Nonetheless, these stem cells are unspecialized, which means they can possibly multiply through cell division and either remain as stem cells or get mature into the different types of blood cells.

What is bone marrow transplant?

The medical procedure that involves the replacement of damaged or destroyed bone marrow, by healthy bone marrows are termed as bone marrow transplant. The stem cells are transplanted, then it travels to the bone marrow and produces new blood cells and helps in the growth of new marrows. With the help of such transplantation, the body gets equipped with enough WBC, RBC and platelets to provide immunity against infections, reduce the chances of anemia and bleeding disorders respectively.

The healthy stem cells can be provided by a donor or from your own body. The stem cells are harvested, grown before chemotherapy or radiation therapy so that there are minimal chances of complications. If you want to get yourself registered for being a bone marrow donor then stopover the Abu Dhabi medical center.

What are the factors that lead to bone marrow transplant?

factors that lead to bone marrow transplant

  •  Aplastic anemia: the disorder where marrow stops developing new blood cells.
  •   Cancer: lymphoma, leukemia and multiple myeloma
  •  Chemotherapy: bone marrow gets damaged by chemo
  •  Congenital neutropenia: the inherited disorder causing recurring infections
  •  Sickle cell anemia: the inherited disorder causing sickle-shaped RBC
  •  Thalassemia: the inherited disorder where the body develops abnormal hemoglobin

Be healthy yourself, if you feel any disadvantage or ill feelings meet with Abu Dhabi medical center and get yourself examined properly and completely.

What are the types of bone marrow transplant?

types of bone marrow transplant

  • Autologous Transplants

Autologous transplant utilization an individual’s own stem cells. It involves harvesting or reaping of your own bone marrow, before starting the harming treatments to cells like chemotherapy or radiation. After the treatment is done, your own particular cells come back to your own body.

This kind of transplant isn’t generally accessible. It must be utilized on the off chance which is if you have a healthy bone marrow. This reduces the chances of serious complications, including GVHD.

  • Allogeneic Transplants 

Allogeneic transplant includes the utilization of cells from a donor. The contributor must be a nearby hereditary match or genetic. Frequently, a perfect relative is the best decision, however, hereditary matches can likewise be found from a donor’s registry.

Allogeneic transplants are essential in the situation, when you have a condition that has harmed your own bone marrow cells. But such transplants bring in a higher danger of specific complexities, for example, GVHD. You’ll likewise presumably should be put on meds to suppress your immune system so that your body doesn’t attack the new cells. This can leave you vulnerable to diseases.

The accomplishment of an allogeneic transplant relies upon how intently the donor cells match your own.

The procedure of bone marrow transplant are:

At the point when your specialist finds out you’re prepared, you’ll have the transplant. The technique is like a blood transfusion.

In case you’re having an allogeneic transplant, bone marrow cells will be collected from your donor a day or two preceding your procedure. On the off chance that your own particular cells are being utilized, they’ll be recovered from the undeveloped cell bank. Specialized medical hospitals in UAE will have all the facilities to store and recover such stem cells.

Cells are gathered in two different ways. 

Bone marrow harvest:

Amid a bone marrow harvest, cells are gathered from the two hipbones through a needle. You’re under anesthesia for this technique, which means you’ll be snoozing and free of any pain.


For Leukapheresis, a donor is given five shots to help the stem cells move from the bone marrow into the circulatory system. Blood is then drawn through an intravenous (IV) line, and a machine isolates out the white platelets that contain stem cells. This is the painless procedure from the above but requires a lot of resources, so encounter the Abu Dhabi medical center for this procedure.

To the patient:

A needle called central venous catheter or a port will be introduced on the upper right bit of your chest. This permits the liquid containing the new stem cells to stream straightforwardly into your heart. The stem cells then scatter all through your body. They move through your blood and into the bone marrow. They’ll establish and starts to develop.

The port is left on the chest, as the bone marrow transplant is done over few sessions for a couple of days. Numerous sessions give the new stem cells the most obvious opportunity to coordinate themselves into your body. That procedure is known as engraftment.  The specialized medical hospital in UAE will provide you will the facilities required for such treatments.

