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The pathogenic load in the environment has been rising continuously over the decades and despite more and smarter antibiotics being made available through research, increasing numbers of people are getting affected. Pneumonia is a contagious disease that affects millions around the world. It is an infection that causes inflammation of the lung tissues or more specifically the alveoli that serve as the vital exchanger of oxygen during the breathing process. Due to inflammation of alveoli, the oxygen intake is drastically reduced and the person finds difficulty in breathing. Medical clinics in Abu Dhabi specializing in pneumonia treatment are serving increasing numbers of patients every year. AESMC, the best clinic in Abu Dhabi is one such center of repute and offers effective and safe cures for pneumonia infection.


What causes pneumonia?


What causes pneumonia?


Pneumonia infection may be caused by bacteria or virus and in some cases, fungi have been also found responsible. These pathogens cause the swelling of the tissue and if left untreated, complications develop in the form of alveoli getting filled with fluid or pus. Antibiotics are administered to target the infection in the lungs and clear it off. Now preventive vaccines are also available in the market against pneumonia. Top medical clinics in Abu Dhabi offer the standard antibiotics treatments that are globally accepted including in the developed nations like US. AESMC is the best clinic in Abu Dhabi and it also offers pneumonia vaccines to people who are more vulnerable to this infection. It undertakes detailed tests to diagnose the cause and severity of the infection before prescribing the treatment plan to the patient. Chest pain, difficulty breathing, fever, chills etc. are the common symptoms of pneumonia.


Role of immunity –


Pneumonia has been found to affect more the children below 2 and old persons above 65 as these people are susceptible to catching infection of any type. From here, it derives that immune system is the major determinant and serves to act as a buffer against the pathogenic agents causing pneumonia. People with robust and healthy immune system generally are able to beat the pathogenic action and thus stay buoyant. Elderly and children (like as said above) have weaker immunity power and they get easily affected.


Personal hygiene is important!


Hygiene is another factor of high relevance to pneumonia infection. The pathogens are present commonly in the environment and its load may increase during the hot and moist seasons of the year when there are ample conditions for the spread of the germs through different agents. Experts at the best clinic in Abu Dhabi recommend hand washing habits, especially for elders and children to keep the infection away. General hygiene should be also made part of the life and routine to remain fit and healthy against contagious infections like pneumonia.


Various risk factors of pneumonia –

What causes pneumonia?


Despite the precautions, pneumonia affects around 450 million people around the world. This is a staggering figure and is equivalent to around 7% of global population (source: These cases have been reported due to different acquisition channels such as the person suffering from any chronic disease (chiefly COPD or asthma) or excess smoking habits or being in hospital for a long time (even for other illness treatment). More precisely, these could be counted as the risk factors for acquiring pneumonia. Top medical clinics in Abu Dhabi like AESMC offer effective treatment in all of the above mentioned cases of pneumonia.


Leading medical clinics in Abu Dhabi consider that COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease increases the risk of getting pneumonia infection. Asthma which is otherwise an auto immune disorder has been also held as a potent risk factor. These two conditions make the lungs and respiratory system in human body vulnerable and thus making the person susceptible to pneumonia pathogens.


Active smoking habit is also a major risk factor because such individuals have compromised pulmonary health which means more chances of getting infected with the pneumonia pathogens. In fact, it has been found that large numbers of pneumonia cases have a long history of smoking that has been found to affect their lung health badly.


Hospital acquired and walking pneumonia –


Hospital acquired pneumonia is very common. Healthcare facilities are often the places where lots of pathogenic loads exist including that of pneumonia. A person undergoing treatment for any other disease may come into contact with the pneumonia agent and get infected.


Walking pneumonia is a condition in which the person carries the infection without any objective symptoms of concern. Such type of pneumonia is mild and is generally caused by bacteria like agents such as Mycoplasma pneumonia.



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