Want to live long? Live well, say experts.

Switch off! You wish you could? Well, you need to if you wish to add years to your life! Studies show that taking a vacation could make you live longer.


How many days of vacation do I need in a year?


Well, at least three weeks of vacation in a year could work wonders, according to a recent study. You may be surprised to note that even a regular exercise program or a healthy diet cannot substitute this need for an annual three-week holiday. According to the study conducted over a period of 40 years, persons who took less than three weeks of vacation every year were one third more likely to die young compared to persons who took three or more weeks of holiday. The research paper, presented at the conference of the European Society of Cardiology in Munich, asserted that an otherwise healthy lifestyle could in no way compensate for the need to holiday.


According to health experts at AESMC, the best clinic in Abu Dhabi, taking a holiday with loved ones offers the perfect therapy for stress relief. The benefits of unwinding and taking the time to spend ‘non-commitment’ days with family or friends are more than we can imagine. This ‘me’ or ‘we’ time offers the perfect opportunity to connect with our inner beings and look at life from a different perspective. The hustle and bustle of daily life offers little scope for such ‘free time’.


Health practitioners at medical clinics in Abu Dhabi agree that our fast paced lives triggered by the digital revolution are the primary cause of young patients in their twenties and thirties being diagnosed and treated for lifestyle diseases and chronic conditions.  A three week break to a place away from routine responsibilities is an effective treat to pamper yourself and pay attention to your physical and emotional needs. A retreat to a place free from traffic and pollution and close to the abode of Nature provides opportunities to appreciate the simple joys of living such as the sound of water flowing in a stream, chirping of birds or the flutter of butterflies.



The medical clinics in Abu Dhabi opine that a large percentage of chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma and obesity are a direct or indirect result of addiction to work, ignorance about preventive health and missing out on simple ways to stay fit such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator or going for a daily walk. Physicians at AESMC, the best clinic in Abu Dhabi are qualified to educate you on the complications arising out of stressful lifestyles. According to health professionals across the globe, anxiety, depression and eating disorders are on the rise, irrespective of age or gender. Among the medical clinics in Abu Dhabi, the Adam and Eve Specialised Medical Centre is best equipped to provide insights into hygiene, diet and lifestyle modification as well as fitness certification. Call us today to know more about our special Corporate Packages. Our health experts are ever prepared to answer your queries or concerns and to initiate you into healthy living!

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