Through this port, you’ll likewise get blood transfusions, nutrients, and liquids. You may require drugs to fight off diseases and help the new marrow develop. This relies upon how well you handle the medicines. Amid this time, you’ll be closely checked for any inconveniences.

Be a bone marrow donor today itself and save at least one person’s life. The feeling is amazing, just try it.


headache and migraine

Headaches and migraines are very common in children and adolescents. In an article published by Time Out Dubai Kids in 2017, showed a similar graph as in the US and UAE, which shows about 20 percent of children are prone to headaches and in the coming years the percentage is likely to increase. The most reason that lead to headaches are sleep problems, stress related, environmental or food triggers. The lifestyle of today’s generation is triggering such a dreadful situation for the kids. And we as their parents and well-wishers should try to help them adopt healthy lifestyles, even a morning walk can make a lot of difference. Meet with the family medicine doctor situated in Adam and Eve Specialized medical center Abu Dhabi for the correct and hi-tech evaluation of your condition and legitimate therapeutic medicines.

What is a headache?

what is a headache

The unpleasant pain in your head that causes pressure and aching is called a headache.  This pain can occur in the forehead, back of the neck and temples. It can last from 30 minutes to a week. A headache mostly occur on both sides of your head. For the proper treatment of headaches meet with the best clinic in Abu Dhabi.

Primary headaches

primary headaches

The sickness, caused by complications in the structures of the head that are painfully sensitive or due to over activity, comes under primary headache. Such as in the muscles, blood vessels, nerves of the head, neck or due to the fluctuations in the chemical activity of the brain.

The common types of primary headaches are migraines, tension headaches, and cluster headaches.

  • A tension headache:

The most familiar type of a headache is a tension headache, which – stress, anxiety and muscle strain can trigger.

  • Cluster headaches

This type of headache, attacks only one side of the head and occurs in a cycle, where the person has a headache, then headache-free periods and it follows.

  • Sinus headaches

When a headache is accompanied by sinus like infection symptoms, then it is a sinus headache.

  • Chiari headaches

Chiari headache is that type of headache that’s caused by birth defect called Chiari malformation. This causes pain in the back of the head, where the skull pushes against parts of the brain. It is extremely important to visit the finest medical center Abu Dhabi, if you are facing any variation or trouble.

  • Thunderclap headaches

Thunderclap headaches is the severest type of headache and show symptoms similar to subarachnoid hemorrhage, which requires serious medical attention.

A secondary headache:

Secondary headaches provide symptoms when other conditions stimulate the pain-sensitive nerves of the head or symptoms that attribute through other causes, such as alcohol-induced hangover, blood clots, dehydration etc.

Even if you feel the type of headache you are facing presently is primary, it is wise to visit the medical center in Abu Dhabi for proper assessment. It is said prevention from a secondary headache is better than being late.

What is a migraine?

what is a migraine

Migraines are intense or severe headaches, accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, pain in the temples, pain behind one eye or ear, sensitivity to light and/or sound, seeing spots or flashes of lights, temporary vision loss and vomiting.

A migraine usually affects one side of the head, but can also affect the two sides. The other difference is about the pain’s quality, it is more like a throbbing pain, causing difficulty in performing tasks. The other specialty of a migraine is the attack of aura or without the attack of aura, meaning the sensation of having trouble in thinking, less mentally alert, seeing of unusual flashes of light, numbness or tingling feeling on the face or hands, unusual sense of taste, touch and smell. These aura sensations can occur 10 to 30 minutes before the migraine alert.  If you want to get yourself examined through a knowledgeable and expert faculty, contact the medical center Abu Dhabi.

What triggers a migraine?

  • Emotional anxiety
  • Alcohol
  • Menopause
  • Contraceptives
  • Hormonal changes

The brief description of migraines and headaches: differences and similarities

The pain of migraine and tension headache are mild and somewhat similar to each other and tend to be located on one side or both sides of the head.

