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If you are a realistic movie lover then you should give yourself a chance to watch ‘Still Alice’, a 2014 movie based on the best seller novel written by Lisa Genova. Which depicts the story of Alice, who gets Alzheimer’s, her struggle and how she handles it.

Life is too short to live in worries and too long to occupy all your happiness and good memories. So read the whole blog with a smile, positive thoughts and get acquainted with what is Alzheimer’s, how it develops, what are its symptoms and how to overcome it? And if you need to carry out a medical checkup in Abu Dhabi about alzhiemer’s, then visit the nearest medical clinics in Abu Dhabi.

What is Alzheimer’s?

what is alzheimers
Alzheimer’s is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that slowly destroys thinking skills and memory. It is irreversible and a progressive brain disorder, which ultimately affects the ability to carry out the simplest tasks. In the recent studies, it shows that there will be an increase in the last year’s figure of 4,300 cases to 32,000 by 2030. In Alzheimer’s, the brain cells degenerate and die, which causes a rapid decline in the mental functions and memory.  Alzheimer’s is accompanied by a group of symptoms which expresses slowly and one by one. And not just one symptom alone is enough to make the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. Forgetting something, sometimes does not make Alzheimer’s diseases, sometimes even we forget to off the stove or don’t remember where we have kept our eyeglasses and so on. It’s hard to remember everything and sometimes forgetting is the best blessing we ever have, like forgetting the loss of a loved one or our broken pieces of love life and so on.

What causes Alzheimer’s?

what causes alzheimers

Alzheimer’s occurs when the brain cells are damaged and are not able to renew them. There are many reasons behind Alzheimer’s some of them are as follows:

  •  Age: with the passage of age, Alzheimer’s is a sure thing to come. A person of 70-80 age have greater chances of having Alzheimer’s. In normal conditions it usually develops after the age of 60. The age-related changes in the brain include atrophy (shrinking) of parts of the brain, the production of free radicals – which are unstable molecules, inflammation and breakdown of energy production within cells. Scientist are researching more on how age-related brain changes cause Alzheimer’s.
  •  Plaques: These clusters of a protein called beta-amyloid may harm and decimate brain cells in different ways, incorporating meddling with cell-to-cell correspondence. In spite of the fact that a definitive reason for brain cell death in Alzheimer’s isn’t known, the gathering of beta-amyloid outwardly of brain cells is a prime suspect. To find out the real cause behind Alzheimer, have a medical check-up in Abu Dhabi by booking an appointment today itself.
  •  Tangles. Brain cells rely upon an inward help and transport framework to ‘carry’ nutrients and other vital materials all through their long extensions. This framework requires the normal structure and functioning of a protein called tau.

In Alzheimer’s, strings of tau protein twist into abnormal tangles inside brain cells, promoting failure of the transport system. This discontent is additionally involved in the decrease and death of the brain cells.

  •  Family history and genetics: The chances of developing Alzheimer’s is higher if a first-degree relative (your parent or kin) has the disease. Researchers have distinguished rare changes (mutations) in three genes that fundamentally ensures a person who acquires them to develop Alzheimer’s. Yet, these transformations represent under 5 per cent of Alzheimer’s ailment.

Most hereditary systems of Alzheimer’s among families remain to a great extent unexplained. The most grounded chances of quality specialists have discovered so far is apolipoprotein e4 (APoE4), however, not every person with this quality goes ahead to build up Alzheimer’s diseases. Other hazard qualities have been recognized, however not convincingly affirmed. There are MRI and CT scans available in the medical clinics in Abu Dhabi to examine the disease’s confirmation.

The other reasons include:

  •  Depression
  •  Thyroid problems
  •  Medication side effects
  •  Vitamin deficiencies
  •  Excess use of alcohol
  •  Environmental
  •  Lifestyle Factors

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease:

symptoms of alzheimers disease

  •  Memory loss affects your daily activities – unable to keep up with the appointments.
  •  Trouble doing a familiar task e.g.: using the washing machine
  •  Trouble in problem-solving and critical thinking
  •  The issue with speech or writing
  •  Getting to be bewildered about time or places
  •  Weakened judgment
  •  Reduced personal hygiene
  •  Temperament and personality changes
  •  Withdrawal from friends, family, and community

When you identify the onset of symptoms, it’s best you don’t make your own conclusion that you have Alzheimer’s, instead get confirmed from medical clinics in Abu Dhabi.

What to do next?

You started to notice the symptoms and feel that some things have changed, soon take a doctor’s appointment and take the necessary steps and tests. You can surely reduce its progress, begin a treatment with medical clinics in Abu Dhabi.

You may feel angry, denial because you are unable to accept the fact that you have Alzheimer’s, depression, resentment, relief for finding the reasons behind the misery, fear, isolation, sense of loss and many more. But remember you are a true fighter.

Create a safe and positive environment:

Its true and have to face the reality that your relative or family member is having Alzheimer’s, some people need time to make themselves believe that they are suffering through this, because of which they will deny all the help you do and rejects being treated as a patient. So give them some space and time.

  •  Keep their things, wallets and other things in the original place itself.
  •  Joining for yoga (if you are in the age and have the health to practice it) and meditation can help a little.
  •  Never miss any appointments. Make sure you go on a regular basis and take a medical checkup in Abu Dhabi.
  •  Always keep an eye on the patient as they may forget how to return.

Remember, all the beautiful things come in life when you have a beautiful smile and a positive thinking. Stay close and run the fight!

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