How To Reduce And Treat Chest Pains During Pregnancy

Human pregnancy is the most complex biological process as it is controlled by almost all the organ systems of the body, the main two being the female reproductive system and the circulatory system. The entire pregnancy trimester is associated with a number of changes in the female’s body. These changes are introduced for adapting to the growing embryo within the amniotic sac in the female cervix and mainly governed by the female sex hormones along with oxytocin and prolactin hormones. However, alongside these necessary changes, every maternal period is associated with health problems. Sometimes, these health problems recur throughout the pregnancy and terminate once the female undergoes gestation and others are limited to a particular trimester. If you are from Abu Dhabi and in need of an immediate medical consultation, then you can go to the gynecologist in Abu Dhabi who are proficient in their own fields.

Now coming to the topic of discussion, one of the prominent health issues reported in most of the pregnant women is chest pain. The growing number of chest pain problems in places like Abu Dhabi and other middle Asian countries has compelled the fertility clinics to adopt new and advanced medical facilities for reducing the problems.

Causes of chest pains during pregnancy 

causes of chest pain during pregnancy

Chest pains are common in pregnant women as the embryo has a tendency to push upwards, the matter cannot be neglected since it might cause serious problems. Therefore, here are some of the causes of chest pain during the gestation period of a female:

  •   Heartburn

This problem is characterized by burning or sharp stinging feeling in the upper portion of the chest. It is mainly due to indigestion or gastrointestinal reflux problems, which are quite common in case of pregnancy. The progesterone female sex hormone dilates the esophageal sphincter muscles, thereby causing the acid to regurgitate along the esophagus, leading to heartburns.

Gynecologists in UAE are giving their sole attention to reduce the risk factors of pregnancies and to deliver the embryo with much ease.

  •   Indigestion

As the amniotic sac increases in the volume, it generates a force in the upward direction, thereby making it difficult for the stomach to digest fatty or more carbohydrate contents. Also, progesterone hormones dilates the muscles walls of the stomach, thereby, causing the food to remain undigested. This, in turn causes indigestion leading to chest pain.

  •   Widening of the rib bones and the intercostal muscles

When the embryo is in the full swing of development, the amniotic sac increases in volume and tends to give a pressure upwards. It is due to this reason that the body undergoes changes in order to accommodate the growing embryo; making it one of the many changes in the expansion of the rib cage. During this process, there can be pain in the joining areas of the rib bones and the sternum.

  •   Development of the mammary glands

The oxytocin hormone facilitates the development of the mammary glands and hence the breasts enlarges in size. This gives a pressure on the ribs as well as in the muscles of the chest, generating a time-to-time mild pain.

  •   Stress and anxiety

A pregnant woman is often diagnosed with stress and anxiety problems, both of which have a direct effect on the heart rate. Increased anxiety levels can cause a mild to sharp pain in the left side of the chest, especially during the second trimester of the pregnancy.

Treatments for chest pains during pregnancy

treatments for chest pain during pregnancy

Clinically, the treatment for severe chest pains during pregnancy can only be cured via medical attention. In UAE, many miscarriages have been reported owing to severe chest pain that has either resulted in the hormonal imbalance in the body or mild cardiac arrest. So, as soon as you will feel discomfort and a burning sensation in the left side of the chest, consult a gynecologist in Abu Dhabi.

How to naturally reduce the chest pain during pregnancy?

remedies for chest pain during pregnancy

We can reduce chest pains using some home remedies, which should be only utilized after a proper checkup as, only doctors can diagnose the effect and impact of these pains. If you are pregnant and want to prevent the chest pains, then go ahead follow these. According to the reports of the infertility clinics in Abu Dhabi, home remedies are more effective in treating the pain.

  •   Drinking abundant amounts of fresh water or coconut water daily will reduce the risks of having the heart burns. The electrolytes in them improve the hormonal action in the body, thereby giving temporary relief.
  •   Large and heavy meals should be avoided. Only lighter and easily digestible foods must be taken in order to avoid indigestion.
  • Tight clothes shouldn’t be worn during the pregnancy as they can cause suffocation, hence pain in the chest.



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