The key difference is that the migraine has a throbbing type of pain and has a slight physical exertion leading towards worsening of the pain. In headaches, the pain is more steady and chronic, like there is band-like pressure or stiffness. For the topnotch healthcare facilities, consultations, treatments, and medical guidance, always reach out to the best clinic in Abu Dhabi.

What triggers the Migraine?

Here are some of the possible triggers of a migraine:

  • Weather changes
  • Hormonal changes based on menstrual cycle or pregnancy
  • Foods: red wine, dairy products, citrus fruits, chocolate
  • Absence of sleep
  • Specific smells

How to reduce a headache and migraines?

Lie down in calm, dull room.

Massage your scalp and temples.

Visit a doctor in the medical clinic in Abu Dhabi immediately.

Eat your foods in the diet and include spinach, enriched, and almonds in your food diet.

Place a cold cloth over your brow or behind your neck.

The Striking of Obesity in Children’s & Teens

In a research study: Prevalence and risk factors of obesity in children aged 2—12 years in the Abu Dhabi Islands concluded that  40 % of children have normal weight, 41.7 % as overweight and only 2.1 % children as underweight. Bringing obesity into the limelight and a true fact that is rising. One of the authors Dr. Al Shehhi discovered that parents of obese kids regularly misinterpreted their kid’s weight as development and many parents stating kids have to eat more and gain weight so as to grow. But they fail to recognize that their kids are in danger of obesity and thus increasing the risks associated with it. So here is the brief description of obesity, how to recognize, how to resolve and more. Meet with the best medical centers in Abu Dhabi to know more in details about obesity and medical ways to resolve it.

What is obesity?

what is obesity

Obesity is a medical condition or disorder in which there is an accumulation of excess body fats, which triggers negative impacts on the body or starts the risks of health problems. The growing range of obesity in places like Abu Dhabi and other middle Asian nations has constrained the medical clinics in Abu Dhabi to adopt new and propelled medicinal facilities for diminishing the issues.

What causes obesity in children and teens?

what causes obesity in children

The common causes of obesity are:

  •   Genetic reasons
  •   Lack of physical activities
  •   Unhealthy eating patterns, poor diet
  •   Or the combination of above-mentioned factors
  •   Psychological factors
  •   Lifestyle
  •   Stress
  •   Hormonal reasons can be rare
  •   Hereditary reasons

The other medical conditions are: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Prader-Willi Syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome and Hypothyroidism (Underactive Thyroid). It is extremely important to visit the fines medical centres in Abu Dhabi if you are facing any variation or trouble regarding the causes of obesity.

What are the risks associated with obesity:

risks associated with obesity

  •   Type 2 diabetes
  •   Heart disease
  •   High blood pressure
  •   High cholesterol
  •   Certain cancers (breast, colon, and endometrial)
  •   Stroke
  •   Gallbladder disease
  •   Infertility
  •   Breathing problems
  •   Fatty liver disease
  •   Sleep apnea and other breathing problems
  •   Arthritis

 How to identify if your kid or teen has obesity?

  • BMI:

The best way to check if your kid is having obesity is by calculating – Body Mass Index. This method is also used by doctors in checking estimate the degree of overweight or obesity of an individual. But they do not consider the gender, age, ethnicity and muscle mass.

Formula of BMI is: weight (kg) / [height (m)] 2. Underweight is under 18.5 kg/m2, normal weight is in the range18. 5 to 25, overweight is in the range 25 to 30 and obese is over 30.

  • Waist measurement:

Measuring the waist circumference is one of the self-identifying methods to check if your kid is obese. A waist measurement greater than 35 inches – women and greater than 40 inches – men, can elucidate obesity.

  • Snoring:

Check if your son or daughter snores at night, as snoring is a sign of sleep apnea or body storing fat around your neck thereby congesting the airway. Sometimes the reason of snoring in your child may not be obesity, so its best if you meet out a specialist in the supreme medical clinic in Abu Dhabi.

The 5 ways to reduce obesity:

  •   Identify the reason of obesity

It is very important to identify the cause of obesity, is it because of depression, psychological problem, eating more, unhealthy eating habits or others. As finding out if it’s psychological then meet up with the psychologist, counselor or psychiatrist and resolve the issue immediately. If it’s eating, then plan a chart etc.

