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Five Important Things Every Diabetic Patient Should Follow

 What is the most important factor needed to face a challenge?

Yes, it is that two magical words: positive attitude. Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus) appears in disguise of a silent killer but the most relieving thing about Diabetes is that it shouldn’t be considered as a ‘disease’ whereas it is a lifestyle without a choice. Health challenges often make people panic. But the solutions are within us and the on-time identification and proper care make things less complicated. Though Diabetes is enlisted as one among the most deadly diseases of the world, even this deadly disease can be managed well if you follow some ‘diabetic rules’. Here are the five most important tips, every diabetic patient should follow:

Daily Exercise

Maintaining healthy weight is a mandatory and one of the most important diabetic rules. So never miss the regular exercise. If you aren’t well acquainted with the habit of exercise, set out it beginning with 15-20 minutes and eventually take up more time in every week. At least one hour exercise can be done, but avoid hectic workouts as it’ll leave you fatigued and more hungry instead of refreshing you. Exercise also reduces stress and control blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. Prefer aerobic exercise 30 minutes a day along with other sorts of activities such as walking, swimming, tennis etc.  Every activity mentioned should be done with proper intervals and break time. Apart from these, take a 10 minute walk after every meal. Likewise, the blood sugar level could be managed through well-maintained body weight. Consult your doctor, a dietician, and a fitness trainer for the more scientific and effective results.

Constant Check of Blood Sugar Level

Track the progress of your blood test result on a regular basis or in the range advised by your doctor. Keep a record of it for a personal analysis so as to understand the effect of food and activities in your health. It is necessary to conduct A1C blood tests to figure out the average blood sugar for the past 2 to 3 months. Usually, diabetes is classified into two types. Type 1 diabetes is comparatively rare among people. People with type 1 diabetes are supposed to take daily insulin injections to manage their condition. At the beginning stage, type 2 diabetes could be controlled using diet and exercise, but many people with type 2 diabetes mellitus eventually require insulin. The target of patients with type 2 diabetes should be A1C of 7% or lower.

Manage Your Blood PressureCholesterol etc

Diabetes often causes heart diseases so keep your blood pressure and cholesterol always under close observation. Seek the doctor’s advice for the cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure maintenance. The prescribed medications should be strictly carried out to preclude the complications.

Stress Control

Stress and diabetes don’t go together as excess stress can elevate blood sugar levels. Leave your mind free from stress and anxiety though it may sound a bit difficult. Take sufficient break by sitting quietly for 15 minutes with your eyes closed and body relaxed.  Develop the habit of practising yoga and meditation. Music is also a medicine to heal your mind and soul.

Visit Your Doctor

It is highly recommended to have a complete check-up at least once a year. Diabetics can cause many severe complications and to preclude its occurrences, make sure to get a blood pressure check, eye test, foot examination test, screenings for other complications such as kidney damage, nerve damage, and heart disease in your annual physical check-up. You’ll have to talk to your doctor more often apart from this physical test.

 After all, Diabetics is just a word; not a sentence. Beat it with your will power.

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