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These days, the number of people suffering from the problem of Hypertension, or high blood pressure as it is more commonly known as, has increased significantly. In this condition, the pressure of the blood against the artillery walls becomes high on a consistent basis and this can be the cause of life threatening diseases like a heart attack or a stroke. In America itself, more than 75 million people are estimated to be suffering from Hypertension. This disease is a salient disease, and since the symptoms of it do not appear aggressively, therefore, it goes undetected until it leads to other health issues like heart problems, kidney diseases, eye problems, peripheral vascular disease, etc.

The only way to save yourself from the harmful effects of this problem is through early detection. Therefore, it is suggested by one should visit the best hospital in Abu Dhabi and get a complete health check up done. In case, the medical center Abu Dhabi does detect you with high blood pressure, collect all the information you can about this problem from the hospital, and along with the medicine for controlling your blood pressure, also make sure that you make necessary changes in your lifestyle and eating habits, as suggested by the doctors at the hospital.

On your visit to the medical center in Abu Dhabi, one of the first things that they would do is conduct some tests for checking your blood pressure levels.

Testing For High Blood Pressure

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Hypertension treatment in Abu Dhabi

The first in the blood pressure testing process is to check the same with the help of specialized blood pressure monitoring instruments like the blood pressure meter or the sphygmomanometer. While this instrument can easily be purchased from any drug store, the use of the same requires proper training, and therefore, it is better to allow the experts at the hospital to check and read your blood pressure. The person checking your blood pressure will take two readings, first the Systolic blood pressure, which is the blood pressure in the vessels while your heart is pumping the blood, and the second is the Diastolic blood pressure, which is your blood pressure in between the heartbeats. Based on the readings of a single day, you cannot be declared to be suffering from Hypertension or otherwise. Therefore, you might have to get your blood pressure checked daily over a period of weeks and months, and based on these records, the doctor will confirm your Hypertension.

White coat Hypertension

Sitting is a doctor’s clinic and waiting for the tests to be done can be extremely stressful for many people. This nervousness and anxiety can increase your blood pressure, but it would not mean that you are suffering from Hypertension. This can be though taken as a symptom that later in life you can develop Hypertension. Request the doctor to monitor your blood pressure outside the hospital for correct readings.

Symptoms, stages, causes and prevention, once you have been detected with the problem of Hypertension, you need to make sure that you understand this problem and the cure of it completely.


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Symptoms of Hypertension | treatment for Hypertension in UAE

The most commonly observed symptoms amongst all the patients suffering from Hypertension are as follows:

  •   Headaches on a regular basis
  •   Feeling shortness of breath even without doing any major physical activity
  •   Bleeding of the nose
  •   Feeling tired all the time

Stages Of Hypertension

There are three main stages of Hypertension.

120-139/80-89 If your readings are in this range, you would be considered to be prehypertension, and while you are okay for now, there is a big possibility that until and unless you make major lifestyle changes, you would become hypertensive in the future.

140-159/90-99Readings in this range are considered to be Stage 1 of Hypertension. The blood pressure is high, but it can be easily controlled with medication.

160 or higher/ 100 or higher This is Stage 2 of Hypertension and can be extremely dangerous and fatal.


Some of the most common causes for Hypertension include the following:

    •     Family history
    •     Overweight
    •     Inactive lifestyle
    •     Smoking
    •     Intake of excessive salt or sodium
    •     Lack of potassium intake
    •     Lack of Vitamin D
    •     Undue stress and tension


    There is treatment available for Hypertension. Curing this problem is a two way process. Along with taking the necessary medication for the same, a person also needs to make major lifestyle changes.

    Medication: There are many drugs available for controlling blood pressure available like Thiazdine Diuretics, which acts on the kidney and eliminates sodium from the body, Beta blockers, for reducing the workload on the heart, ACE inhibitors and ARBs, for relaxing the blood vessels, Calcium channel blockers, for relaxing blood vessels’ muscles, etc. Any and all medication for treating Hypertension should be taken under proper medical supervision only.

    Lifestyle Changes Recommended

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    Lifestyle Changes Recommended for Hypertension

    Every medical clinic Abu Dhabi, along with prescribing the necessary medicines, will advise its patients about making necessary lifestyle changes for beating this disease. Some recommended lifestyle changes include:

    •       Lose weight
    •       Quit smoking
    •       Eat a balanced and healthy diet
    •       Increase exercise
    •       Limit the consumption of alcohol
    •       Take treatment for sleep disorders

    Meditate and try to relax even during stressful situations


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