  •   Start slow

After identifying that your kid is obese, you might ask him to do heavy exercise. No, that’s not recommended. Start slow, like taking your child for morning walks for 3 days, then start morning and evening walks, then after 7 days start small exercises, then let your kid join a gym.

  •   Water

Ask your kid to drink a whole glass of water before taking meals, then let your kid drink water every now and then. As dehydration and good urine flow is very important to remove toxins from the body.

  •   Change eating habits

It is going to be very difficult for your son to convert into the vegetarian sooner, so first cut out the carbohydrates items like chips, oily fries, soda drinks, fast foods etc. Then slowly introduce juices without adding sugar, then vegetables.

  •   Motivation 

What’s the most important thing in life if we need to achieve something? That’s motivation. Keep your kid motivated throughout, help him in difficult situations, show images of people who successfully reached their target, be gentle to them and you as the parent might know yourself about the rest. To treat any medical issues and to benefit the best of the world therapeutic medical & health services, consult the specialized medical hospital in UAE.

The Warnings of Hepatitis

warnings of hepatitis

Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver and this is an issue which has to be taken very seriously, as it can cause the burden of illness and even death. So let’s take a close look at the symptoms and how to prevent these, so as to lead a healthy and a happier life. If you are from Abu Dhabi and in need of an immediate medical consultation, then you can visit the best medical center in Abu Dhabi, who are proficient in their own fields.

What is hepatitis?

what is hepatitis

Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver, which in some cases shows no symptoms until it gets chronic. Hepatitis can be temporary or chronic depending on how long it lasts – less or more than 6 months. The acute level of hepatitis can be cured or resolved by its own, but others can lead to a liver failure or liver cancer. Hepatitis is commonly caused by viral infection and others, they are transmitted through various means depending upon what type of viral hepatitis is affected. There are 5 different hepatitis namely: hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. Autoimmune hepatitis is another type of hepatitis disease, which occurs when the body creates antibodies against their own liver tissues.  There has been an increase in the number of hepatitis all around the world making people flee to the medical center in Abu Dhabi for check-ups.

Where is liver located and what are its primary functions?

liver and primary function

The liver is situated in the right upper area of the abdomen and just beneath the diaphragm.  Where its primary functions are:

Generation of bile – which helps to carry wastes and break down of separate fats in the small intestine during digestion, filtering toxins, produce  proteins for blood plasma, breaking down of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and synthesis of clotting factors

The 5 types of viral hepatitis are:

types of viral hepatitis

Hepatitis A:

Hepatitis A virus (HAV) causes the hepatitis A disease, which can range from very mild to very severe and can sometimes be life-threatening. This is caused and spread through the contamination of food and water. Infected people when touching food or water without proper washing of hands can transfer the disease to the food. Areas with low hygiene and proper sanitation methods are at the risk of this disease. Even though this cannot turn into liver cancer, the disease is taken with much seriousness. This can be prevented by Hepatitis A vaccine. The medical center in Abu Dhabi is adopting new and advanced medical facilities for reducing the problems.

Hepatitis B:

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) causes the infection of the liver, which in turn can lead to liver cancer, liver failure or scarring of the liver. This has to be treated with proper care as it can be proven fatal unless.

It’s spread when an individual interacts with the blood, open wounds, or body liquids (sex with an infected partner, or sharing razors) of somebody who has the hepatitis B infection. Visit the Hepatitis Treatment in Abu Dhabi for the proper consultation and treatments.

Hepatitis C:

Hepatitis is caused by hepatitis C virus (HCV), it shows very fewer symptoms because of which it is harder to identify. They are transmitted by contact with the infected body fluids, injection drug use, and sexual contact. And vaccinations are not available to treat it.

Hepatitis D:

This is the most serious and the rare disease caused by hepatitis D virus (HDV). Which gets transmitted only through the direct contact with the infected blood. This occurs only in the presence of Hepatitis B disease.

