Get counseled for the eating disorders that you may have overlooked!

Eating could be counted among the most fundamental needs of life species on earth including the humans. Frankly speaking, eating has been cherished more as a fancy by us and we feel soothed! It is really not difficult to find out why! The simple fact is that we all love eating the foods that we like. But what if our eating habits get skewed? Most of us do not recognize such conditions in our lives and continue to define the limits and contours by self. From the health perspective, experts have labeled some conditions as anomalies and they call them eating disorders. Leading health center and medical clinics in Abu Dhabi have found increase in the number of such cases wherein, people suffer from such disorders.

Have you ever noticed yourself eating at irregular intervals and disproportionate quantities? This could be the eating disorder. Ironically, people do not know and they really do not accept it! Top Abu Dhabi medical center has been assisting the patients through the simple counsels that are easy to incorporate in life and living. AESMC is a medical center near Abu Dhabi that specializes in the treatment of eating disorders which cause undesirable health profiles in individuals. Medical literature broadly categorizes three different types of eating disorders that are –

Anorexia nervosa

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This condition is characterized by a contradiction wherein people who are actually leaner or even underweight perceive themselves as obese. They develop a habit of eating less and in extreme cases it has been found that they severely restrict their diets to minimum or even less! Many also keep weighing themselves at short intervals just to keep track of their weight. According to a reputed medical center near Abu Dhabi, this condition could be fatal for the person who tries to maximize the starvation tendencies. Malnutrition is a common problem associated in such cases while the essential protein intake also gets affected.

Psychological counseling health center and medical clinics in Abu Dhabi have been reporting instances of suicide by such patients, especially by women who are more vulnerable to developing such negative thought for self. Experts caution that this condition should be arrested at the earliest and counseling is the first step. Such assistance is delivered generically to ensure that mind accepts the balance and diet gets appropriately balanced.

Bulimia nervosa

In this eating disorder, we do find sort of balance in diet; but the same has been achieved through mutually converse behaviors regarding eating. Persons affected with bulimia nervosa find urge for excessive eating at times and they willfully enjoy their fancied foods. However, the twist develops when these individuals engage in correcting the excess diets through harsh measures which include forced vomiting & purging out, fasting for days and excessive exercising. Some even depend on the enhanced use of laxatives or/and diuretics to get rid of extra calories that they have swallowed through heavy eating. Specialists at Abu Dhabi medical center AESMC say that while such people generally succeed in maintaining their normal weight through their contradicted eating behavior, they still need counseling to find the real natural balance!

Binge eating disorder

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This is the most common eating disorder in US and is fast growing in different regions of world including Middle East, opine experts at health center and medical clinics in Abu Dhabi. In this disorder, people engage in excessive eating and unlike bulimia nervosa, this is not followed by any fasting, exercising or vomiting/purging behaviors. The result is that most such people are obese and continue gaining weight with time. Diet control is the main weapon to counter the condition of obesity; while general counseling of the person instills in him, the balanced approach towards eating.

Many of us have overlooked these eating behaviors. It is high time that we re-examine our eating habits and get counseled for the best results and a healthy life profile.

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