Hepatitis E

Hepatitis E virus (HEV) causes Hepatitis E, which is a waterborne disease spreaded by ingesting fecal matter that contaminates the water supply.

The symptoms of Hepatitis are:

  • Fatigue
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Dark urine
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pale stool
  • Abdominal pain
  • Yellow skin and eyes (jaundice)

Preventive measures:

 Wash your hands after using the washroom and before eating.

  • Take vaccinations A and B before visiting areas that have poor sanitation or are underdeveloped. Themedical center in Abu Dhabi is giving their sole attention in reducing the risk factors for hepatitis.
  • Use clean water for drinking and even for brushing as this may increase the risk.
  • Heat the water before drinking.
  • Do not share drug needles
  • Not even sharing razors
  • Don’t use someone else’s toothbrush
  • Practice safe sex
  • Keep a watch over the symptoms
  • Skip dairy products, undercooked meat and fish
  • Peel the fruits and vegetables before using or dip them in lukewarm water with solid salt or turmeric powder. This can take out any viruses.
  • Do not get tattoos and piercings from shops who don’t use sterilized needles.

Alcoholic Hepatitis

Alcoholic Hepatitis is the disease caused by heavy consumption of alcohol, causing inflammation in the liver. Continued drinking of alcohol even after the identification can lead to further issues like cirrhosis, excessive bleeding, or even liver failure. For Alcoholic Hepatitis Treatment meet with Adam and Eve specialized medical centre in Abu Dhabi, and is better aware of the facts on hepatitis.

The symptoms of Alcoholic Hepatitis are:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Tiredness
  • Weight loss
  • Dry mouth
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach pain
  • Fever

The main cause of alcoholic hepatitis is, when alcohol gets processed in the liver it can damage the cells on the walls of the liver thus causing inflammation and trigger hepatitis.

The preventive measure:

The prevention of hepatitis can only be done by avoiding alcohol consumption as it contains Ethyl alcohol or ethanol which cause intoxication.

Prevention is better than cure, so you can meet us with the medical center in Abu Dhabi for knowing how to prevent hepatitis.

Treat Ear Infections in Children

treat ear infections in children

When you see fluid discharge from your kid’s ear, tugging of ear, clingy and crying heavily even after feeding, the baby has lost the interest in eating and many more. You as a mother might stand puzzled thinking what’s happening with my kid, how to ease the pain, is it because of ear wax buildup or ear infection? But here is the brief description on how to differentiate ear infections from others by detailing the cause, the symptoms, prevention tools and more. For the proper diagnosis meet with the best medical centre Abu Dhabi.

What is an ear infection?

ear infection

Our ear is segmented to outer, middle and inner ear. The Middle ear and the nasal cavity are connected by a eustachian tube, which is narrow at the beginning and widens as it comes to the middle ear. It is closed in the most parts, but opens in a while to equalize the air pressure and drain out fluids that are secreted by the middle ear. But this invites the risk of infections, the entry of bacteria’s and virus making middle ear the primary location of ear infection. Examine if your kid has an ear infection with ENT clinic in Abu Dhabi.

What are the types of ear infections?

  • Acute otitis media
  • Otitis media with effusion
  • Chronic otitis media with effusion

Acute otitis media (AOM) is that type of ear infection, where the middle ear suffers from bacterial infection causing discomfort and piercing pain. Otitis media with effusion (OME) or glue ear occurs where there is fluid accumulation in the middle ear and becomes the stage for infection. Chronic otitis media with effusion (COME) is the chronic stage of an ear infection when the fluid gets trapped in repeated times with or without the involvement of infections.

Babies from 6 months to 3 years get further prone to ear infections for at least once in their lifetime. Get them examined in the ENT Clinic in Abu Dhabi.

What causes ear infections in kids?

  • Underdeveloped immune system: kid’s immunity system is in the process of developing because of which they are susceptible to ear infections.
  • Common cold: the cold virus along with mucus passes through the eustachian tube and reaches the middle ear. Where it stays and develops an infection. Whenever your kid suffers from common cold or flu visit the best medical centre Abu Dhabi.
  • Sore throat infection: the bacteria or virus that agents for a sore throat can also cause OME.
  • Sinonasal infection: nasal sinuses, where bacteria’s causes inflammation around nasal passages, which in turn can cause inflammation in the eustachian tube, as a result of which pressure develops in the middle ear and blocks the way of eliminating fluids.
  • Allergies: allergies caused by airborne irritants can cause inflammation in the nasal passages, like the Sinonasal it causes inflammation in the eustachian tube.
  • Accumulation of milk in the eustachian tube: if your toddler drinks milk from the bottle while lying on back, there are chances that the milk/formula can clear out to the laryngopharynx through the middle ear. The fluid trapped can cause ear infections with inflammation and pain.
  • Exposure to smoke and pollution: kids exposed to passive smoking and pollution are at a higher risk of ear infections.

What are the symptoms of ear infections?

  • Tugging or pulling of ear
  • Loss of appetite
  • Discharge of fluids from the ear
  • The unpleasant smell coming from the ear
  • Fever
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Cold or a sore throat
  • Poor response to sounds

What are the treatments for an ear infection?

treatments for ear infection

  • Consult your ENT specialist in the best medical centre Abu Dhabi
  • Do not medicate your child yourself by ear drops or painkillers
  • You may use a warm or cold compress above the ear
  • Elevate your kids head using a pillow
  • Stop using feeding bottles

Professional treatments:

  • Antibiotics
  • Ear drops
  • Insertion of a tympanostomy tube in the ear
  • Adenoid or tonsil removal for a chronic ear infection

Consult at least two ENT specialist in the best medical centre Abu Dhabi before going for a surgery. If both the doctors recommend then move forward for the surgery.

How to prevent ear infections in the toddlers?

how to prevent ear infection in toddlers

    • Hygiene

It’s important that your kid follow hygienic routines like washing his/her hands before eating and after using washrooms.  This practice is important as it can reduce the ingestion of pathogens, bacteria’s and virus, which possibly can cause ear infections in the middle ear by passing through the eustachian tube.

      • Convert

Convert your toddler’s feeding bottle habit to drinking through glass habit. As mentioned above feeding bottles are linked with ear infections in many cases.

      • Cover

Cover your child’s ears while bathing him/her. If your kid has a habit of going for swimming, cover their ears.

      • Avoid passive smoking

Kids or babies at any point should never be exposed to passive smoking as it is not only dangerous for the lungs and more, it can increase the risk of ear infections.

      • Immunizing

Protect your kid against cold and other upper respiratory infections which are related to the causing of ear infections in kids. By providing timely vaccines for pneumonia and influenza pathogens are helpful in preventing ear infections. Consult with the ENT specialist in the best medical centre Abu Dhabi for knowing the proper time period to take the specific vaccinations.

      • Stay alert to allergies

If your child shows allergy symptoms to some allergic agents, then make sure your kid stays away from it, as there are chances that the allergy can trigger ear infection or cause an ear infection.

Perceive what is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Symptoms and How to resolve it

Have you wondered why your kid is constantly moving around, can’t sit for long, can’t keep his hands peacefully, does bump on things, screams on top of his voice, talks a lot, interrupts others while talking and lot more. You may have seen this frequently and thought, “it’s just kids being normally naughty”. But they are giving you hidden clues about themselves and you as their parents should be well vigilant about these and try to minimize it for their future. Famous actors like Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Michelle Rodriguez and many more were diagnosed with ADHD, so never think low about your kids they are surely going to fly with flying colors.

What is ADHD?

what is ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder, where there is difficulty in regulating attention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity.

ADHD is not just a childhood disorder, it continues through adolescence. So it is better to identify with the best pediatrician Abu Dhabi and treat such disorders in the beginning stage itself.

What are the causes of ADHD?

causes of ADHD

  • Genes

When the genes that are involved in the creation of dopamine becomes variant, it can be the reason of ADHD. Dopamine is the chemical that controls the brain’s ability to preserve the consistent attention.

  • Hereditary

Any one partner or close family members having a history of ADHD, then there is a probability of acquiring it. The term probability is the focus word.

  • Neurological problems by genetic mutations

The chemical messengers that transmit impulses among neurons are called neurotransmitters, in some kids there is a lower level of such transmission causing ADHD. With other kids the genes that code for nervous system shows mutation. Such neurological abnormalities can cause ADHD in kids. Identify if neurological problems are the cause behind ADHD with the child pediatric doctor in Abu Dhabi.

  • The lifestyle of mother during pregnancy

When you are pregnant with a little one inside you, you have to be very careful of what you eat, drink, breathe or do. The whole of the lifestyle has to be altered in accordance to adapting to the situation. So, say a big no to smoking, drinking alcohol and other bad habits.

  • Environmental factors

Getting yourself exposed to toxic substances while gestation and the kids themselves can lead to very harmful effects, especially exposure to toxins like lead or polychlorinated biphenyls. There is a big risk associated with it, as a result of which the kid can suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. For the right treatment and diagnosis meet with the best pediatrician Abu Dhabi.

  • Psychological factors

Not just the environment outside the house, but also inside the house. If the children feel that they are not being attended properly by their parents, no much love, care and attention can lead the kids to ADHD. By acting mischievous the parents tend to look towards the kids, so they use this as their means to get their parent’s attention. House with sibling rivalry is seen to have more degree of ADHD. When there is no peace at home, physical and mental abuse, more expectation in academics etc. can provide a way to ADHD. Even though it is neurodevelopmental issue, such psychological problems can trigger ADHD. Reach out the best pediatrician Abu Dhabi to check for its symptoms.

  • Premature birth

Those kids who are born preterm are having a greater probability of having ADHD as there are chances of having an underdeveloped nervous system.

  • Low birth weight

Low birth weight is mostly associated with premature birth, but kids who are born from full term, but have a lower birth weight have chances to have ADHD.

  • Brain injury

A brain injury from problematic delivery or by falling down, hurting the head can induce ADHD, but rarely can be the reason of it. Consult a child pediatric doctor in Abu Dhabi to know if your kid is suffering from ADHD.

How to help your kid overcome the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

how to overcome ADHD

  • Provide Direction: Your kid is a directionless fellow in the unclear world, so it is your duty to direct the kid to the right way by providing an order. Make your kid follow some rules and regulations at home. So that the kid will come to know how the things are done.
  • Reinforce: Reinforcing the kid in the positive manner like giving chocolates, extra television time or play time or let the kid do what he/she likes. Likewise the kid will be motivated to do the right things more.
  • Eyes: Teach your kid to have an eye contact with you when you speak to them, so that your kids will have minimal distractions.
  • Realize: You as the parents should realize that your kid is behaving in such a way not because he/she is naughty but because of a neurodevelopmental disorder. So your kid has no other way than act as a hyperactive kid. If you need to know more about ADHD then reach out to the best pediatrician Abu Dhabi.
  • Break the tasks: Break bigger tasks into simpler small tasks, because your kid will have attention and interest to perform a task only for some minutes, later which they will get distracted. So give them digestible tasks.
  • No hurry: As mentioned above don’t ask your kid to perform in a hurry and you yourself should keep calm while he/she is performing. Because there are chances the kid might get anxious.
  • Have fun: Let your kid have all the fun he wants without getting him/her harmed. Because kids are naughty in the first place then comes hyperactivity, the more you constrain your kid – the more he/her becomes restless and anxious.
  • Know more: When you had your kid with proper diagnose of ADHD all your relative, friends, teachers and more people will give you their expert advices, but only some are factual and applicable so don’t worry. Read expert books and visit best pediatrician Abu Dhabi for more accurate information’s.

Snoring in Kids: The few Important Things to Know

snoring in kids

Seeing your little one lying peacefully on the bed, the whole house is silent and the beauty in watching the kid smile in his/her sleep and the slight moments of their eyes seeing a dream, it’s all very charming and these makes our life worth living. But all these becomes a dream when your kid starts to snores during sleep. However, your kid is a superhero in all the sense for sure.

Have you wondered why your kid snores? What is the reason behind him or her finding it difficult to breathe or is there anything you could do to solve this issue? Well, let’s go step by step to understand snoring in children and reach out to the best child ENT specialist Abu Dhabi to receive more details.

What is snoring?

what is snoring

Snoring is the sound triggered by vibrations in the respiratory system – upper airways due to the congested air movement while sleeping. Even though kid’s snoring is not highlighted with caution, it can be a sign of a sleep disorder or further important problems. Snorting is another such issue caused by clogged airways.

What causes snoring in kids?

what causes snoring in kids

Respiratory Infection

If your kid is suffering from cold, flu or allergies, it’s more likely to turn into sinuses. Thus forcing the kid to breathe through the mouth and can form snoring. And this requires a close checkup for which you may have to visit a pediatric ENT for the proper surveillance.

respiratory infection

Blocked Nasal Passages or Airways

In other cases, cold and allergy causes building up of mucus blocking up the nasal pathway, leading the kids to breathing through the mouth.

Seasonal Allergy

Some kids have allergy to specific agents and one such is pollen. Getting exposed to this or other allergic agents can cause a stuffy nose, causing in difficulty to breathing.

Enlarged Adenoids or Tonsils

Adenoids are glands situated near the nasal passage and the tonsils are present in the anterior part of mouth (at the opening of the throat). The function of these glands is to prevent the entry of bacteria and germs by trapping them. But at times these glands swells up, thus making it difficult to breathe and thus snoring. Do the proper check up to identify if the gland has swollen up with child ENT specialist Abu Dhabi.

 Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

Sleep apnea is the situation when your breathing is very shallow or you may even stop breathing for a brief period. And Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the condition when the upper airways becomes moderately or completely blocked during sleep. This can cause the reduced flow of oxygen to vital organs and produce irregular heart rhythms. This makes the diaphragm and chest muscles to make an effort to open or remove the block, as a consequence, there is a loud gasp, body jerk or snort. To get more details on OSA or sleep apnea meet with the child ENT specialist Abu Dhabi to resolve the issue immediately.

Deviated Nasal Septum

The cartilage and tissue that divides the two nostrils are called the nasal septum. In some cases, the kids are born with a crooked nasal septum, because of which one nostril becomes smaller than the other leading to difficulty in breathing through nose. So the kid starts to breathe through mouth, thus triggering snoring and sometimes snorting.

Being Overweight

Eating a lot of foods that involve carbs, you are endangering your kid to obesity. No much exercise, no playing around not being active can lead to overweight or obesity. Not just that your kid will have difficulty in breathing as the nasal air passage becomes swollen and cause snoring. For understanding the right Body mass index (BMI) visit the best child ENT specialist Abu Dhabi. The visits to the doctor and proper exercise can solve the snoring issue.

Genetic Disorder and Neuromuscular Disease

Kids having Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, and cleft palate have a greater probability to snore as they have hypotonia or a weak muscle tone. This can be one of the reasons to snore.


Children who have asthma usually have an inflamed nasal passage which interrupts the breathing causing them to snore while sleeping.

Passive Smoking

When you are smoking you are not just putting your life in danger, but also the others who are around you, which is passive smoking. Smoking near your kid is very harmful to the kid’s respiratory system. One such after effect is snoring due to blocked nasal passages and airways.

What to do when your baby snores?

  •   Visit the finest child ENT specialist Abu Dhabi for the proper identification of snoring issues and finding the agents that lead to snoring. You may observe their daily routines, especially before their bedtime and list it for analyzing and take it with you when you visit your doctor.
  •   Keep your kid away from allergens like pollen, pets, pet feathers and more.
  •   Check for sinus infection with pediatric ENT.
  •   Keep your kid away from passive smoking.
  •   Check if your kid is showing sleep apnea while sleeping (the breathing stopping for 10 seconds), you may calculate the time as well and how many nights do such breaks happen. Visit the doctor with such analysis.
  •   You may let your kid sleep with an elevated head as compared to the body using a pillow.
  • Please don’t use wrong tricks like closing the kid’s nose completely by a clip, this is not recommended.